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This is our list of recommended Dream Addresses to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can find dream codes for dream islands with different themes, like the coolest Japanese or Western-style, Natural, Cottagecore or Fairy Tale themes, or maybe even some spooky Horror towns!

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Popular Twitter Dream Islands

Makoi Island

Twitter Islands - Makoi Island
Dream ID 3258-5626-9286
Island Name マコイ島
(Makoi Island)
Owner Denim2

Makoi Island was made by the amazing Denim2, who also recreated the trodden down dirt part popular all over the world. Well put-together with dark tones and a natural feel, it's no surprise that this island had over 1,000 visitors just moments after Dream Suite went live!

Aika Island

Aika Island.jpg
Dream ID 1182-7179-4326
Island Name アイカ島
(Aika Island)
Owner Garrak

Garrak, the creator of the infamous Aika Village returns with new and improved Aika Island! With over 20,000 likes on Twitter, Aika Island is fast becoming one of the most popular Dream Islands to visit.

Famous for its eerie setting and unnerving storyline, fans of the original village are thrust back into the nightmare of frogs, dolls, and the foreboding sense that there might be something out there - beyond the stars...

Toaru Island

ACNH - Twitter Islands - Toaru Island.jpeg
Dream ID 7307-4315-1221
Island Name とある島
(Toaru Island)
Owner むつみ | MUTSUMI

With brilliant use of Custom Designs, Mutsumi's Toaru Island (meaning "A certain Island" with the "somewhere far away" nuance often seen in novels) is like something out of a beautiful picture book.

We're sure anyone who visits is will be amazed and inspired, and this island is one you'll want to visit again and again just to take in the calm blue atmosphere.

Hitokui Island

Hitokui Island.jpg
Dream ID 4088-8875-3480
Island Name ひとくい島
(Hitokui Island)
Owner Sol

Roughly translating to "Man-Eating Island", the name itself evokes a sense of dread and Sol's island doesn't disappoint!

While the island itself is elaborately decorated, the house is the real point of interest here. It boasts an intimidating aura and, as soon as you enter the house, you're met with frightening imagery such as scattered talismans and wispy candles barely lighting up dark rooms.

Client Island

Twitter Islands - Client Island
Dream ID 5925-5978-1036
Island Name クライアン島
(Client Island)
Owner mizuame*

Client Island was literally based on the concept of a picture book, and the charm of it is undeniable! mizuame* has made an island that shows off the fall season at its very best, and we strongly recommend going there to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Sweetberry Island

Sweetberry Island V2.jpg
Dream ID 3258-5626-9286
Island name スイートベリー島
(Sweetberry Island)
Owner emi

emi's Sweetberry Island has a super cute, pink design. It's a wonderful and sweet island that looks like something out of a dream with lots of candyfloss! It also features a spacious residential area similar to real-world tropical countries such as Hawaii and Guam. The island's bright atmosphere makes you just happy being there!

Étoile Island

Twitter Islands - Etoile Island
Dream ID 6868-6835-1227
Island Name エトワール島
(Étoile Island)
Owner chocolate

Full of summer vibes and paused in a spectacular sunset, we present you chocolate's Étoile Island! Quite literally decorated from top to bottom, the full tour of this adorable island might take a while and is an absolute must-see!

Konpei Island (Konpeito Island)

Twitter Islands - Konpei Island
Dream ID 8369-6250-9194
Island Name こんぺい島
Owner m

Going full out on the color white, Konpeito made by m is a fantastic island you have to visit! The island's purely white landscape combined with a lack of plants makes it feels cold and almost desolate, but is at the same time it's gorgeous and fascinating. Wear white when visiting for some awesome photos!

Langerhans Island

Langerhans Island.jpg
Dream ID 3524-5098-3702
Island Name ランゲルハンス島
(Langerhans Island)
Owner Rei

Rei's Langerhans Island features western-style horror. According to its creator, the emphasis is more on "social scaryness" with the island displaying a sense that reality is being eroded. It's an island where beautiful scenery coexists with the strange and eerie.

Omochi Island

Omochi Island.jpg
Dream ID 0112-9947-7487
Island Name おもち島
(Omochi Island)
Owner Luna

Omochi Island is characterized by its natural setting. Using an alternative version of the natural dirth path and lots of furniture, Luna has certainly enriched and emphasized the natural look of the island!

