Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

List of Tarot Cards and Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 - The Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are the large murals you find in Night City that you can scan and collect in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a complete list of all Tarot Card locations in both Night City and Dogtown for the Phantom Liberty DLC, including the rewards you get for finding all of them.

Phantom Liberty Tarot Cards

All Dogtown Tarot Card Locations

Card and Map Location Where to Find

King of Cups
On a wall between two fences, just across the Dogtown entrance near the Stadium Parking.

King of Pentacles
On the same floor as Myers' hideout (08: Apartments) in the Kress Street building.

King of Wands
On the staircase in the basketball Court southwest of Luxor High Wellness Spa.

King of Swords
Next to the back entrance of The Moth at the east side of the building.

With the release of Phantom Liberty, there are four new tarot cards to locate in the DLC-exclusive Dogtown area for the quest, Tomorrow Never Knows. See the full guide on the Dogtown Tarot Card locations linked below!

All Dogtown Tarot Card Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards

All Night City Tarot Card Locations

There are a total of 22 Tarot Cards that you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. However, you will only need to find the first 20 Tarot Cards in Night City to complete the related quest, Fool on the Hill.

Note: The last two Tarot Cards - The Devil and Judgment - will only be found during the ending sequences of the game. The former can only be found if you go for The Devil ending route, and the latter can be found inside Arasaka tower during the assault.

Tarot Card Location
The Fool
Little China: On the wall right outside V's apartment.
The Chariot
Little China: On a wall outside of Tom's Diner. It is on the adjacent alleyway.
The Sun
Little China: On the wall next to the tunnel.
The Magician
Little China/Kabuki: On one of the highway pillars facing Lizzie's Bar.
The Empress
Little China: At the bottom of the staircase leading to Afterlife.
The Emperor
Arasaka Waterfront: On the wall next to the main entrance of Konpeki Plaza.
The Hierophant
Japantown: Along the wall at the entrance of a tunnel next to the river. It is nearby where you meet Oda with Takemura during Down on the Street Main Job.
The Hermit
Coastview: On side of the church that leads into the Voodoo Boys crypt.
Rancho Coronado: On the side of the small building where you first meet with Panam.
Wheel of Fortune
The Badlands: Under the sign of the Sunset Hotel.
Arroyo: On a silo opposite of the Electric Corporation power plant.
The Star
The Badlands: At the base of the antenna tower, in the middle of the solar farm.
The Moon
North Oak: Left of the walls of Hanako's residence.
The Lovers
North Oak: Behind the cinema screen of the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in. Use the code 0000 to unlock the door.
The Tower
Corpo Plaza: At the base of Arasaka Tower, you will find an area of remembrance. The graffiti is inside of an underground passage.
The Hanged Man
The Badlands: On the water tower in the oilfields that you visit during Chippin' In.
North Oak: On one of the walls of the Columbarium.
The Glen: On the side of the Embers building.
The High Priestess
Hayward: On the top floor of the abandoned apartment building where Takemura has his safehouse in Search and Destroy.
The World
Little China: On the balcony where you chat with Misty during the Main Job Norcturne OP55N1. You can reach it before that by taking the elevator in the alley between Misty's Esoterica and Viktor's Clinic.

Tarot Card Rewards

Misty's Dreamcatcher Memorabilia

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Mistys Dreamcatcher

After you complete the Fool on the Hill side job, speaking to Misty will reward you with her Dreamcatcher. This is a memorabilia item that displays above V's bed in their apartment at Megabuilding H10.

Fool on The Hill Quest Walkthrough

The Wandering Fool Achievement

Additionally, by finding 20 out of 22 Tarot Cards for the Fool on the Hill side job, you will gain the achievement called the Wandering Fool.

Trophy and Achievements Guide

What are the Tarot Cards?

Hints at the Endings of the Game

All Cyberpunk 2077 Endings
The Sun The Devil The Star
Temperance The Tower

All the endings of the game will be named after one of the Tarot Cards you find in Night City. This naming convention carries over to the new ending offered by Phantom Liberty called The Tower.

How to Unlock All Endings

Viktor Blames the Biochip

When you tell Viktor about the murals during Fool on the Hill, he says its probably because the biochip has started to overwrite your brain. His only advice to you is to take the tarot murals as a sign to get the chip out of your head as soon as possible.

Misty Says They Hint at the Truth

Misty, on the other hand, attributes the murals as signs from a higher power. Despite V's skepticism during the conversation, Misty insists that the cards show you the truth about the people you meet when you find them.

This is probably one of the key functions of the tarot cards in both Cyberpunk 2077 and the Phantom Liberty DLC as most of the murals you find will appear where you meet or interact with key players of the main story.

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