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Super Mario Furniture and Items are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch, and are set to release March 2021. Check out our list of past Mario and Nintendo Items in Animal Crossing as well as how to get them!

ACNH Super Mario Items Set

Super Mario Items Coming to Animal Crossing

Tentative Release March 2021

In a YouTube video about all the upcoming releases planned for Mario's 35th Anniversary, Super Mario Items returning to the series in ACNH was very briefly mentioned!

While we hope all the Nintendo Set items make their comeback eventually, this is definitely a good start! The items are scheduled to be added in March 2021, however, so we're in for some waiting.

Past Animal Crossing Super Mario Items

Past Super Mario Furniture

Mario Furniture
1-Up Mushroom Super Mushroom
Super Star Coin
Fire Flower Green Shell
Block ? Block
Pipe Goal Pole
Fire Bar Bill Blaster
Mushroom Mural Block Floor

Past Super Mario Clothes

Mario Clothes
Big Bro's Hat Big Bro's Tee
Li'l Bro's Hat Li'l Bro's Tee
Big Bro's Mustache Bad Bro's Stache
Wario Hat Toad Hat
Peach's Parasol -

Other Animal Crossing Nintendo Items

Past Nintendo Furniture

Nintendo Furniture
Kart Triple Bananas
Triple Red Shells Yoshi's Egg
Pikmin S.S. Dolphin
Triforce Master Sword
Arwing Blue Falcon
Metroid Virtual Boy
Wii U Console Wii Balance Board
New Nintendo 3DS Chihuahua Ornament
Dalmatian Ornament Dachshund Ornament
Labrador Ornament -

Past Nintendo Clothes

Nintendo Clothes
Hero's Clothes Hero's Pants
Hero's Cap Hero's Boots
Majora's Mask Midna's Mask
Fi's Mask Red Pikmin
Blue Pikmin Yellow Pikmin
Samus Mask Varia Suit
Varia Suit Pants Varia Suit Shoes

How to Get Super Mario Furniture and Items

Super Mario items, along with other Nintendo items were available in past Animal Crossing titles. Please take note that information based on previous games are for reference only.

Buy Fortune Cookies

In the previous game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can spend Nintendo 3DS Play Coins to get a Fortune Cookie. Depending on your fortune, you can exchange them for items from the Nintendo franchise, including Super Mario. However, it has not yet been confirmed if it will be the same for New Horizons.

Downloadable Content for a Limited Time

It is also possible that you can get Super Mario items by downloading them online for a limited time, similar to New Leaf where you can get monthly presents by accessing them online.

Get from Balloon Presents

ACNH Popping a Balloon.jpg
Like in Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can get rare furniture from popping balloons! Since this feature has been brought back to New Horizons, the possibility of getting Super Mario furniture from balloons is not far-fetched!

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as usual,Nintendo cheaping out again with crap updates and lack of content. For wanting us to play for "a long time" they are not doing a good job at it..

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