Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

All Vehicle Contracts Explained

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - How to Complete Vehicle Contracts and Rewards

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty features all new Vehicle Contract missions given by El Capitan. Check out this guide for a rundown on how Vehicle Contracts work, how to access them, and what rewards you can get for completing them!

What Are Vehicle Contracts?

New Repeatable Quests That Spawn Across Night City

Vehicle Contracts

Vehicle Contracts are a new type of repeatable Gig designed to give you different ways to play, especially when you start hitting max level or start running out of methods for farming eddies.

Once unlocked, Vehicle Contracts (marked by a blue steering wheel icon) will start appearing across Night City and Dogtown. Stealing the vehicle will start the gig, with El Capitan contacting you about the details of the delivery.

Only Available if You Have the Phantom Liberty DLC Installed

Unfortunately, this new repeatable Gig is only available for players who own the Phantom Liberty DLC. The base game will not have this content, making Vehicle Combat largely optional since there are barely any opportunities to see it in action.

Where to Buy the Phantom Liberty DLC

Unlocks Quests With El Capitan

Unlock El Capitan Gigs

During your quest to enact grand theft auto, you will also start unlocking side quests related to El Capitan. As you complete Vehicle Contracts, keep an eye out for new gigs that pop up related to the fixer of Santo Domingo.

Note: Some gigs like Baby Let Me Take You will lock you out of Vehicle Contracts until you complete them. Make sure to check on El Capitan's gigs in order to continue doing the contracts.

How to Unlock Vehicle Contracts

Enter a Vehicle Marked by the Steering Wheel Icon in Dogtown

When you first start exploring Dogtown, you will probably notice the pulsing Vehicle Contract icon (steering wheel) that appears on your mini-map. If you kill the guards around it and enter the vehicle, you will trigger the unlock quest for vehicle gigs called Push It to the Limit.

Complete Push It to the Limit

Once Push It to the Limit is active, El Capitan will ring you up on the holo. He tells V that they should deliver the vehicle to him, promising a reward for doing so and a new gig opportunity.

During the mission, V will be pursued by armed thugs hoping to reclaim the vehicle. Deal with them and get to the drop-off point safely to meet El Capitan. After you talk to him, Vehicle Contracts will start becoming available across Night City.

How to Complete a Vehicle Contract

Defeat the Enemies Guarding the Vehicle

Most Vehicle Contract locations will be guarded by at least 1 enemy. Defeat all enemies surrounding the vehicle before stealing it to avoid getting gunned down in the process.

Steal and Deliver the Vehicle to the Drop Point

Escape with the Vehicle

So far, there are 3 variants to the Just Another Story repeatable missions. While delivering the vehicle you can get one of the following scenarios:

  • Pursued by Enemies: Before you can deliver the vehicle, V must get rid of the pursuers tailing their stolen vehicle.
  • Timed Delivery: El Capitan has a buyer on the line. Deliver the vehicle before time expires to gain extra rewards.
  • Vehicle Capture: El Capitan has identified a vehicle to steal. Use the special jamming vehicle and drive near the target to get it to stop.

Enemy pursuit is by far the more dangerous variant since vehicle combat is a bit finicky, especially when using a controller. With the added risk of triggering the new police system, this mission variant is probably the toughest to complete out of the two.

Will Failing to Deliver Before the Time Limit Affect Rewards?

During the timed delivery variant, failing to deliver the vehicle before the time expires only affects the amount of eddies you get for the job. Everything else, from Weapons, Skill Shards, and even the Autofixer's Discount Shard, will remain the same.

Collect Your Rewards from the El Capitan

Vehicle Contract Rewards

Once you reach the delivery point, El Capitan will call you about the rewards. Exit the vehicle and collect the rewards from a nearby container marked with the yellow exclamation point. After taking all the rewards, the Vehicle Contract mission will end.

Will the Condition of the Vehicle Affect the Rewards?

Vehicle Condition Does Not Matter

Rewards are only affected if you have the objective to deliver the vehicle in good condition. Otherwise, you can deliver a doorless shell of a vehicle and El Capitan will still come through with your rewards as if the vehicle arrived in pristine condition.

Vehicle Contract Rewards

Unlocks Vehicles for Sale at the Autofixer

Autofixer Locked Cars

Some vehicles in the Autofixer can only be unlocked for purchase by completing a certain number of Vehicle Contracts. Check out the list below for all

Unlockable Vehicles
Archer Quartz "Sidewinder" Quadra Sport R-7 "Chiaroscuro" Quadra Type-66 "Wingate"
Mizutani Shion "Samum" Thorton Colby Barghest Thorton Merrimac "Warlock"
Thorton Colby "Vulture" Thorton Galena "Locust" Villefort Alvarado V4FH 570 Herman
Mahir Supron "Trailbruiser" Herrera Riptide "Terrier"

Autofixer Guide: How to Purchase Vehicles

Autofixer's Discount Shards

A new type of item called Autofixer's Discount Shards (or as El Capitan likes to name them, Autofixer's Discount Extravaganzzza) will be part of your rewards after finishing a Vehicle Contract.

Players can use this at the Autofixer website or terminals to gain an automatic discount on their next purchase. Do note that shards will stack discounts. The more shards you collect without spending, the higher the discount will be on the website.

Skill Shards, Eddies, Weapons, and Items

Finally, looting the container at the end of each Vehicle Contract will reward you with a collection of Skill Shards, Money Shards (eddies), Weapons, Weapon Mods, and Item Components.

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