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This is a list of Tarot cards and their locations in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn each Tarot card graffiti, and where to find them.

List of Tarot Cards

Tarot District
The Fool card.pngThe Fool Little China
The Chariot.pngThe Chariot Little China
The Sun.pngThe Sun Little China
The Magician.pngThe Magician Little China/Kabuki
The Empress.pngThe Empress Little China
The Emperor.pngThe Emperor Arasaka Waterfront
The Hierophant.pngThe Hierophant Japantown
The Hermit.pngThe Hermit Coastview
Strength.pngStrength Rancho Coronado
Wheel of Fortune.pngWheel of Fortune The Badlands
Justice.jpgJustice Arroyo
The Star.pngThe Star The Badlands
The Moon.pngThe Moon North Oak
The Lover.pngThe Lovers North Oak
The Tower.pngThe Tower Corpo Plaza
The Hanged Man.pngThe Hanged Man The Badlands
Temperance.pngTemperance North Oak
Death.pngDeath The Glen
The High Priestess.pngThe High Priestess Hayward
The World.pngThe World Little China

Tarot Card Locations

The Fool

On the wall right outside V's apartment.

The Chariot

On a wall outside of Tom's Diner. It is on the adjacent alleyway.

The Sun

On the wall next to the tunnel.

The Magician

On one of the highway pillars facing Lizzie's Bar.

The Empress

At the bottom of the staircase leading to Afterlife.

The Emperor

On the wall next to the main entrance of Konpeki Plaza.

The Hierophant

Along the wall at the entrance of a tunnel next to the river. It is nearby where you meet Oda with Takemura during Down on the Street Main Job.

The Hermit

On side of the church that leads into the Voodoo Boys crypt.


On the side of the small building where you first meet with Panam.

Wheel of Fortune

Under the sign of the Sunset Hotel.


On a silo opposite of the Electric Corporation power plant.

The Star

At the base of the antenna tower, in the middle of the solar farm.

The Moon

Left of the walls of Hanako's residence.

The Lovers

Behind the cinema screen of the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in. Use the code 0000 to unlock the door.

The Tower

At the base of Arasaka Tower, you will find an area of remembrance. The graffiti is inside of an underground passage.

The Hanged Man

On the water tower in the oilfields.


On one of the walls of the Columbarium.


On the side of the Embers building.

The High Priestess

On the top floor of the abandoned apartment building where Takemura has his safehouse.

The World

On the balcony where you chat with Misty during the Main Job Norcturne OP55N1. You can reach it before that by taking the elevator in the alley between Misty's Esoterica and Viktor's Clinic.

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