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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Using Dream Codes

This is our list of recommended Dream Addresses to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can find dream codes and island ideas for the best dream islands with different themes, like the coolest Japanese or Western-style, Natural, Cottagecore or Fairy Tale themes, or maybe even some spooky Horror towns!

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Popular Twitter Islands

Island Image Dream Info
ACNH - Dream Islands - Makoi IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3258-5626-9286
Island Name:
Makoi Island
Owner: Denim2
A well-put together island with dark tones and a natural feel, using the dirt path popular all over the world.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Aika IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 1182-7179-4326
Island Name:
Aika Island
Owner: Garrak
An island famous back from its ACNL times for its eerie setting and unnerving storyline.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Toaru IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 7307-4315-1221
Island Name:
Toaru Island
Owner: むつみ | MUTSUMI
An amazing and inspiring island that you'll want to visit again and again to take in the calm blue atmosphere.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Client IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5925-5978-1036
Island Name:
Client Island
Owner: mizuame*
An island with a scenery straight out of a picture book.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Sweetberry IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 8371-2842-5566
Island Name:
Sweetberry Island
Owner: emi
This island looks something straight out of a dream.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Étoile IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6868-6835-1227
Island Name:
Étoile Island
Owner: chocolate
Summer vibes and a spectacular sunset is this island's main attractions.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Omochi IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0112-9947-7487
Island Name:
Omochi Island
Owner: Luna
This island embraces the serene and comfortable atmosphere of the great outdoors.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Ama IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 1497-1926-1474
Island Name:
Ama Island
Owner: Anko
Colorful and charming, thisisland has a very unique look that's full of surprises!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Sakai IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6752-2090-2824
Island Name:
Sakai Island
Owner: Yuu
This island is as mysterious as it is beautiful. It will keep you gazing!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Marumaru IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0770-9560-8487
Island Name:
Marumaru Island
Owner: Arita
This island is a lively and bright island, designed to feel harmonious in its playful creativity.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Hakuho IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 2064-1241-4931
Island Name:
Hakuho Island
Owner: AngePuri
This vibrant island is inspired by the seaside cities of Japan.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Puripuri IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 2557-1607-2056
Island Name:
Puripuri Island
Owner: Glasses Mochinou
Get lost in the this island's magical forest that definitely feels like a dream!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Amber IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 4778-4705-2459
Island Name:
Amber Island
Owner: Occy
This island is teeming with nature where you can sit down and relax.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Annaberg IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5105-4231-8247
Island Name:
Annaberg Island
Owner: Lily Hoshino
A simple town where you can feel the flowers and trees swaying through the wind.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Geppe IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9944-7456-1389
Island Name:
Geppe Island
Owner: Gigi
Inspired heavily by sceneries in Italy, you can visit this Island and look at the beautiful sunset.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Yuipi IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 7967-1017-2577
Island Name:
Yuipi Island
Owner: Kas
A simple town where animals and players can relax in peace, Yuipi Island is your destination for a nice break.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Utsusemi IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 4687-2003-7348
Island Name:
Utsusemi Island
Owner: Natoo
A Japanese-style island bathed in the colors of fall.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Protein IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 1100-0112-3506
Island Name:
Protein Island
Owner: Ruirui
This island is a must-visit for those looking for screenshot-worthy cityscapes!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Fairy Labyrinth IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3033-3966-7621
Island Name:
Fairy Labyrinth Island
Owner: Risa
"A cute pink and lavender dream island" is the concept of Fairy Labyrinth.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Sakura IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9999-3296-4057
Island Name:
Sakura Island
Owner: Ryu
Experience a gradually changing scenery as you walk around this island.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Hitokui IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 4088-8875-3480
Island Name:
Hitokui Island
Owner: Sol
The house is the main feature, full of frightening imagery.

Best Japanese Style Islands

Island Image Dream Info
ACNH - Dream Islands - Laze About IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3068-8102-9625
Island Name:
Laze About Island
Owner: みかっち (Mikacchi)
Filled with brown and dark tones, the town's concept is an "abandoned island".
ACNH - Dream Islands - Ibuki IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5692-0162-5220
Island Name:
Ibuki Island
Owner: Sadaharu
Ibuki Island has the cozy and nostalgic feel of Showa-era Japan!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Shintakara IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 8031-2542-8226
Island Name:
Shintakara Island
Owner: しもた (Shimota)
Filled with Japanese gardens and restaurants, this island is a unique island full of things to see!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Zawa IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 2627-6716-4541
Island Name:
Zawa Island
Owner: Zawa
This island is distinctively Japanese with its decors and hot springs!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Konpeito IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 4128-6963-6357
Island Name:
Konpeito Island
Owner: Machihiko
Graceful and elegant, Konpei Island is a land where the camellia is always in bloom.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Yattokame IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9901-9988-0716
Island Name:
Yattokame Island
Owner: Nyankoro
This is a Japanese-style island with zen gardens, and lots of bamboos.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Raidonomae IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5316-9407-3632
Island Name:
Raidonomae Island
Owner: Denden
This island has a unique blend of motifs mixed wtih a natural resort vibe.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Bear Cub IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9378-2395-1332
Island Name:
Bear Cub Island
Owner: Kogumaru
Koguma Island is a Japanese-style island with carefully created Edo period castles.

