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This is a list of Mods and Attachments in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about all the Weapon Mods, Clothing Mods, and Cyberware Mods you can use to power up your character!

Types of Mods

Weapon Mods and Attachments


Scopes are a Weapon Attachment which can be used with Ranged Weapons that have a Scope Slot.

They generally have the effect of decreasing ADS Time (Aim Down Sights Time, the time it takes to finish the aiming animation) and increasing the Range (distance) up to which shots can land.


Muzzles are a Weapon Attachment which can be used with Ranged Weapons that have a Muzzle Slot.

They are used for Stealth-based playstyles, and generally increase the damage dealt when attacking from stealth, and decreasing the volume of shots at the expense of firepower. Because they decrease the gun's overall damage output, they're not recommended to use on your less-stealthy blast-o-matics.

Weapon Mods

These are more general modifications for your weapons, which can be subdivided into Melee Weapon Mods and Ranged Weapon Mods.

They can provide weapon stat boosts across the board, including increases to damage, crit chance, headshot damage, and more, or can even have more niche effects like weakening enemies or eliminating vertical recoil.

Clothing Mods

Like Weapon Mods, Clothing Mods serve to boost the stats of Clothing, such as increasing the Armor stat, providing damage reduction against specific damage types, or even providing more general boosts like increasing crit chance, reducing stamina consumption, and allowing you to survive longer without oxygen.

Unlike Weapon Mods, they are not subdivided by the type of Clothing, and all Clothing Mods can work on any piece of Clothing with a Mod Slot.

List of Clothing Mods

Cyberware Mods

Cyberware Mods can be used to further enhance your already-enhanced body parts. All Cyberware Mods are used for a specific Mod Slot for a specific type of Cyberware.

The boosts provided by these mods are relevant to the specific body part. Note that Cyberdecks, a specific type of Operating System Cyberware, will use Quickhacks for its Mods instead of the standard Operating System Mods used by other Operating System Cyberware.

List of Mods

Weapon Mods and Attachments

List of Scopes

Mod ADS Time Range
Add-VantageAdd-Vantage -0.02% +0.27
CQO MK.72 Kanone MiniCQO MK.72 Kanone Mini -0.06% +0.35
E255 PercipientE255 Percipient -0.03% +0.23
E305 ProspectaE305 Prospecta -0.15% +0.57
HPO Mk.77 Kanone MaxHPO Mk.77 Kanone Max -0.03% +0.79
HyakumeHyakume -0.01% +0.11
MK. 8 ClearvueMK. 8 Clearvue -0.08% +0.65
MK.2X GrandstandMK.2X Grandstand -0.03% +0.54
Currently UnavailableOS-1 Gimleteye -0.15% +0.46
S0-21 SaikaS0-21 Saika -0.09% +0.59
Type 2067Type 2067 -0.03% +0.29

List of Muzzles

Mod Effect
CS-1 TaipanCS-1 Taipan ・2 x damage multiplier when attacking from stealth.
・Silencer. Reduces damage by 30 %.
XC-10 AlectoXC-10 Alecto ・2.5 x damage multiplier when attacking from stealth.
・Silencer. Reduces damage by 15 %.
XC-10 CetusXC-10 Cetus ・2.5 % damage multiplier when attacking from stealth.
・Silencer. Increases Crit Chance by 5%. Reduces base damage by 25 %.
Currently UnavailableXC-10 Strix ・2.5 x damage multiplier when attacking from stealth.
・Silencer. Increases Crit Chance by 10%. Reduces base damage by 30 %.

List of Weapon Mods

Mod Effect
Currently UnavailableAutoloader ・Reduced reload time after fully emptying ammo clip.
Cold ShoulderCold Shoulder ・Increases damage by 7.
Combat AmplifierCombat Amplifier ・Increases chance to apply damage-related status effect by 5 %.
CountermassCountermass ・Eliminates vertical recoil while aiming.
CrunchCrunch ・Increases damage by 8 .
KunaiKunai ・Increases weapon attack speed by 0.3 .
Neon ArrowNeon Arrow ・Reduces weapon reload time by 5 %.
PacifierPacifier ・Increases Crit Damage by 6 %.
PaxPax ・Renders your weapon non-lethal, allowing you to damage your enemies without killing them.
・Increases damage by 6 .
PenetratorPenetrator ・Increases Crit Chance by 2 %.
PhantomPhantom ・Increases rate of fire by 5 %.
PulverizePulverize ・Increases damage to limbs by 5 %.
ScourgeScourge ・Increases Crit Damage by 10 %.
VendettaVendetta ・Increases headshot damage by 20 %.
WeakenWeaken ・Hitting a target reduces damage received from them by 20 % for 10 sec.
White-KnuckledWhite-Knuckled ・Increases Crit Chance by 7 %.