The island is fixed on the day when there's a meteor shower. This, along with the mushroom lamps and star fragments, gently illuminate the island - creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

Ama Island

Ama Island.jpg
Dream ID 1497-1926-1474
Island Name あま島
(Ama Island)
Owner Anko

Anko's Ama Island has a circus theme that's colorful as it is charming. The creator uses fossils as part of buildings in various places, giving the island a unique and thrilling look that's full of surprises!

Sakai Island

Sakai Island.jpg
Dream ID 6752-2090-2824
Island Name さかい島
(Sakai Island)
Owner Yuu

The concept of Sakai Island is a "mysterious town". Although it may seem like an eerie island at dark, it also has its hidden mysterious beauty that will keep you gazing. It is a popular Dream Town with over 3,400 likes on Twitter.

Marumaru Island

Marumary Island.jpg
Dream ID 0770-9560-8487
Island Name まるまる島
(Marumaru Island)
Owner Arita

A lively island bursting with bright colors, Marumaru Island was designed to have areas where you can put items wherever you like, but will still feel harmonious. You might see furniture in unusal places, but it definitely represents the playfulness and the creativity of the player!

37564 Island

37564 Island.jpg
Dream ID 6908-1717-9140
Island Name 37564島
(37564 Island)
Owner Mea Ghoul

Mea Ghoul's Island, called 37564, is an island where horror lurks in every corner. You are greeted by an aurora sky when you wake up, followed by the creepy messages, unsettling music, and a lot of bones. We recommend visiting this as you will appreciate each intricate detail placed on the island.

Hakuho Island (Hakuhoto Island)

Hakuhoto Island.jpg
Dream ID 2557-1607-2056
Island Name はくほう島
(Hakuho Island)
Owner Glasses Mochinou

Glasses Mochinous' Island, with the hashtag #HAKUHOTO, has over 36,000 likes on Twitter. A vibrant island with notable areas inspired by Kamakura and Enoshima in Japan, a seaside city and an island with a shrine respectively. Some areas are inspired by Venice such as the Blue House and the Milky Way.

The owner is also a Custom Designs creator, and they have many designs shared online. You may also check their Youtube channel on the link below.

Glasses Mochinou's Youtube Channel

Oni Island (Demon Island)

Dream ID 0520-1175-1035
Island Name おにが島
(Demon Island)
Owner ◯◯ Child

A Japanese-themed horror town, Oni Island is a wonderfully-crafted island where furniture and Japanese-style houses are used to achieve the creator's goal, to make players uncomfortable with their blind spot. It may seem like a nice Japanese island at a glance, but you will not know what to expect when the camera moves with you, or changes angle.

Puripuri Island

Puripuri Island.jpg
Dream ID 2064-1241-4931
Island Name ぷりぷり島
(Puripuri Island)
Owner AngePuri

Dive into a world of magic and fairies on Puripuri Island, with its charming nature-themed furniture that go well with the greenery. Get lost in the island's magical forest that definitely feels like a dream!

Kohaku Island (Amber Island)

Kohaku island.jpg
Dream ID 4778-4705-2459
Island Name こはく島
(Amber Island)
Owner Occy

A botanical resort bathed in pink, Kohaku Island (Amber Island) is teeming with nature where you can sit down and relax. The creator, Occy, commented that a few of their custom designs are saved from other players but most of them are created by them.

Annaberg Island

Annaberg Island.jpg
Dream ID 5105-4231-8247
Island Name アナベルガ島
(Annaberg Island)
Owner Lily Hoshino

A rustic island bustling with nature, Annaberg Island is a simple town where you can feel the flowers and trees swaying through the wind. Although it is still an unfinished island, it is, overall, still a nice island to visit.

Geppe Island

Geppe Island.jpg
Dream ID 9944-7456-1389
Island Name Geppe島
(Geppe Island)
Owner Gigi

Geppe Island is refreshing to look at with its rustic theme created by natural wooden furniture. Inspired heavily by sceneries in Italy, you can visit the island at sunset and stroll through outdoor cafes, pizzerias, and museum souvernir shops.

