Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Should You Help Songbird or Reed?

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Should You Help Songbird or Reed

The story and ending of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will change depending on whether you help Songbird or Reed during Firestarter. See the outcome of both choices and how it affects the DLC's questline!

Objective IconNotice from Game8 This article contains major spoilers for the Phantom Liberty DLC. Proceed at your own risk!

Should You Help Songbird or Reed?

Changes the Outcome of Firestarter

Choice Outcome
Help Songbird escape ・Upload the access codes
・Alex flatlines Kurt
・Songbird helps you escape
Help Reed capture Songbird ・Use the ICEbreaker
・Kurt flatlines Alex
・Songbird suffers from cyberpsychosis and escapes
・You will escape alone and fight Kurt Hansen near the exit

What happens next after getting the neural link depends on whether you help Songbird by uploading the access codes or helping Reed capture Songbird by using the ICEbreaker during the choice event in Firestarter.

Fight Murphy by Helping Songbird

Cyberpunk - Murphy fight

Choosing to help Songbird will allow you escape the Stadium with you. Since she has already taken control of the entire Stadium, she can hack into the devices and machines along the way and turn them against Hansen's men.

Alex will also flatline Hansen right after making the decision, so you will fight Murphy instead. It won't be much of a boss fight, but he'll drop the Iconic weapon Murphy's Law if you kill him.

Fight Hansen by Helping Reed

Cyberpunk - Hansen boss fight

On the other hand, helping Reed capture Songbird will make her hostile and alert Hansen of your infiltration—getting Alex killed by the colonel and causing Songbird to get inflicted by cyberpsychosis for reaching past the Blackwall again.

Near the exit, you will be ambushed by Hansen and two of his men. Defeating Hansen here will allow you to loot three Iconic weapons from his body: Fang, Bald Eagle, and Wild Dog.

Help Songbird to Get The Tower Ending (Secret Ending)

Phantom Liberty's main story has three different endings. The questline branching will begin as soon as you make the decision in Firestarter.

  1. Help Songbird in Firestarter and continue siding with her in The Killing Moon
  2. Help Reed in Firestarter
  3. Help Songbird in Firestarter, but surrender her to Reed during The Killing Moon

The third path leads to the expansion's secret ending, which will allow you to view The Tower secret ending after calling Reed at the rooftop of Misty's Esoterica during the last mission of the questline.

How to Get All Endings

Secret Ending Can Still Be Obtained in Somewhat Damaged

The Tower secret ending can still be obtained even after helping Reed capture Songbird during Firestarter.

Continue cooperating with Reed through the following quests until you reach Somewhat Damaged. In this mission, you will find Songbird again and she will ask you to kill her. Choosing That's no solution and Won't do it adds another mission that has you surrender Songbird to the NUSA.

Doing this allows you to get both King of Pentacles and The Tower trophies in one questline.

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