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This is a guide on the stats in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out what are the stats in the game and how it affects the way you play.

Player Stats

Like with any other RPG, Cyberpunk has stats that determines the ability of V to inflict or resist damage and do actions.

List Of Stats

Here are the known stats in the game:

Stat Description
Armor This is the total defensive strength of your character. This is mostly affected by what kind of armor your character has equipped.
Health This is the amount of damage V can take before being defeated in battle. The higher the value, the longer V can last.
Stamina This determines how much actions your character can take before resting to recover.


Attributes are a base stat system for your character, which affect their main stats. Attributes are also tied to Perks, the game's primary skill system.
List of Perks (Skills) & Attributes

Damage Types and Resistances

Another stat in the game are resistances towards a specific damage type and resistance to that particular damage. Knowing how to work around these are crucial in beating the specialized opponents in the game.

Here are the known damage types and resistances:

Damage/Resistance Type Description
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 05.pngPhysical These are your basic equips such as regular guns and melee weapons. This is the most common type of damage early on. Regular armor helps with these kind of damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 06.pngThermal This type of damage are characterized by explosives and fire-imbued weapons. Specialized armor is needed to raise your resistance to this damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 07.pngChemical This type of damage will feature corrosive substances that tend to deal damage over time. Like Thermal, specialized armor is needed to resist this type of damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 08.pngElectrical This damage type will feature paralyzing weapons that suppress your movement and abilities. Like Thermal and Chemical, specialized armor is needed to resist this type of damage.

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