Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to Play Trauma Drama and Rewards

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - How to Play Trauma Drama and Rewards

Trauma Drama is an arcade minigame added in Update 2.0 of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Learn where to find Trauma Drama, how to play it, and the rewards that you can get for ranking 1st in the scoreboard!

Trauma Drama Location

El Coyote Cojo or Any Arcade

El Coyote Cojo Location Trauma Drama Location

Trauma Drama can be found in arcades across Night City. One of the most accessible is in El Coyote Cojo in The Glen, Heywood. Fast travel to the El Coyote Cojo dataterm, cross the road, and you will find the bar a few more steps ahead.

How to Play Trauma Drama

Defeat Enemies and Rescue Clients to Gain Points

Cyberpunk - Trauma Team client

In Trauma Drama, you play as a Trauma Team medic tasked to rescue clients while mowing down enemies along the way. You gain points by dealing damage to enemies and rescuing clients.

The stage will be cleared once you reach the end of the area and after having cleared the screen of enemies and clients.

Obtain Different Weapon Types

Cyberpunk - using L weapon

Other than points, rescuing clients will also reward you with a random weapon that changes your attack type. Weapons can also be dropped by drones that occasionally float across the screen.

You can cycle between the weapon types you've obtained by pressing R1 (for the Playstation).

Picking Up a Duplicate Upgrades Your Weapon

Picking up a duplicate weapon upgrades that weapon type and gives it a bonus effect. The weapon's color will change to orange to indicate that it has been upgraded.

Weapon Effect Upgraded
Cyberpunk - A weapon 3-shot burst Adds a ricochet effect
Cyberpunk - LM weapon Fires bullets in a wavy path Increases damage
Cyberpunk - M weapon Launches three homing missiles Adds two more missiles
Cyberpunk - L weapon Fires beams that pierces enemies Continuously fires a laser in a straight line
Cyberpunk - S weapon Shoots three bullets in an arc Shoots five bullets in a wider arc

Continuing After Death Requires Points

Cyberpunk - Trauma Drama life points

You will start each stage with four life points. Like in most retro games, getting hit by an enemy projectile or making physical contact with enemies will deal damage to your character. You can recover health by picking up health packs dropped by drones.

Losing all life points results in the death of the medic, but you can continue and revive them at the cost of 10,000 points.

Trauma Drama Rewards

Rank First in the Leaderboard for a Reward

Cyberpunk - first in the leaderboard

Taking the first place in the Trauma Drama leaderboard, by obtaining around 450,000 points, unlocks the Career Opportunities mission that will reward you with a Trauma Team uniform and a Mini Trauma Team AV for your apartment.

Take note that you don't have to clear to all levels for the reward—you just need to amass enough points to rank first then you can force a game over to process your score. You will receive a text message after exiting Trauma Drama that confirms your eligibility for the reward.

Trauma Team uniform

Cyberpunk - Trauma Team uniform

One of the rewards is a Trauma Team uniform similar to what the medics are wearing!

Mini Trauma Team AV

The other reward is a miniature AV that you can place in your apartment. Activate the AV to make it hover around your room!

How to Easily Get Points in Trauma Drama Reward

Farm Points in Stage 1-3

If you don't want the trouble of clearing all the stages to rack up points, you can farm points in Stage 1-3 through one of the helicopters that endlessly drops enemies.

Depending on your score before you start farming, this method will take a lot of time, but is the safest way to ensure that you get the rewards as it drops the risk of losing points due to multiple continues.

1 Clear Stage 1-2
2 Defeat all enemies on the screen except for the two helicopters
3 Destroy one of the helicopters and spare the other one
4 Defeat the enemies dropped by the remaining helicopter as they land
Note: As of Update 2.01, this method has been patched out and no longer works.

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