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Street Kid Lifepath (Class)

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This is a guide in the Street Kid Lifepath (Class) in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Here you can learn the Street Kid backstory, its strengths and weaknesses, starting mission, and whether you should choose it.

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Street Kid Lifepath Street Kid Starting Mission

Street Kid Lifepath Basic Information

Street Kid Backstory

Street Kid Backstory
In the Street Kid Lifepath, your character grew up in the streets of Heywood but left it in order to find a better life for themselves. Back in Night City, you'll have to find a way to make a living and maybe even make a name for yourself.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Street Kid that grew up in Night City, you have connections and roots in the underworld. You know how things work on the ground, how people operate, what drugs are on the streets, and other street-level knowledge. What you don't know is how the higher-level corporate side does things.

You also know people and people know you, even if you were away for awhile you still have a place to call home. But this also means you have debts and past loyalties you will have to deal with.

Street Kid Lifepath Story Effects

Street Kid Starting Mission

In the Street Kid's start, you are back in Night City, spending a night in your favorite bar. The bartender has a debt with the new fixer in town, he asks you to settle it for him in exchange for forgiving your tab. You talk to the fixer and end up making a deal, you steal a car for him and the bartender's debt is gone. Seems like an easy job.

Street Kid Starting Mission

Street Kid Lifepath Choices

Street Kid Choices.png
There is not much information out on the Street Kid Lifepath's story, but we can speculate how the Street Kid will have choices based on his origins in the underworld of Night City. Choosing to stay loyal to those in the past, or find new loyalties elsewhere. Do you keep your Street Kid roots or forsake it and find a different way?

Should You Choose the Street Kid Lifepath?

Best Choice for Side-Questing

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With the Street Kid's past experience and dealings with the "lower" side of Night City, you will have some contacts and acquaintances that can help you unlock more side-quests, from stealing hard to get valuables to getting paid to shoot people. For people who love the down and dirty aspect of Night City, this is the best Lifepath for you.

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