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List of All Main Characters

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This is a guide to all the Main Characters appearing in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about each character and their role in the story here.

List of All Main Characters

NOTE: The following descriptions include some spoilers for the plot of Cyberpunk 2077. Read at your own risk!

V (The Protagonist)

V Character Image.png

V Character Guide

Name V
Gender Player-determined
Base Night City
Occupation Mercenary
Voice Actor Gavin Drea / Cherami Leigh

V is the Mercenary whose story the plot is centered around.

Role in the Story

V steals a biochip which can grant immortality in an attempt to get rich, but accidentally ends up embedding the digitized consciousness of Johnny Silverhand into their brain. This event kicks off the rest of the story, in which V must choose whether to side with Johnny against the Arasaka Corportation or defy him.

The Player Character

As the protagonist, V is controlled by the player, and their appearance, gender, and more is fully customizable. V's backstory is also up to the player, with three possible Lifepaths available to define who the character was before the events of the story.

Character Creation Guide



Jackie Character Guide

Name Jackie Welles
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Mercenary
Voice Actor Jason Hightower

Jackie is V's partner in crime during the events of the game. A fellow Merc, he'll be joining you on many of your jobs.

Role in the Story

Jackie meets V at the start of the game. They are both recruited later on by Dexter DeShawn to steal the biochip from Yorinobu Arasaka.

Johnny Silverhand

Johnny Silverhand Top copy.png

Johnny Silverhand Character Guide

Name Johnny Silverhand
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Musician
Voice Actor Keanu Reeves

Johnny Silverhand is a dead rockerboy, who lives on in V's head as a cybernetic ghost in the shell.

Goro Takemura

Cyberpunk 2077 - Goro Takemura.png

Goro Takemura Character Guide

Name Hanako Arasaka
Gender Man
Base Japan
Occupation Bodyguard
Voice Actor Rome Kanda

Goro Takemura is Saburo Arasaka's stoic and loyal former bodyguard.

Role in the Story

After the events of The Heist, Goro becomes a wanted criminal all over Night City. He then teams up with V to bring justice to Saburo Arasaka's death.

Dexter DeShawn

Dexter DeShawn.png

Dexter DeShawn Character Guide

Name Dexter DeShawn
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Fixer
Voice Actor Michael-Leon Wooley

Dexter DeShawn is one of the Fixers working in Night City, meaning he acts as an intermediary between Mercs and clients.

Role in the Story

Impressed by V and Jackie's skills, Dexter recruits both of them to plan a heist to steal a valuable biochip from the Arasakas.

Hanako Arasaka

Hanako Arasaka.png

Hanako Arasaka Character Guide

Name Hanako Arasaka
Gender Woman
Base Japan
Occupation Netrunner
Voice Actor Alpha Takahashi

Hanako Arasaka is Saburo's only daughter and the CEO of the Arasaka Corporation.

Role in the Story

After the death of her father, Hanako is kidnapped by Takemura from the festival in hopes of convincing her about Saburo's murder. Initially skeptical, she eventually joins Takemura and V in taking down her brother Yorinobu.


Doc V.jpg

Viktor Character Guide

Name Viktor Vector
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Ripperdoc
Voice Actor Michael Gregory

Viktor is a ripperdoc and cyberware vendor based in Night City.

Role in the Story

As the story begins, Viktor helps V patch up and upgrade the main character's cyberware when required. He is also involved in some of the game's boxing missions as he is a former boxer himself.



Judy Character Guide

Name Judy Alvarez
Gender Woman
Base Night City
Occupation Braindance Technician
Voice Actor -

Judy is a braindance technician based in Night City.

Role in the Story

Judy is one of the Romance options available to female V in the game. She guides V through the process of Braindance when the mission requires it.

Judy is aligned with The Moxes and works as a Braindance technician and editor for them. She runs her suite / office in Lizzie's Bar.


Panam Character Guide

Name Panam Palmer
Base The Badlands
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Woman
Affiliation The Aldecados
Occupation Merc
Voice Actor -

Panam is an ex-Nomad from the Badlands, who left her family to live a life as an independent Mercenary.

Role in the Story

Panam is one of the Romance options available to male V in the game. She aids the player's mission in investigating the biochip implanted in V's head. If V complete's all of Panam's questline, a different ending involving her will be open to the player.


Rogue Character Guide

Name Rogue Amendiares
Base The Afterlife
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Affiliation The Afterlife
Occupation Owner of the Afterlife
Voice Actor Jane Perry

Rogue is an associate of Johnny Silverhand. She is a former Merc who now owns the infamous Afterlife nightclub.

Role in the Story

Rogue is available during Johnny Silverhand quests as a Romance option. As the owner of the Afterlife, she's the effective queen of the Mercs in Night City.


Kerry Eurodyne Character Guide

Name Kerry Eurodyne
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Rockerboy
Voice Actor Matthew Yang King

Kerry Eurodyne was a former band member of Samurai, along with Johnny and Rogue.

Role in the Story

Kerry is available as a Romance option for male V. He spends most of his time nowadays in his Villa in North Oak. V helps Kerry reignited his passion for music, as well as reconnecting with his old friend Johnny.


River Ward Character Guide

Name River Ward
Gender Man
Base Night City
Occupation Detective
Voice Actor Private Investigator

River Ward is a private investigator enlisted to solve the mayor's death.

Role in the Story

River is one of the Romance options available to female V in the game. V assists River in investigating the mysterious death of Mayor Lucius Rhyne.

List of All Characters

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Main Characters

V ImageV Jackie Welles ImageJackie Welles Johnny Silverhand ImageJohnny Silverhand

Romance Options

Judy Alvarez ImageJudy Alvarez Kerry Eurodyne ImageKerry Eurodyne Meredith Stout ImageMeredith Stout
Panam Palmer ImagePanam Palmer River Ward ImageRiver Ward Rogue ImageRogue

Story Characters

Adam Smasher ImageAdam Smasher Alt Cunningham ImageAlt Cunningham Anders Hellman ImageAnders Hellman
Anthony Harris ImageAnthony Harris Claire Russell ImageClaire Russell Delamain ImageDelamain
Dexter DeShawn ImageDexter DeShawn Elizabeth Peralez ImageElizabeth Peralez Evelyn Parker ImageEvelyn Parker
Finn Gerstatt ImageFinn Gerstatt Goro Takemura ImageGoro Takemura Hanako Arasaka ImageHanako Arasaka
Jefferson Peralez ImageJefferson Peralez Joshua Stephenson ImageJoshua Stephenson Lizzy Wizzy ImageLizzy Wizzy
Lucius Rhyne ImageLucius Rhyne Maiko Maeda ImageMaiko Maeda Mama Welles ImageMama Welles
Maman Brigitte ImageMaman Brigitte Misty ImageMisty Mitch Anderson ImageMitch Anderson
Oda ImageOda Oswald “Woodman” Forrest ImageOswald “Woodman” Forrest Placide ImagePlacide
Royce ImageRoyce Saburo Arasaka ImageSaburo Arasaka Saul Bright ImageSaul Bright
T-Bug ImageT-Bug Us Cracks ImageUs Cracks Viktor Vector ImageViktor Vector
Weldon Holt ImageWeldon Holt Yorinobu Arasaka ImageYorinobu Arasaka


Dakota Smith ImageDakota Smith Dino Dinovic ImageDino Dinovic Muamar “El Capitan” Reyes ImageMuamar “El Capitan” Reyes
Padre ImagePadre Regina Jones ImageRegina Jones Wakako Okada ImageWakako Okada

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