Best Japanese Style Dream Islands

Sakura Island

Japanese Style - Sakura Island
Dream ID 3068-8102-9625
Island Name さくら島
(Sakura Island)
Owner みかっち

Sakura Island was made by Mikachi from very our Animal Crossing Walkthrough Team and is mainly inspired by Japanese themes. All areas are clearly separated, and the experience gradually changes as you go along.

Ibuki Island

Japanese Style - Ibuki Island (1).jpeg
Dream ID 5692-0162-5220
Island Name いぶき島
(Ibuki Island)
Owner Sadaharu

Sadaharu's lovely Ibuki Island shows off a more rural side of Japanese themed decorations. It has the cozy and nostalgic feel of Showa-era Japan!

Shintakara Island

ACNH - Japanese Style - Shintakara Island (1).jpeg
Dream ID 8031-2542-8226
Island Name しんたから島
(Shintakara Island)
Owner しもた

On Shintakara Island, made by Shimota, loads of Japanese gardens are mixed in between street stalls, temple-like areas, and restaurants. It's a unique island full of things to see, and everything is lined with Japanese-style cobblestones, completing the atmosphere.

Zawa Island

Zawa Island.jpg
Dream ID 2627-6716-4541
Island Name ざわ島
(Zawa Island)
Owner Zawa

Zawa's Zawa Island is a distinctly Japanese, with decors such as festival areas and hot springs, and even the villagers are Japanese-inspired. The island has been carefully divided, making it easier to navigate to see all the beautiful sights and locales.

Konpei Island (Konpeito Island)

Konpei Island.jpg
Dream ID 4128-6963-6357
Island Name こんぺい島
Owner Machihiko

Machihiko's Konpei Island is a land where the camellia is always in bloom. The west side of the island is a Japanse-style area, whereas the east side is lovingly decorated in Taisho Romance aesthetic. The island is in the Southern Hemisphere during Winter. The snowy landscape and colors perfectly match the Japanese theme, giving the island a graceful and elegant feel.

Yattokame Island

Yattokame Island.jpg
Dream ID 9901-9988-0716
Island Name やっとかめ島
(Yattokame Island)
Owner Nyankoro

Nyankoro's Yattokame Island is a Japanese-style island with zen gardens, and lots of bamboos. Take your time to stroll around the island, and going to the basement of the inn-like house at the end.

Ride-On Island

Ride-On Island.jpg
Dream ID 5316-9407-3632
Island Name ライドンオマエ島
(Ride-On Island)
Owner Denden

Areas on the Ride-On Island are packed with various elements borrowed from Japanese and Western styles. It also has a natural resort vibe to it. The creator focused on the clifftop library where you can oversee the Japanese-style area below, as well as the pool area with the DJ booth. Each area on the island has a different feel so visiting this is a joy.

Best Western Style Dream Islands

Silenthill Island

Western Style - Silent Hill Island
Dream ID 0167-0836-7272
Island Name Silenthill
Owner Ram

Ram's Silenthill island certainly lives up to its name! Clever use of skull radios and blood splatter even by innocent things like a Life Ring gives the entire island an eery feel. We recommend the hospital and the "Zipper room"; it's almost as scary as Zipper himself!

We could swear there were the sound and cloud puffs of a character teleporting in the woods, but there was nothing there...

Luna Island

Luna Island.jpg
Dream ID 9366-0560-4769
Island Name (ルーナ島) Luna Island
Owner Kobayashi

Kobayashi's Luna Island boasts a Western-style design and atmosphere that make it look like it's straight out of a fairy tale book. With a carefully designed gardened and masterfully arranged rocks, this island is like a fairy tale dream come true!

Avalon Island

ACNH - Western Style - Avalon Island.jpeg
Dream ID 0164-1398-2878
Island Name アヴァロン島
(Avalon Island)
Owner ゆう

Yuu's island, Avalon Island, is a unique island with a mix of Japanese and Western-styled areas. We especially love the spot on the image above, which takes you through a nice city-scape.

Hexa Island

Hexa Island.jpg
Dream ID 8580-3615-2515
Island Name Hexa Island
Owner Sen

Sen's Hexa Island is sure to thrill visitors that have a love of Hexagons. The whole island, including its shape, incorporates hexagonal elements with great mathematical symmetry. We challenge you to count every hexagon in this island when you visit!

