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This is a guide on how to manage your inventory in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn more about which weapons and clothing should you keep in the game.

Managing Your Inventory

Cyberpunk 2077 will have you looting for weapons, clothes, and other items all over Night City. Unfortunately, you can't carry all of them as your character has a storage limit. Below are some simple tips on how to manage your inventory:

Stash Items

Cyberpunk 2077 - Apartment Stash.jpg

Store your items in V's apartment or in any owned vehicle. For the former, go to V's apartment then enter the armory. Open the Stash to store any items that you are yet to use. You can also stash your stuff in the trunk of your car. Your vehicle can be a mobile inventory as you can summon your car from anywhere to pick up or store your belongings.

How to Store Items

Sell Unwanted Items

Cyberpunk 2077 - Drop Point.jpg

If you feel like you have too many unwanted items in your inventory, sell them to a vendor or at a Drop Point. These are scattered all over Night City so you never have to worry about finding one.

Dismantle Items

Cyberpunk 2077 - Dismantle Items

Dismantling your items for crafting materials can also reduce your storage. To do this, go to your Inventory and highlight the item that you wish to dismantle. Then, hold the required button and this will break down the item into crafting materials.

Equip Mods

Cyberpunk 2077 - Clothing Mods.jpg

Some clothes have mods with them that increases your carrying capacity, as well as cyberware implants that you can purchase from a Ripperdoc. You can also unlock perks that gives you more free space to carry items such as the Pack Mule.

How to Increase Carrying Capacity

Which Weapons to Keep?

You may find yourself carrying too much weapons sometimes, and once you reach V's storage limit, it may be overwhelming to choose which ones to keep.

By Damage Type

It's important to keep weapons of each damage type so you can switch between them when you are faced with enemies weak to a certain element.

Below are damage types available in some weapons:

Damage Type Description
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 05.pngPhysical These are your basic equips such as regular guns and melee weapons. This is the most common type of damage early on.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 06.pngThermal This type of damage are characterized most likely by explosives and fire-imbued weapons.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 07.pngChemical This type of damage features corrosive substances that tend to deal damage over time.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 08.pngElectrical This damage type features paralyzing weapons that suppress the enemy's movement and abilities.

By Range

It's also good to keep a balance of short-range, medium-range, and long-range weapons for certain situations. Below are some examples of ranged weapons:


Name Class Reason
DB-4 Igla.pngDB-4 Igla Shotgun ・High damage and knockback.
・Reduces weapon draw time by half.
・Increases damage by 20%.
Carnage.pngCarnage Shotgun ・Legendary version can be found in shops.
・High damage with several mod slots.


Name Class Reason
Kongou Pistol ・Reduced recoil.
・Increased rate of fire.
・Can use ability Richochet without cyberware.
D5 Copperhead.PNGD5 Copperhead Assault Rifle ・High DPS
・Scope/Muzzle Slots
M221 Saratoga.pngM221 Saratoga SMG ・Reduces weapon sway by 50%.


Name Class Reason
Nekomata Skin 1.pngNekomata Sniper Rifle ・Shoots through walls.
・Can be charged 50% quicker for a strong attack.
Cyberpunk 2077 Overwatch.pngOverwatch Sniper Rifle ・Built-in silencer allows for stealth.
・Good damage and can be crafted up to Legendary once obtained.
・High Crit Chance

Iconic Weapons

When you find an Iconic Weapon, it's best to keep it. You can use its Crafting Spec to upgrade the weapon and achieve its full potential. Iconic Weapons have unique perks that can only be found in specific places or during certain quests.

List of Iconic Weapons

Which Clothing to Keep?

For clothing, it's okay to hold a lot of it, since clothes are very lightweight. The basic principle is just keep the ones that can give you better protection. If you have an eye for fashion in the game, you can also collect aesthetically pleasing clothes or iconic ones such as Johnny Silverhand's getup.

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