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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Gyroid Guide: What Are Gyroids?

Gyroids have arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Here's everything you need to know about Gyroids, including how to get Gyroids, what you can do with Gyroids, and what kinds of Gyroids you can get!

ACNH - GyroidsHow to Get Gyroids ACNH - Gyroid Fragments.pngGyroid Fragments ACNH - List of All Gyroids.pngList of All Gyroids

List of All Gyroids

ACNH - Different musical possibilities with gyroids

In New Horizons, there are up to 35 different Gyroids to collect with anywhere between 4 to 7 variations. This brings us to a grand total of more than 200 unique Gyroids!

List of All Gyroids

How to Get Gyroids

Dig Them Out of the Ground

ACNH - Digging up a Gyroid from the Ground

On days after it rains, up to two of the holes on the ground on your island may contain Gyroids. Try your luck and dig up the hole and you may just find a random Gyroid.

Plant and Water Gyroid Fragments

ACNH - Plant Gyroid Fragments

Aside from digging up Gyroids on your island, you can also find Gyroid Fragments on the beaches on your island or when visiting Kappn's Boat Tours. Gyroid Fragments can be brought back to your island to plant and water. Check back the next day, and you'll dig up a brand new gyroid!

How to Grow Gyroid Fragments

What To Do With Gyroids

Play Music with Gyroids

ACNH - Gyroids playing music

You can pair gyroids together to make a symphony of sounds! Each gyroid makes it's own unique sound, so you can experiment with endless combinations.

If you set them next to a music player, they'll also harmonize with the song playing!

Customize Your Gyroids

ACNH - Customizing a Squeakoid gyroid

In New Horizons, you can customize some gyroids to match your decor! With Customization Kits you may use a DIY Workbench to change the color and design of a Gyroid to better suit your style.

There can be anywhere from 4 to 7 variations to choose from for each Gyroid.

How to Customize Your Furniture, Phone, and Tools

What Are Gyroids?


ACNH - Gyroids as Furniture

Gyroids are collectible furniture items from past Animal Crossing games! In New Horizons, there are up to 35 different Gyroids to collect.

As its name suggests, a gyroid can spin, or gyrate, in place and make sounds. Some even produce special effects like bubbles! These Gyroids can surely be fun and playful accents to your home.

List of All Gyroids

Brewster's Interest

ACNH - Brewster Gives a Gyroid Fragment

Gyroids are also one of the Brewster's disctinct interests! When you first meet Brewster in New Horizons, he will give you a Gyroid Fragment for you to grow!

How to Grow Gyroid Fragments


ACNH - Lloid, the gyroid, and some Mystery Villagers

Some Gyroids could speak to players and help out around your town or island.

Lloid the Gyroid on Your Island

ACNH - Lloid

In New Horizons, a gyroid named Lloid appears when building a bridge or incline on your island. You can use him to pool donations from your villagers to pay-off the cost of construction!

Lloid the Gyroid on Harv's Island

ACNH - 2.0.0 Lloid

In the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing, more Lloid gyroids appear around Harv's Plaza. Donating bells to these Gyroids will unlock specific merchants.

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