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Not sure how luck works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons works? Well you're in luck! Our guide explains all the little details about this fun new mechanic from the Version 2.0 Update.

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What is Luck? Katrina's Fortune Shop
Feng Shui Color and Effects Raising Villager Friendship

What is Luck?

ACNH - Tripping with King Tut Mask on

Luck is a mechanic that affects your interactions in the game, such as how much bells you get from popping balloons or how often you trip when running around your island.

This mechanic was originally absent in the game and was only mentioned in passing in certain dialogues. It was finally added in the November Version 2.0 Update of the game.

Katrina Will Determine Your Luck

ACNH - Katrina Luck

Your luck is determined everyday by having Katrina read your fortune for 1,000 Bells. She will then reveal whether you'll have good luck or bad luck for the day!

How to Unlock Katrina's Fortune Shop

Types of Luck and Effects

ACNH - Katrina Fortune Effects
After getting your fortune read, Katrina will determine the type of fortune you'll have for today and if you're receiving good luck or bad luck.

Types of Fortune
Money Fortune Health Fortune
Belongings Fortune Friendship Fortune

Money Fortune

ACNH - Money Fortune
Money Fortune appears to affect how many bells you get from doing certain activites.

Good Luck Bad Luck
Bells dropped from shaking trees increased to 300 Bells
(Up from 100 Bells)
Shining Spots don't appear
Money Rocks give more Bells No Gold Nuggets from hitting Rocks
Higher chance to get Gold Nuggets Gold Nugget Islands don't appear on Mystery Island Tours
Increased Bells received from popping Balloons Lower amount of Bells received from popping Ballons

Health Fortune

ACNH - Health Fortune
Health Fortune appears to affect how much stamina you get by eating fruit and food.

Good Luck Bad Luck
Eating food gives double stamina Eating food only gives half the amoutn of stamina
Different text when using the toilet Increased chance of tripping while running
Different text when using the toilet

Belongings Fortune

ACNH - Belongings Fortune
Belongings Fortune appears to affect items you get or use, such as gifts from villagers and tool durability.

Good Luck Bad Luck
Tool durability doesn't degrade Higher chance that tool durability will degrade faster
Higher chance to receive presents from villagers All islands in Kapp'n's Tours are generic islands
Rare islands more like to appear on Kapp'n's Tours You will dig up Clay instead of Gyroid Fragments in Mysterious Islands

Friendship Fortune

ACNH - Friendship Fortune
Friendship Fortune appears to affect the amount of friendship points you get from speaking to villagers.

Good Luck Bad Luck
A random villager you talk to will gain a +1 friendship point A random villager you talk to will lose -3 friendship points
Higher chance to receive presents from villagers

How to Improve Luck

Purify Bad Luck

ACNH - Katrina
Not your lucky day? For 10,000 Bells, Katrina will purify your character and prevent bad luck from happening to you on that day!

Luck-Boosting Items?

ACNH - Katrina Gift Letter

Once Katrina purifies you of your bad luck, she will send you a gift in the mail the following day containing an exclusive item that will hopefully fend off those unlucky days!

It's currently unknown how these items specifically affect your luck. We'll keep you up-to-date as we discover new information!

List of Gifts from Katrina

List of Katrina Items
Horseshoe Door Decoration Power Stone
Mini Dharma Gold Turtle Figurine

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