Clothing Mods

List of Clothing Mods

Mod Effect
Currently UnavailableAntivenom ・Grants immunity to Poison.
ArmadilloArmadillo ・Increases Armor by 189.467 .
BackpackerBackpacker ・Increases carrying capacity by 9 .
Boom-BreakerBoom-Breaker ・Reduces damage from explosions by 5 %.
BullyBully ・Increases Crit Damage by 30 %.
CoolitCoolit ・Grants immunity to Burn.
Currently UnavailableCut-It-Out ・Grants immunity to Bleeding.
DeadeyeDeadeye ・Increases Crit Chance by 15 %.
・Increases Crit Damage by 30 %
FootlooseFootloose ・Increases evasion by 0.2 .
FortunaFortuna ・Increases Crit Chance by 15 %.
Me-ThrillMe-Thrill ・5.9 Armor
OsmosisOsmosis ・Increases max Oxygen by 5 .
Currently UnavailablePanacea ・Grants immunity to Poison and Shock.
PlumePlume ・Reduces fall damage by 5 %.
Currently UnavailablePredator ・Increases damage against enemies with Low and High threat levels by 25 %.
Resist!Resist! ・Reduces damage from negative status effects by 14 %.
・14 Damage Over Time Reduction
ShowtimeShowtime ・Increases damage against enemies with Moderate and High threat levels by 8 %.
Soft-SoleSoft-Sole ・Allows you to land silently.
Currently UnavailableSuperinsulator ・Grants immunity to Shock.
TenacityTenacity ・Reduces the Stamina cost of melee attacks by -5 %.
VanguardVanguard ・Reduces Stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks by 5 %.
Zero DragZero Drag ・Increases movement speed by 10 %.

