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This is a guide to prices for all fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, ordered from high to low. Find out how many bells each fish sells for at Nook's Cranny and earn the most money when fishing!

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Fish Prices List

The following list will display fish prices from the highest price to the lowest price. Additionally, you can click on the “Sell Price” button to arrange fish prices from low to high as well!

For more information about each fish, such as its appearance times and locations, click on the fish's icon.

Name Sell Price
Coelacanth ImageCoelacanth 15000
Great White Shark ImageGreat White Shark 15000
Dorado ImageDorado 15000
Stringfish ImageStringfish 15000
Golden Trout ImageGolden Trout 15000
Whale Shark ImageWhale Shark 13000
Barreleye ImageBarreleye 12000
Saw Shark ImageSaw Shark 12000
Blue Marlin ImageBlue Marlin 10000
Napoleonfish ImageNapoleonfish 10000
Sturgeon ImageSturgeon 10000
Arapaima ImageArapaima 10000
Arowana ImageArowana 10000
Oarfish ImageOarfish 9000
Hammerhead Shark ImageHammerhead Shark 8000
Tuna ImageTuna 7000
Mahi-Mahi ImageMahi-Mahi 6000
Gar ImageGar 6000
Giant Snakehead ImageGiant Snakehead 5500
Barred Knifejaw ImageBarred Knifejaw 5000
Blowfish ImageBlowfish 5000
Snapping Turtle ImageSnapping Turtle 5000
Giant Trevally ImageGiant Trevally 4500
Ranchu Goldfish ImageRanchu Goldfish 4500
Ocean Sunfish ImageOcean Sunfish 4000
Saddled Bichir ImageSaddled Bichir 4000
Koi ImageKoi 4000
Char ImageChar 3800
Soft-Shelled Turtle ImageSoft-Shelled Turtle 3750
Ray ImageRay 3000
Red Snapper ImageRed Snapper 3000
Angelfish ImageAngelfish 3000
Football Fish ImageFootball Fish 2500
Piranha ImagePiranha 2500
Betta ImageBetta 2500
Moray Eel ImageMoray Eel 2000
Mitten Crab ImageMitten Crab 2000
King Salmon ImageKing Salmon 1800
Pike ImagePike 1800
Suckerfish ImageSuckerfish 1500
Nibble Fish ImageNibble Fish 1500
Guppy ImageGuppy 1300
Pop-Eyed Goldfish ImagePop-Eyed Goldfish 1300
Goldfish ImageGoldfish 1300
Seahorse ImageSeahorse 1100
Butterfly Fish ImageButterfly Fish 1000
Surgeonfish ImageSurgeonfish 1000
Sea Butterfly ImageSea Butterfly 1000
Cherry Salmon ImageCherry Salmon 1000
Sweetfish ImageSweetfish 900
Bitterling ImageBitterling 900
Olive Flounder ImageOlive Flounder 800
Rainbowfish ImageRainbowfish 800
Tilapia ImageTilapia 800
Catfish ImageCatfish 800
Salmon ImageSalmon 700
Clownfish ImageClownfish 650
Ribbon Eel ImageRibbon Eel 600
Squid ImageSquid 500
Zebra Turkeyfish ImageZebra Turkeyfish 500
Neon Tetra ImageNeon Tetra 500
Sea Bass ImageSea Bass 400
Pond Smelt ImagePond Smelt 400
Black Bass ImageBlack Bass 400
Loach ImageLoach 400
Freshwater Goby ImageFreshwater Goby 400
Dab ImageDab 300
Yellow Perch ImageYellow Perch 300
Killifish ImageKillifish 300
Carp ImageCarp 300
Puffer Fish ImagePuffer Fish 250
Dace ImageDace 240
Anchovy ImageAnchovy 200
Crawfish ImageCrawfish 200
Pale Chub ImagePale Chub 200
Bluegill ImageBluegill 160
Crucian Carp ImageCrucian Carp 160
Horse Mackerel ImageHorse Mackerel 150
Frog ImageFrog 120
Tadpole ImageTadpole 100

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