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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - List of All 36 Gyroids

Here's our complete list of all 36 gyroids from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)! learn more about each gyroid variation and how to get them. Got more questions? We got answers to what gyroids are and what to do with them below!

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List of All Gyroids

How Many Gyroids Are There?

There are 36 gyroids in total and we've compiled them all in the table below! You'll find how to get each of them, as well as their sell price and sound effects!

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Gyroid Name Variations
Aluminoid Variation - Silver Aluminoid Variation - Bronze Aluminoid Variation - Blue
Aluminoid Variation - Black
Arfoid Variation - Yellow Arfoid Variation - Brown Arfoid Variation - Green
Arfoid Variation - Pink Arfoid Variation - Blue
Babbloid Variation - Blue Babbloid Variation - Brown Babbloid Variation - Green
Babbloid Variation - Pink Babbloid Variation - Purple Babbloid Variation - White
Bendoid Variation - Orange Bendoid Variation - Brown Bendoid Variation - Beige
Bendoid Variation - Green Bendoid Variation - Gray Bendoid Variation - Blue
Bloopoid Variation - Blue Bloopoid Variation - Red Bloopoid Variation - Green
Bloopoid Variation - Purple
Boioingoid Variation - Orange Boioingoid Variation - Green Boioingoid Variation - Blue
Boioingoid Variation - Purple Boioingoid Variation - Black Boioingoid Variation - Wood
Boomoid Variation - Brown Boomoid Variation - Camel Boomoid Variation - Green
Boomoid Variation - Blue Boomoid Variation - Purple Boomoid Variation - Black
Brewstoid Variation -
Bubbloid Variation - Brown Bubbloid Variation - Green Bubbloid Variation - Pink
Bubbloid Variation - Purple Bubbloid Variation - White
Bwongoid Variation - Brown Bwongoid Variation - Yellow Bwongoid Variation - Green
Bwongoid Variation - Blue
Clatteroid Variation - Pop Clatteroid Variation - Natural Clatteroid Variation - Cool
Clatteroid Variation - Cute Clatteroid Variation - Chic
Crumploid Variation - Yellow Crumploid Variation - Brown Crumploid Variation - Blue
Crumploid Variation - Red Crumploid Variation - Green Crumploid Variation - Black
Dootoid Variation - Gray Dootoid Variation - Brown Dootoid Variation - Green
Dootoid Variation - Pink Dootoid Variation - Blue Dootoid Variation - White Dootoid Variation - Black
Drummoid Variation - Blue Drummoid Variation - Green Drummoid Variation - Brown
Drummoid Variation - Purple Drummoid Variation - Gray
Flutteroid Variation - Orange Flutteroid Variation - Yellow Flutteroid Variation - Green
Flutteroid Variation - Pink Flutteroid Variation - Purple
Jingloid Variation - Purple Jingloid Variation - Gold Jingloid Variation - Pink
Jingloid Variation - Silver Jingloid Variation - Blue
Laseroid Variation - Green Laseroid Variation - Yellow Laseroid Variation - Pink
Laseroid Variation - Blue Laseroid Variation - Silver
Oinkoid Variation - Beige Oinkoid Variation - Brown Oinkoid Variation - Yellow
Oinkoid Variation - Blue Oinkoid Variation - Pink Oinkoid Variation - Black
Petaloid Variation - Green Petaloid Variation - Brown Petaloid Variation - Yellow
Petaloid Variation - Blue Petaloid Variation - Pink Petaloid Variation - Purple Petaloid Variation - White
Rattloid Variation - Red Rattloid Variation - Brown Rattloid Variation - Green
Rattloid Variation - Blue Rattloid Variation - White Rattloid Variation - Black
Ringoid Variation - Red Ringoid Variation - Yellow Ringoid Variation - Green
Ringoid Variation - Blue Ringoid Variation - Purple Ringoid Variation - White
Rumbloid Variation - Purple Rumbloid Variation - Yellow Rumbloid Variation - Green
Rumbloid Variation - Pink Rumbloid Variation - Blue Rumbloid Variation - White Rumbloid Variation - Gray
Scatteroid Variation - Light Brown Scatteroid Variation - Brown Scatteroid Variation - Green
Scatteroid Variation - Pink Scatteroid Variation - White
Spikenoid Variation - Green Spikenoid Variation - Orange Spikenoid Variation - Brown
Spikenoid Variation - Light Green Spikenoid Variation - Blue Spikenoid Variation - Camel Spikenoid Variation - Gray
Sproingoid Variation - Camel Sproingoid Variation - Red Sproingoid Variation - Green
Sproingoid Variation - Blue
Squeakoid Variation - Yellow Squeakoid Variation - White Squeakoid Variation - Brown
Squeakoid Variation - Pink Squeakoid Variation - Blue
Squeezoid Variation - Beige Squeezoid Variation - Yellow Squeezoid Variation - Pink
Squeezoid Variation - Blue Squeezoid Variation - White Squeezoid Variation - Black
Stelloid Variation - Green Stelloid Variation - Yellow Stelloid Variation - Blue
Stelloid Variation - White Stelloid Variation - Black
Thwopoid Variation - Pink Thwopoid Variation - Beige Thwopoid Variation - Green
Thwopoid Variation - Gray
Tockoid Variation - Pop Tockoid Variation - Natural Tockoid Variation - Cool
Tockoid Variation - Cute Tockoid Variation - Chic
Tremoloid Variation - Blue Tremoloid Variation - Yellow Tremoloid Variation - White
Tremoloid Variation - Purple Tremoloid Variation - Green
Twangoid Variation - Brown Twangoid Variation - Yellow Twangoid Variation - Green
Twangoid Variation - Blue Twangoid Variation - Black
Wallopoid Variation - Camel Wallopoid Variation - Brown Wallopoid Variation - Green
Wallopoid Variation - Blue Wallopoid Variation - White Wallopoid Variation - Black
Whirroid Variation - Blue Whirroid Variation - Red Whirroid Variation - Gold
Whirroid Variation - Silver
Whistloid Variation - Blue Whistloid Variation - Brown Whistloid Variation - Yellow
Whistloid Variation - Green Whistloid Variation - Pink Whistloid Variation - White
Xylophoid Variation - Yellow Xylophoid Variation - Blue Xylophoid Variation - Pink
Xylophoid Variation - White Xylophoid Variation - Brown

