Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to Get the King of Cups Ending

The King of Cups ending is one of the 4 different endings available for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn what choices to make to get this ending, the ending explanation, and the rewards you get for completing it.

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How to Get the King of Cups Ending

Side With Reed During Firestarter

Cyberpunk - Firestarter choice event - Songbird or Reed

In order to get the King of Cups ending, make sure to side with Reed in Firestarter. During the sequence where Songbird is extracting the Neural Matrix, choose the option to Help Reed capture Songbird.

After Songbird goes full cyberpsycho in everyone, fight your way out the stadium. You will need to defeat Kurt Hansen and his soldiers before you can escape the Dogtown stadium.

Firestarter Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Complete Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

Once you and Reed make your escape, the next quest, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, will trigger. Plan how to rescue So Mi as you watch MaxTac swoop into Dogtown to deal with the cyberpsychotic Songbird.

During this mission, V will need to plan an ambush of the MaxTac convoy carrying Songbird. Assault the convoy and defeat the MaxTac operatives to get a cutscene of Songbird escaping. Once the cutscene ends, you will trigger the quest, Somewhat Damaged.

Kill Songbird During Somewhat Damaged

The final major quest for this route will be Somewhat Damaged. Head into the pre-DataKrash facility called Cynosure and look for Songbird (who is now well and truly corrupted by the Blackwall).

This mission gives a lot of insight behind Songbird's motivations leading up to the events of Phantom Liberty, so make sure to view everything as you progress. At the end, Songbird will ask V to kill her. Accept and kill Songbird to get the King of Cups ending.

King of Cups Ending Explained

A Bittersweet Ending for Songbird

Before it all goes dark... for one last second, I'll know I wasn't alone. - Song So Mi

Despite Songbird's death, the King of Cups ending offers more insight regarding So Mi's (Songbird) background. Deep within the pre-DataKrash facility of Cynosure, V bears witness to everything So Mi had done leading up to the Dogtown crash.

With these glimpses at her past, Songbird's motivations start making more sense compared to her revelations in The Killing Moon. By fulfilling her request and killing her at the end of Somewhat Damaged, V frees her from a life of misery under the exploitative FIA.

Songbird's parting words will be V's only comfort; that at least, in the end, she still had one memory that the Blackwall could not take - a memory of being with a friend before her inevitable end.


President Myers Dismisses the Operation as a Failure

Regardless of what you went through to get the NUSA President out of Dogtown and your assistance in finding So Mi, President Myers will ultimately dismiss your efforts as a failure. However, this shows you the NUSA's true nature; how they discard something if it's no longer useful to their cause.

Reed points this out if you chose the King of Pentacles ending since he notices that the medal of service you get from Myers is the same one they gave to So Mi in order to try reeling her deeper into their cause.

V Does Not Get the Cure for the Relic

By choosing this ending, V and Johnny are back to square one. Once again, their only option now is to storm Arasaka Tower and pray that Mikoshi has the cure they've been looking for. The ending where V is cured is not unlocked if you chose this ending.

King of Cups Ending Rewards

Get the King of Cups Trophy

Getting this ending will reward players with one of Phantom Liberty's ending trophies called King of Cups. You will get this after you arrive back at your apartment during Leave in Silence and speak to Johnny Silverhand about what transpired.

Kurt Hansen's Iconic Weapons

Siding with Reed during Firestarter is the only way to obtain Kurt Hansen's Iconic Weapons since it allows you to fight him towards the end of the mission. Upon defeating the leader of the Barghest, V can loot his body to get Fang, Bald Eagle, and Wild Dog.

Erebus SMG or the Militech Canto Mk.6 Cyberdeck

During Somewhat Damaged you will be able to loot crafting specs for the Erebus Iconic SMG and the Militech Canto Mk.6 Iconic Cyberdeck.

Once you loot the Behavioral System Component from Cerberus at the end of the mission, V will be able to take this back to the Netrunner in Kabuki where they are given the opportunity to craft either the SMG or the Cyberdeck.

5000 Eurodollars from President Myers

If V asks President Myers for their reward during Leave in Silence, she will say that a cure or help from the NUSA is out of the question. Instead, she compensates you with a laughable amount of 5000 eddies.

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