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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Version 1.5

The Fall and Halloween Ver 1.5 Update has been announced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Get spookier this October with Jack, Pumpkin items, Farming, and more new features in the newest update!

Ver. 1.5 - Fall Update Links
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All Fall Update Information

Official Fall Update Video

This is the promotional video released on September 25, by Nintendo's official account on YouTube.

Patch Notes and How to Update

Update Available on September 30 at 10 AM

The Fall Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released on September 30, 2020 (Wednesday) at 10:00 AM.

Update Summary List

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Halloween Update - September 30

Check markHalloween Event
Check markTrick-or-Treating
Check markPumpkin Farming
Check markNew Skin and Eye Colors
Check markNookLink Update
Check markPumpkin DIYs
Check markRevisit Dream Towns

New Events


ACNH Halloween is on October 31

The biggest fall event this October is Halloween! The event itself will be held October 31, from 5 PM to Midnight. That is the time Jack the Halloween Czar will visit and you can get special rewards, so make sure to prepare.

Halloween Event Guide

New Visitors


ACNH - Halloween Update - Jack the Czar of Halloween
Jack was first teased on the fall update announcement, and he is now visiting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the night of Halloween!

You can receive an exclusive Spooky furniture and its recipe from Jack if you give him treats! Be careful. He'll pull a prank if you don't give him any candy, so be prepared!

How to Find Jack

New Features

ACNH Farming Has Been Confirmed!

ACNH - Halloween Update - Farming and 4 Types of Pumpkins

The long expected gardening and farming update is finally moving in, although at this point you are only able to grow Pumpkins it seems. The better you take care of them and water them, the more Pumpkins you get, so make sure to water them every day!

They seem to be available in 3 colors; a pale yellow, orange, dark orange and green!

Pumpkin Farming Guide

Buy Pumpkin Seeds or Plants for 280 Bells

ACNH - Halloween Update - Buy Candy and Pumpkin Seeds

To grow Pumpkins, you need to buy Pumpkin Starts from either Nook's Cranny or Leif's shop. Leif will sell them all year round, and Nook's Cranny will sell them during October only.

How to Unlock Leif's Garden Shop

New Halloween Skin and Eye Colors

ACNH Halloween Eye Colors

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Eye Colors

Six new eye colors will be added with the Halloween update on September 30, and they seem to be: Red/Pink, Orange, Yellow, Pink/Purple, Gray, and Aqua.

List of All ACNH Eye Colors

ACNH Halloween Skin Colors

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Skin Colors

Four new skin tones will be added with the Halloween update on September 30, and they seem to be: Ultra Pale, Green, Blue, and Purple.

List of All ACNH Skin Tones

New Halloween Reactions

ACNH - New Halloween Reactions

Two new Halloween reactions will be added! On the image above, the reaction in the middle is the Haunt reactions, and the two characters on the side are doing the Scare reaction.

How to Unlock Reactions

New Catalog Sorting Option

Not For Sale: On Not for Sale: Off

You can now hide items that are not for sale in Nook Shopping! Just press the Y button when viewing the catalog.

NookLink Update for Easier Reaction Use

ACNH - Halloween Update - NookLink Update

Accompanying the two new reactions is a NookLink update that will allow you to easily use reactions from your phone. It looks like it's a separate function from the chat, but we hope they will be easy to use together!

List of NookLink Features

Dream List Added to Dream Suite

ACNH - Dream List in Dream Suite

Once you've downloaded the update, Luna will keep a record of the last 50 Dream addresses you have visited, and you will even be able to save your favorites for quick, inspirational visits!

All Dream Guides
Luna IconLuna
Dream Suite IconDream Suite ACNH - Dream Board IconDream Board ACNH - Top Dreams IconBest Dreams

New Items

Pumpkin DIY Recipes

ACNH - Halloween Update - Pumpkin DIYs

No ACNH Update without new DIY recipes, and this time they are all pumpkin themed!

List of Halloween Items

Candy for Halloween

ACNH - Halloween Update - Give Candy Treats

To prepare for Halloween, you can buy Candy from Nook's Cranny throughout October! They cost 120 Bells a piece, but the amount you can buy every day is limited.

You can Only Buy 1 Candy per Day

ACNH - Halloween Update - Candy Costs 120 Bells

You can only buy one per day, so make sure to stop by daily so you have enough to both get items form Jack and share with your Villagers!

Best Way to Get Halloween Candy

Halloween Costumes and Clothes

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Costumes at Able Sisters

Halloween will spread even to our favorite tailors and new costumes will be available at Able Sisters! We'll update you when we know whether the costumes will be available outside of October.
List of Halloween Costumes

Villagers will also Wear Costumes

ACNH - Halloween Update - Villagers will wear Costumes

Your Villagers are also totally ready for the Halloween spirit, all dressed up and performing the new reactions during the event itself.

Free Ring Con from Updating

ACNH - Ring Con as Update Thanks
As always, we get a free item for updating our beloved ACNH, and this time it's a Ring Con from the Ring Fit game!

List of New Horizons DLC

Winter Update Announced

ACNH - Halloween Update - Next Update Late November

Next update, which seems to include both the Thanksgiving and Christmas events, will be available late November!

Update Patch Notes

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