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There's a bunch of activities you can do with friends online in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). With activities like shopping, games, trading items, making profit, and so much more!

There's a lot for you and your friends to explore in ACNH with our guide below!

Practical Actitivites - To-Do List on Other Islands

This is a list of things you should do when you're on another island!

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Go Shopping!

ACNH - What to do Online? - Able Sisters Shop
Each island sells a different set of flower seeds, and some items are only available during a specific season.

Shop for clothes, furniture, and flower seeds that you don't have on your island. If they have visitors like Kicks and Saharah, then even better!

Sell Your Native Fruit

ACNH - What to do Online? - Sell Items Nook

Native Fruit 100 Bells
500 Bells (on other islands with a different native fruit)
Foreign Fruit 500 Bells

Keep in mind that foreign fruit refers to any other type of fruit that is not native to your island.

If your friend's native fruit is different than yours, you can sell your native fruit to their island for 500 Bells each, instead of selling them for 100 Bells on your island.
How to Get All Fruits

Sell Your Turnips

ACNH - What to do Online? - Turnip Price

If your friend's turnip prices are higher than yours, you can visit your island to sell your turnips! Make sure to send a tip as thank-you gift!
Daisy Mae's Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

Make Wishes During Meteor Showers

ACNH - Online - Making a Wish on Shooting Stars
Make wishes together with friends! When you make wishes on a friend's island during a meteor shower, you'll also get star fragments on your island the next day!
How to Get Shooting Stars | Meteor Shower Guide

Water Each Others' Flowers for a Higher Chance of Cross-Breeding

ACNH - What to do Online? - Water hybrid flowers
When more people water your flowers, the success rate of cross-pollination will be higher.

You can tell how many people have watered your flowers through the sparkle animation. When a lot of people water a flower, it'll have golden sparkles instead of silver.

Watered by 1 Person Watered by Several People
Normal Sparkles Golden Sparkles

Cross Pollination and How to Make Hybrid Flowers

Get DIY Recipes from Friends' Villagers

ACNH - What to do Online? - Get DIY Recipes from Villagers
You can visit your friend's island to receive DIY Recipes from their crafting villagers. Each player will get the recipe when they talk to the respective villager.

You can tell when somebody's home when there is smoke coming out of their chimney.

List of DIY Recipes | How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes

Pick Up Weeds

ACNH - What to do Online? - Pluck Out Weeds and Pick Up Garbage

Help beautify a friend's island, and get materials on the side! Pick up weeds that you can sell or use to craft items.

When Leif is visiting, you can sell weeds for 20 Bells each. That's twice the price at Nook's Cranny!
How to Unlock Leif's Garden Shop

Trade Items and Recipes

ACNH - Online - Trade Items and Recipes
Complete the different kinds of fruits for your island by trading with your friends!

You can also trade other items such as recipes, DIY items, fossils, and artwork, if you have duplicates.

Catalog Items from Each Other

To "catalog items" means that you can pick up an item to put in your pocket, and it'll be added to your catalog.

This is beneficial since the item will be available to purchase through Nook Shopping.

Keep in mind that you can't place items when playing online, but you can drop items for other players to pick up.

Farm for Materials

ACNH - What to do Online? - Farm Materials
This is useful if you have friends playing on the opposite hemisphere, since you'll experience different seasons!

You can get DIY Recipes that are limited to a season, but of course you'd also need the limited-time materials to craft it.

During Spring, you can get young spring bamboo, and during Fall, you can shake trees to get acorns and pinecones!

List of Seasons and Seasonal Materials

Fun Activities

This is a list of fun activities to do when playing with your friends online. The more people you have over on the island, the better!

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Dress-Up Parties

ACNH - Online - Bunny Day Costume Party

Dress to impress at your friend's island! This is perfect for seasonal events such as Bunny Day and Halloween!

Fashion Shows

ACNH - Online - Fashion Shows
This requires a little bit of a setup, so you can have a runway to showoff your look! With a wand, you can instantly transform into 8 outfits.

Maybe the best-dressed gets a reward?

Birthday Parties

ACNH - Online - Birthday Party
Celebrate birthdays, or any other occasion, with your friends! Especially at this time where we need to stay indoors, there are always ways to spend time with your loved ones.

Go ahead and grab some poppers and start the party! Don't forget to bring gifts!

Museum Dates

ACNH - Online - Museum Date
This is enjoyable when you've donated a lot to the Museum. Stroll around with a partner, and enjoy the exhibits!

Music Jams

Place instruments and play them together with your friends! You can start a rock band, or even an orchestra, with the right instruments!

Island Tours

ACNH - Online - Island Tour
Flex your 5-star island with your friends by giving them an island tour! Show off your creative areas, and who knows, maybe you'll inspire them too!

Competitive Games

ACNH - Online -  Hide and Seek
You can play simple games with your friends such as Tag, and Hide and Seek, or you can also try competitive games.

Although Competitive Games need some amount of preparation, They're guaranteed to be fun when playing with your friends!

Set up the stage, prepare rewards, and let's get competitive!

Games that Require a Timer Games that Don't Require a Timer
  • Tag
  • Hide and Seek
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Fishing Competition
  • Bug-Catching Competition
  • Bug and Fish Frenzy
  • Hidden Items
  • Labyrinth Tour
  • Musical Chairs
  • Go, Zap Rangers!
  • Net-Whacking
  • Obstacle Race
  • Lucky Digger
  • Lottery
  • Bingo
  • Requires the Colorful Wheel

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