Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Stealth Overhaul: All Known Changes

Stealth has been overhauled in Update 2.0 giving players more stealth options and builds to choose from in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn about all the changes to Stealth mechanics, including new AI behavior, quickhack traceability, and the new stealth cyberware added to the game.

Stealth Overhaul: All Known Changes

All Changes to Stealth in 2.0

New Perks For Stealth Builds

As part of the 2.0 update, new perks have been added that can help players incorporate stealth into their gameplay. Players can choose perks from the Cool tree as this attribute houses a number of perks that help players remain hidden when fighting enemies.

Perks such as Ninjutsu lets players sprint while crouched at the cost of Stamina, while Vanishing Act automatically activates Optical Camo while crouch-sprinting or sliding.

Cool Attribute and Perk Tree

Improved Enemy Investigation Behavior

The AI in Patch 2.0 has been updated to improve its reactivity to player actions. Now, enemies are more likely to investigate areas where you might have attacked from or where they last spotted you, all without turning openly hostile at the drop of a hat.

In the new update, AI detection has been properly tweaked. Enemies now notice you much more quickly if you're walking or sprinting in a hostile area, and they will now investigate the source of a gunshot if they see bullet impacts without hearing your weapon go off.

No More Mass Detection During Stealth Sequences

In previous versions of Cyberpunk 2077, blowing your cover resulted in open combat with no chance to return to stealth. With the new update, killing the enemy who detected you quickly and silently will allow you to still remain in stealth.

Breaking Line-of-Sight Now Properly Returns You to Stealth

Previously, the only way to leave open combat against multiple enemies was to run far enough away so that they lost their aggro. In the new update, breaking line-of-sight and remaining hidden is now a viable strategy for defusing combat encounters.

Quickhacks Now Indicate if They are Traceable

Netrunning got a massive upgrade in the 2.0 Update. Now, quickhacks will have a new Traceability indicator. Untraceable quickhacks like Ping allow you to use them without being detected. Traceable quickhacks like Contagion will now trigger a Revealing Position sequence regardless of whether you were hidden or not.

List of Quickhacks and Daemons

Location Reveal is Slower But More Consistent

The location reveal mechanic after Update 2.0 is noticeably slower than before. This was done to accommodate the Traceability addition to quickhack functionality. Now, the more quickhacks you use, the faster your reveal timer will go up. Netrunner builds that aren't CCTV simulators will be better than pure quickhack builds in the new update.

Best Netrunner Build (Quickhack Build)

New Stealth Cyberware for Assassin Builds

All new stealth cyberware has been added to the game like the Optical Camo, allowing players to reduce their visibility and break line-of-sight during combat or stealth sequences. Naturally, this enables better Assassin builds than what the old cyberware and Cool perk tree could offer.

Best Assassin Build (Stealth Build)

Updated Weapon Mods for Immersive Stealth Combat

After Update 2.0, Revolvers will no longer be able to attach suppressors during weapon modification. This means that you will now need to actually balance stealth damage and pure damage for your builds.

In the new meta, players will no longer be able to obtain the most powerful revolver they can get, slap a suppressor on it, then call it a day. See you, stealth cowboy.

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