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List of Stats and Stat Explanations

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - List of All Stats

Stats in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty determine how well your character's build performs in combat. Check out our guide to learn about all the stats that affect your gameplay and find out about all the stat changes made after Update 2.0 dropped!

All Character Stats in Cyberpunk 2077

Health and Stamina

After Update 2.0's revamp of stats, both Health and Stamina have been slightly tweaked. Health now regens outside of combat, saving you from having to use food or healing items to top off any missing HP.

Stamina, on the other hand, underwent a much larger change. Now, actions like shooting, swinging melee weapons, and dodging consume stamina, while running and jumping no longer consume stamina.

Stats Description
Health Determines how much HP V has. Health Bar can be found at the top left of the HUD when in first person.
Health Regen Bonus Bonus to your base HP regen outside of combat.
Stamina Used when shooting, dashing, or swinging melee weapons. Can be found underneath your Health bar.
Stamina Regen Rate Determines how fast your stamina regenerates during combat.

Armor and Mitigation

Update 2.0 removed Armor from Clothing altogether. Now, your primary source for armor will be Cyberware Implants for your Integumentary System or Skeleton.

In addition to the armor changes, the overhauled Perk System now features more Perks that cater to enhancing your Mitigation stat (damage reduction). These make in-your-face builds with a focus on cyberware melee arms much more viable than before.

Stats Description
Armor Increases your resistance against all types of damage except DoTs.
Mitigation Strength Incoming damage reduction.
Explosion Damage Resistance Resistance to damage from explosives like grenades and evironmental hazards.
Melee Damage Resistance Resistance to damage from all types of melee attacks except DoTs.

Damage Per Second

Damage per second is mostly determined by your equipped Weapon, Perks, Attributes, and Cyberware. Any offensive stats from any of the listed sources will factor into your DPS stat.

In Update 2.0, it is much easier to view your DPS after the patch overhauled all weapon stats in the game. Now, everything is measured in Tiers. The higher the Tier, the more powerful the weapon.

Misc Stats

Miscellaneous stats include your Oxygen, Carrying Capacity, Movement Speed, Visibility to Enemies, RAM, and RAM Recovery Rate in Combat. Most of these will be influenced by your current Perks, Attributes, and Cyberware.


Attributes determine how your character's build will progress throughout the game. In Update 2.0, the amount of points invested will determine the Perk tiers you unlock for each Attribute's related Perk Tree.

To unlock Rookie tier perks, players will need to invest at least 4 Attribute Points into a single Attribute. Pro perks unlock at 9 points, Phenom unlocks at 15, and Legend perks unlock at 20 points.

Attributes Effects and Stats
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - ReflexesReflexes +0.5% Crit Chance per Attribute Point.
Reflexes determine your maneuverability and ability to evade enemy attacks. Progressing the Attribute improves your proficiency with Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns and Blades, and enables you to use advanced movements. It also enables you to make quick, observant remarks in dialogues.
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - BodyBody +2 Max Health per Attribute Point.
Body determines your raw physical power and fortitude. Progressing it improves your proficiency with Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Blunt Weapons. It also enables you to open some doors by force, rip off turrets, and use intimidating or solo-trained dialogue choices.
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Technical AbilityTechnical Ability +2 Armor per Attribute Point.
Technical Ability determines your techie know-how. Progressing it improves your proficiency with Explosives and Tech Weapons and allows you to be compatible with high-end cyberware. It also allows you to bypass some locks, override devices and exhibit tech-savvy knowledge in dialogues.
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - IntelligenceIntelligence +1 Max RAM per 4 Attribute Points.
Intelligence determines your netrunning abilities. Progressing it improves your proficiency with Smart Weapons and allows you to unleash your full potential as a netrunner. It also enables you to access local subnets and show off your knowledge of the Net in dialogues.
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - CoolCool +1.25% Crit Damage per Attribute Point.
Cool determines your assassination skills and stealth abilities. Progressing it improves your proficiency with Precision Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Handguns and Throwable Weapons. It also enables you to use advanced, stealthy Perk abilities and subtle or street-smart dialogue choices.

Attributes and Explanation of Each Attribute

Damage Reduction and Resistance Changes

Clearer Damage Sources in Update 2.0

Unlike the element fiesta that was pre-update 2.0, the new patch brings in a much cleaner system for determining damage reduction and resistances to both the player and their enemies.

Now, most Perks and Cyberware will focus on overall damage reduction, melee damage resistance, and explosion damage resistance, allowing for much cleaner engagements during combat since the factors that determine damage are more clear-cut.

Weapon Damage and Stats are Consistent

In addition to reworked character stats, weapon stats have also undergone a huge overhaul. Elemental damage bonuses are a thing of the past. Now, all weapons will share the same stat types (tack Speed, Damage, Reload Speed, Effective Range, and Weapon Handling), making weapon selection for builds much easier since stats are now immediately comparable.

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