Cyberware Mods

Mod Effect
Currently UnavailableAnimal Knuckles ・Gorilla Arms deal phyiscal damage. Punching enemies applies Bleeding.
Armored BerserkArmored Berserk ・When Berserk is active, increases Armor bonus by 5 and all Resistances by 5 %.
Currently UnavailableBattery, High-Capacity ・Gorilla Arms damage increased by 50 %
Battery Low CapacityBattery, Low Capacity ・Increases max charge and charge damage by 10 %
Currently UnavailableBattery, Medium-Capacity ・Gorilla Arms damage increased by 25 %
Beast ModeBeast Mode ・While Berserk is active, increases Armor, Resistances, and Health regeneration by 15 %.
・Melee attacks deal 100 % more damage when Berserk is active.
Black Market BatteryBlack Market Battery ・Increases max charge and charge damage by 100 %
Currently UnavailableBlade - Chemical Damage ・Mantis Blades deal Chemical damage.
Currently UnavailableBlade - Electrical Damage ・Mantis Blades deal Electrical damage.
Blade - Physical DamageBlade - Physical Damage ・Mantis Blades deal Physical damage. Due to the blades' inherently fast attack speed and combos, they can rapidly deal devastating damage, granting a higher chance to dismember the enemy. Very effective against an individual target.
Blade - Thermal DamageBlade - Thermal Damage ・Mantis Blades deal Thermal damage. Due to the blades' fast attack speed, they can quickly apply Burn. Very effective against an individual target.
Currently UnavailableBruising Berserk ・While beserk is active, Melee damage is increased by 10 %.
Chained BerserkChained Berserk ・Reduces Berserk cooldown by 6.5 sec.
Currently UnavailableChemical Round ・Normal shots explode on impact and deal chemical damage with a 20% chance to apply Poison. Charged shots increase damage, explosion range, and chance to apply Poison to 50%.
Devastating BerserkDevastating Berserk ・When Berserk is active, increases Crit Chance by 15 %.
Electrical RoundElectrical Round ・Explodes on impact and deals Electrical damage to enemies within the area of affect with a chance to apply Stun. Charged shots increase the explosion radius and gurantees applying Stun. Effective against fast-moving enemies, drones, mechs and robots, as well as groups of enemies.
Explosive RoundExplosive Round ・Explodes on impact and deals major Physical damage to enemies within the area of effect. Charged shots increase damage, the explosion radius and the chance to dismember. Effective against groups of enemies.
Explosives AnalysisExplosives Analysis ・Allows you to see the precise explosion radius of you grenades.
Extended BerserkExtended Berserk ・Increases Berserk duration by 2 sec.
Currently UnavailableFast Rotor ・Attack speed increased by 40 %
Focused BerserkFocused Berserk ・While Berserk is active, reduces weapon sway by 20 %.
・Reduces recoil by 20 %.
Currently UnavailableHaming-8 Rotor ・Attack speed increased by 45 %
Currently UnavailableInvigorating Beserk ・While beserk is active, Health regeneration is increased by 10 %.
Currently UnavailableKnuckles - Chemical Damage ・Gorilla Arms deal Chemical damage.
Knuckles - Electrical DamageKnuckles - Electrical Damage ・Gorilla Arms deal Electrical damage and have a small chance to apply Shock. Increases damage to drones, mechs, and robots.
Knuckles - Physical DamageKnuckles - Physical Damage ・Gorilla Arms deal Physical damage.
Knuckles - Thermal DamageKnuckles - Thermal Damage ・Gorilla Arms deal Thermal damage and have a small chance to apply Burn.
Currently UnavailableMetal Plating ・Increases all Resistances by 10 %.
Monowire - Chemical DamageMonowire - Chemical Damage ・Monowire deals Chemical damage. Can apply Poison to multiple targets with one attack. Effective against groups of enemies.
Currently UnavailableMonowire - Electrical Damage ・Monowire deals Electrical damage.
Monowire - Physical DamageMonowire - Physical Damage ・Monowire deals Physical damage. Deals a high amount of concentrated damage and can instantly dismember an enemy with one quick attack.
Currently UnavailableMonowire - Thermal Damage ・Monowire deals Thermal damage.
Currently UnavailableMonowire Battery, High-Capacity ・Monowire damage increased by 50 %
Monowire Battery Low-CapacityMonowire Battery, Low-Capacity ・Increases Charge damage by 10 %.
Currently UnavailableMonowire Battery, Medium-Capacity ・Monowire damage increased by 25 %
Currently UnavailableNeoplastic Plating ・Crit chance increased by 10 %
Currently UnavailableRin3U Battery ・Gorilla Arms damage increased by 10 %
・Restores 100 % stamina upon killing an enemy.
Currently UnavailableSandevistan: Arasaka Software ・While Sandevistan is active, enemies take 70% longer to detect you.
Sandevistan: HeatsinkSandevistan: Heatsink ・Reduces Sandevistan cooldown by -3 sec.
Currently UnavailableSandevistan: Micro-Amplifier ・Activating Sandevistan
Sandevistan: NeurotransmittersSandevistan: Neurotransmitters ・While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Damage by 15 %.
Sandevistan: Overclocked ProcessorSandevistan: Overclocked Processor ・Increases duration by 0.7 sec.
Sandevistan: Prototype ChipSandevistan: Prototype Chip ・While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 5 %.
Currently UnavailableSandevistan: Rabid Bull ・Defeating enemies while Sandevistan is active restores 5% health.
Sandevistan: Tyger PawSandevistan: Tyger Paw ・While Sandevistan is active, defeating an enemy restores 15 % Stamina.
Currently UnavailableSensory Amplifier (Armor) ・Increases Armor by 5 %.
Currently UnavailableSensory Amplifier (Crit Chance) ・Increases Crit Chance by 10 %.
Currently UnavailableSensory Amplifier (Crit Damage) ・Increases Crit Damage by 30 %.
Currently UnavailableSensory Amplifier (Health) ・Increases Health by 15 %.
Sharpened BerserkSharpened Berserk ・When Berserk is active, increases Crit Damage by 25%.
Slow RotorSlow Rotor ・Increases Mantis Blade attack speed by 20 %.
Target AnalysisTarget Analysis ・All your weapons are non-lethal. Headshots do not deal additional damage. Smart weapons primarily target limbs.
Currently UnavailableThermal Round ・Normal shots explode on impact and deal thermal damage with a 20% chance to apply Burn. Charged shots increase damage, explosion range, and chance to apply Burn to 50%.
Threat DetectorThreat Detector ・Automatically highlights enemies who have detected you.
Currently UnavailableTitanium Plating ・Armor increased by x%
Currently UnavailableTrajectory Analysis ・Grenade trajectory and are of effect are visible.
Currently UnavailableTrajectory Generator ・Ricochet trajectory is visible when aiming. Requires the Ballistic Coprocessor hands cyberware.
Currently UnavailableTranquilizer Rounds ・Normal shots can render a single target unconscious. Charged shots have a larger area of effect.
Weakspot DetectionWeakspot Detection ・Increases Crit Chance by 5 %.

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