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ACNH - Happy Home Paradise DLC Walkthrough

Happy. Home. Paradise. What more could you ask for? The new DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived! Read on to learn for a full story walkthrough of Happy Home Paradise as well as guides for all the new features in the DLC!

Happy Home Paradise Story Walkthrough

Stage Instruction
From the airport, talk to Orville and tell him you want to go to work.
1. Do the request of Eloise.
2. Complete a villager job.
・You can now take photographs!
・After completing the request, Happy Home Network will be unlocked.
Take a photo with Eloise.
・You can now remodel previous homes!
・You can now move homes!
3. Complete a villager job.
・Pro Decorating License will be unlocked for free.
4. Complete a villager job.
・You can now polish furniture and items!
Break Talk to Lottie in front of the school for her to return to the office so you can continue.
5. Complete a villager job.
・Receive the Glowing-Moss Stool DIY recipe from Niko.
6. Complete a villager job.
・Promoted to Promising Designer[
Pay increased from 6,000 to 9,000 Poki
・More uniform variations unlocked!
・The DIY Workbench in the 2F will be ready.
Facility 1 Build the School.
Room Resizing feature unlocked.
・Earn 25,000 Poki.
7. Complete a villager job.
・Amiibo Reader will be unlocked
8. Complete a villager job.
Partition Walls will be unlocked.
・Get the Partition Wall DIY recipe!
9. Complete a villager job.
10. Complete a villager job.
・There'll be a celebration for helping 10 villagers!
11. Complete a villager job.
・Promoted to Breakout Designer
Pay increased from 9,000 to 12,000 Poki
・More uniform variations unlocked!
・Become able to put payment for the Poki shop items off till later.
12. Complete a villager job.
Furniture polishing upgraded with effects!
Facility 2 and 3 Build a Restaurant or a Café.
Lighting customization unlocked.
・Both unlock, so you can choose whichever you like and do the other one right after you're done!
・You can now take requests from guests of the Café and Restaurant too!
13. Choose a resident from the beach, café, or restaurant and complete their job.
・View other people's work in the Happy Home Network app!
14. Complete a villager job.
Souvenir chocolate will be introduced!
15. Complete a villager job.
・After an event with Niko, you can use DIY Furniture you've made before when decorating!
16. Complete a villager job.
Your second villager will ask you to find them a roommate!
・You will be asked to remodel the home the two will share.
・You can choose a new villager, a previous client, or call an amiibo.
・Roommate service and feature unlocked!
17. Complete a villager job.
Soundscapes feature unlocked!
18. Complete a villager job.
・You can new add the second floor to vacation homes!
19. Complete a villager job.
・Promoted to Famous Designer
Pay increased from 12,000 to 15,000 Poki
・You can now propose your own home designs!
・You can now invite Special Characters like Tom Nook through amiibo!
・More uniform variations unlocked!
20. Complete a villager job.
・There'll be a celebration for helping 20 villagers!
21. Complete a villager job.
22. Complete a villager job.
Lottie will get sick.
・Get Nigiruzushi.
23. Complete a villager job.
・The Poki ABD is unlocked a day after!
24. Complete a villager job.
Facility 4 Build the Hospital.
・Earn 25,000 Poki.
25. Complete a villager job.
・Unlocks new soundscapes.
26. Complete a villager job.
・Some scaffolding will be added to the beach on the north side.
27. Complete a villager job.
・Unlock the furniture you have in your Nook Shopping Catalog.
28. Complete a villager job.
・The venue will still be under construction.
・You will be asked to make the Café or Restaurant to continue you if you haven't built both yet.
29. Complete a villager job.
30. Complete a villager job.
・There'll be a celebration for helping 30 villagers!
・You can choose to celebrate at the Café or the Restaurant.
Facility 5 Build the Apparel Shop.
・Starts the final event.
The End The end credits will roll!
・Party clothes for sale at the Apparel shop.
・Unlocks Dance reactions.
・Unlocks Villager home remodeling on your home island!
・Special Characters like Leif and Nat will start appearing on Paradise Island to unlock new features.

Happy Home Paradise Map

Need to find your way around the Happy Home Paradise Island? You can use our map to check all the facilities in the island. Note that DJ KK only appears whenever there is a concert event.

What You Can Do in Happy Home Paradise?

Click on a check mark to learn more!
ACNH - Check Mark Design and furnish Vacation Homes for Villagers or Special Characters!
ACNH - Check Mark Select an area and customize the time of day, season, and much more!
ACNH - Check Mark Unlock Design Skills to use in vacation homes and even your own personal house!
ACNH - Check Mark Unlock new furniture with Poki to use in your designs and bring home to your island!
ACNH - Check Mark Use the Happy Home Network to share designs and visit other homes!
ACNH - Check Mark Call in Villagers from your island or with amiibo!

Design Vacation Homes

ACNH HHP - Maple

As the newest employee of the Paradise Planning resort, you can design and furnish Vacation Homes for your favorite Villagers and Special Characters!

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

Paradise Planning Team

ACNH - Paradise Planning

You and a new cast of characters will work to design Vacation Homes as new resort developers!

Join Lottie, Niko, and Wardell as the Paradise Planning team and get to work on those forever homes!

List of Special Characters in Version 2.0

Employee-Only Break Room

ACNH HHP - Employee only break room

A sneak peek from Nintendo shows a second-floor employees-only break room! You can change into your uniform here or simply take a break after a few hours of working. Who knows what else you can do?

Customize an Area for the Home

ACNH - Archipelago

Select brand new terrain for your Vacation Homes! You can even adjust the time of day, season, and so much more!

How to Design Vacation Homes

Unlock Design Skills

ACNH - Player polishing furniture

You can also unlock Design Skills with Happy Home Designer by giving clients their dream vacation homes!

Each design skill offers a unique feature you can use to add some flair and finesse in your design game. You can even bring and apply these skills back at your island.

List of Design Skills

Unlock New Furiture with Poki

ACNH - A resident buys furniture with Poki currency

Happy Home Designer introduces a new currency to unlock exclusive furniture!

Earn Poki everytime you design a Vacation Home, and use it to purchase new furniture to take home to your island!

List of Poki Furniture

Share Designs with Happy Home Network

ACNH - Sharing Designs on Happy Home Network App

Vacation Homes and facilities you designed can be featured using the Happy Home Network app. Share your design portfolio or browse through other player's designs to get inspiration!

This feature will require a Nintendo Switch Online.

How to Use the Happpy Home Network App

Use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

ACNH - Inviting a villager to Happy Home Paradise with amiibo

Invite your favorite characters to visit the resort with amiibo! You can call in Villagers and even some Special Characters to join in on the fun!

How to Use Amiibos in Happy Home Paradise

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