Parrot Cay Island

Western Style - Parrot Cay Island
Dream ID 3224-9331-2985
Island Parrot Cay
Owner ParrotCay

Parrot Cay Island is a charming island with many detailed and nicely decorated areas, a great island to visit for inspiration. We especially like the museum area and the lovely forest area behind the camping spot!

Obiwan Island

Obiwan Island.jpg
Dream ID 0592-4995-4265
Island オビワン島 (Obiwan Island)
Owner Obiwan

Obiwan Island's distinguishable characteristic is that it has a adult-like atmosphere. Walking around makes you feel like a grown up, as it features a bar as well as an outdoor beer garden. It is a well-designed island that feels classy.

Milky Island

Milky Island.jpg
Dream ID 9296-0984-4822
Island みるきー島 (Milky Island)
Owner Mio

Milky Island is a fancy island inspired by Western-style cityscape. Facilities and nature coexist and are well-balanced. It features multiple areas including a seaside street and a star shine garden which are breathtaking!

Todo Island (Sea Lion Island)

Todo Island.jpg
Dream ID 0194-4933-7933
Island トド島 (Sea Lion Island)
Owner Todo

Todo Island (Sea Lion Island) has a light atmosphere where you can sit down and relax, and enjoy the rural sceneries on the island. You can stroll through a lot of areas which are handcrafted and have different aesthetics, but complement each other.

Best Natural Dream Islands

Kohaku Island (Amber Island)

Amber Island.jpg
Dream ID 1939-0711-1208
Island Name こはく島
(Amber Island)
Owner Aa-Tan

While the many lovely gardens and nature spots on Kohaku Island (Amber Island) are definitely a must-see, we also strongly recommend checking out Aa-Tan's well decorated residential areas!

Kotobuki Island

Kotobuki Island.jpg
Dream ID 7457-0595-4061
Island Name ことぶき島
(Kotobuki Island)
Owner Nekobo

Nekobo's Kotobuki Island is rich with nature, with the general shape and locales of the island organized naturally. The sound of cicadas and rushing waterfalls will delight your senses and make you feel at ease. The island also has several secret passages, urging visitors to go off the beaten path when exploring.

Soreiyu Island (Soleil Island)

ACNH - Natural Style - Soleil Island (1).jpeg
Dream ID 5502-3878-1036
Island Name ソレイユ島
(Soreiyu Island)
Owner アカネ

Soleil Island created by Akane has the perfect balance between nature and furniture. There are many places where you can simply relax and take in the scenery without feeling overwhelmed by items, perfect after a long week of terraforming!

Akumademo Island

ACNH - Natural Style - Akumademo Island.jpeg
Dream ID 5596-7406-1914
Island Name あくまでも島
(Akumademo Island)
Owner ゆ〜〜

"Just an Island" as the name translates to belongs to Yuu~, and is an island overflowing with trees and nature in the best possible way! It also offers many different sights to see, like an area with fossils, so it's truly a perfect island for adventuring!

Butter Chicken Island

Butter Chicken Island.jpg
Dream ID 5551-4749-9732
Island Name バターチキン島
(Butter Chicken Island)
Owner Macharo

Don't let the name of Macharo's island fool you! Butter Chicken Island tells a story of social issues.

When you visit the island, you'll see illegal garbage dumps, an abandoned amusement park, and even homeless compounds! Each locale is rich in storytelling, and despite this atmosphere, the residents of the island are doing their best!

Horror Islands | Scariest Towns

Gnostic Island

Gnostic Island.jpg
Dream ID 6763-3355-2521
Island Name グノーシス島
(Gnostic Island)
Owner NohmanManiac

In the silence of the night, walk through the rain on Gnostic Island, which features playful furniture used in wicked ways. Custom Designs are used to create missing persons posters. You will definitely appreciate the beauty and madness on this island

About the Featured Dream Towns

Islands from the Game8 Board

Unless specifically stated by the island, all islands featured here have been posted on our Game8 Dream Address share board. The island here are our favorites, but we recommend checking out the forum for more fantastic island dream codes!

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We are currently reaching out to owners of popular islands shared on Twitter and will share them here if we get permission!

Do Not Share or Repost IDs

Islands and Dream Codes shared here may not be shared elsewhere without permission from the island owners, neither for personal use or business.

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