Top Japanese Style Dream Addresses

Best European & American Style Islands

Island Image Dream Info
ACNH - Dream Islands - Luna IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0164-1398-2878
Island Name:
Luna Island
Owner: ゆう(Yuu)
This island boasts a Western-style design and atmosphere that make it look like it's straight out of a fairy tale book.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Avalon IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9366-0560-4769
Island Name:
Avalon Island
Owner: Kobayashi
Yuu's island, Avalon Island, is a unique island with a mix of Japanese and Western-styled areas.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Hexa IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 8580-3615-2515
Island Name:
Hexa Island
Owner: Sen
This island incorporates hexagonal elements with great mathematical symmetry.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Parrot Cay IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3224-9331-2985
Island Name:
Parrot Cay Island
Owner: ParrotCay
Parrot Cay Island is a charming island with many detailed and nicely decorated areas.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Obiwan IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0592-4995-4265
Island Name:
Obiwan Island
Owner: Obiwan
This island's distinguishable characteristic is that it has an adult-like atmosphere.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Milky IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 9296-0984-4822
Island Name:
Milky Island
Owner: Mio
Featuring multiple areas like a seaside street, Milky Island captures the Western cityscape perfectly!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Sea Lion IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0194-4933-7933
Island Name:
Sea Lion Island
Owner: Todo
This island has a light atmosphere where you can sit down and relax.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Polar Bear IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 7894-1241-7915
Island Name:
Polar Bear Island
Owner: Nao
Each area of this island is decorated with furniture and plants.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Piccolino IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3329-8362-7241
Island Name:
Piccolino Island
Owner: mizero
This island is a Western-style island with a wonderful nighttime atmosphere.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Liatris IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5339-1921-4469
Island Name:
Liatris Island
Owner: Kanako
Kanako's Liatris Island has a lovely atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Liatris IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6923-1656-2240
Island Name:
Liatris Island
Owner: Narifukin
With a mixture of various areas, this island is wonderfully crafted and exciting to visit!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Agodashi Potato IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 2122-5082-5125
Island Name:
Agodashi Potato Island
Owner: Satsumakko
Potato Island's theme revovles around constellations and the four seasons.

Top Western Style Dream Addresses

Best Natural & Cottagecore Islands

Island Image Dream Info
ACNH - Dream Islands - Amber IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 1939-0711-1208
Island Name:
Amber Island
Owner: Aa-Tan
Aa-Tan's Kohaku Island has a well decorated residential area that is definitely a must-see!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Kotobuki IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 7457-0595-4061
Island Name:
Kotobuki Island
Owner: Nekobo
With its intricate and organized nature design, this Island will delight your senses!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Soleil IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5502-3878-1036
Island Name:
Soleil Island
Owner: アカネ (Akane)
This island has the perfect balance between nature and furniture.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Akumademo IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5596-7406-1914
Island Name:
Akumademo Island
Owner: ゆ〜〜 (Yuu~)
An island overflowing with trees and nature, thisIsland is truly an island perfect for adventures!
ACNH - Dream Islands - Butter Chicken IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 5551-4749-9732
Island Name:
Butter Chicken Island
Owner: Macharo
Rich in lore and story, this island immerses you with its social issues and realistic atmosphere.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Konpeito IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 7342-8477-1623
Island Name:
Konpeito Island
Owner: Pomu
The island decorations along with the natural feel gives a very relaxing atmosphere.
ACNH - Dream Islands - iEnoshimaEnlarge Dream ID: 0869-9652-3803
Island Name:
Owner: Miyabi
A beautiful island that captures the feel of Enoshima, a small island off the coast of Japan.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Tako Tako IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 8062-3510-2429
Island Name:
Tako Tako Island
Owner: Octis
Strange sights such as an area with eerily placed human models gives this island a bright but horror-like scenery.

Top Natural & Cottagecore Dream Towns

Horror Islands | Scariest Towns

Island Image Dream Info
ACNH - Dream Islands - Langerhans IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 3524-5098-3702
Island Name:
Langerhans Island
Owner: Rei
An island made with emphasis on "social scariness".
ACNH - Dream Islands - 37564 IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6908-1717-9140
Island Name:
37564 Island
Owner: Mea Ghoul
An island where horror lurks in every corner.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Oni IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0520-1175-1035
Island Name:
Oni Island
Owner: ◯◯-ko
Japanese-themed horror town that makes players uncomfortable with their blind spot.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Silenthill IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 0167-0836-7272
Island Name:
Silenthill Island
Owner: Ram
Features a scary "Zipper room" and some clever decorations.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Gnosis IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6763-3355-2521
Island Name:
Gnosis Island
Owner: NohmanManiac
Set to a rainy night, Gnosis Island is has both beauty and madness.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Sunnyside LabsEnlarge Dream ID: 5809-8831-9515
Island Name:
Sunnyside Labs
Owner: pskimmy
A research facility gone wrong, where you can investigate the disappearance of the lab staff members.
ACNH - Dream Islands - Spooooky IslandEnlarge Dream ID: 6378-3496-5684
Island Name:
Spooooky Island
Owner: Peoru
Said to be the scariest horror-themed island out there, this island has 5 areas to explore.

Top Horror Dream Addresses

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