How to Get Gyroids

Dig Them Up

ACNH - Resident Digging up a Gyroid
As with past games, Gyroids would only appear after a rainy day. But in ACNH, you can get up to two Gyroids on your island the day after it rains. You can not only dig them up in your own island, but you can also find them in your mystery island tours!

If you're having a bit of a dry spell, don't fret! ACNH offers more ways to collect these silly little guys. Learn where you can find your first Gyroid with the button below!

How to Get Gyroids

Grow from Gyroid Fragments

ACNH - Resident Growing Gyroid Fragments
Alternatively, you can collect Gyroid Fragments and grow to full-sized Gyroids on your island! Simply bury your gyroid fragment and water it with a watering can, wait until the next day and your gyroid should be ready to dig up!

Click the button to learn more about Gyroid Fragments and where you can find them!
How to Grow Gyroid Fragments

What Are Gyroids?

ACNH - What are Gyroids
Gyroids are well, cute but peculiar furniture items that have appeared throughout the Animal Crossing franchise.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors! Each Gyroid has their own unique character and funky sound that they usually comes with some dancing on the side.

What to Do with Gyroids

Use Gyroids as Furniture

ACNH - Gyroids Collection

Why not show off your considerable collection?

Each of these buggers dance and make unique sounds, so they're sure to tickle your funny bone at home!

Gyroids Harmonize with Music

ACNH - Gyroids dancing and making music

When set next to a music player, Gyroids will harmonize with the song playing!

You can combine the sounds of multiple Gyroids to create your symphony of sound!

Customize Gyroids

ACNH - Customizing Gyroids

You can also customize each Gyroid to suit your style! Each Gyroid comes with at least 4 color variations, there's one for everybody!

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ACNH - List of Gyroids

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