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This is a guide on Lifepaths and the best Lifepath to choose in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out what Lifepaths are, how they affect gameplay, and which Lifepath is best for each type of player.

What is a Lifepath (Class)?

Best Lifepath to choose.png

In Cyberpunk 2077, the player has a choice between three Lifepaths – the Street Kid, Nomad, and Corpo.

These lifepaths will determine where your character came from and their background. Your Lifepath will impact the first mission of the game, and affects aspects of gameplay like the dialogue options available to your character. It will also have some influence on the later parts of the game like the people you know, and your knowledge on certain things.

Video Explanation of Lifepaths

All Lifepaths

Lifepath Background
Street Kid Lifepath Icon.pngStreet Kid Born and raised in the streets of Night City, you know the ins and outs of the streets, especially how to survive it.
Nomad Lifepath Icon.pngNomad You were a member of a nomadic tribe, traveling through the Badlands desert as a family. You left that family and decided to head to Night City.
Corpo Lifepath icon.pngCorpo You climbed up the corporate ladder of the Arasaka corporation to get to where you are. Experienced in the cutthroat business world, you will stop at nothing to get to the top.

Street Kid

The Street Kid Lifepath starts the player off as a resident from the underbelly of Night City. Choosing this Lifepath will provide some advantages such as connections to certain characters in lower-class districts.

Street Kid Lifepath


The Nomad Lifepath starts the player off as an outsider, from the Badlands surrounding Night City. Choosing this Lifepath will allow players to come into Night City with a fresh start, and for parts of the game taking place in the Badlands, Nomads will have additional familiarity.

Nomad Lifepath


The Corpo Lifepath starts the player off as a corporate suit working for Arasaka, a megacorporation in Night City. Choosing this Lifepath will grant the player connections to the high-society end of Night City, though they will have less familiarity with the other parts of the city.

Corpo Lifepath

Best Lifepath to Choose

Which Lifepath Will You Choose?

Street Kid 355
Nomad 366
Corpo 456

Choose Based on Your Preference

Unlike Classes found in other roleplaying games, Lifepaths have no effect on aspects like the player's stats or abilities. None of the Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 will give an obvious or straightforward advantage from the rest, and primarily affect the narrative aspect of the game.

For this reason, it's best to choose Lifepaths based on your preference of which Lifepath provides the roleplaying experience you're looking for.

That said, because Lifepaths do vary in how they are able to handle different types of situations, players may find certain parts of the game easier or harder depending on their Lifepath.

Best Lifepath for First-Time Players


Nomad Lifepath.png
Similar to plotlines from more traditional RPGs, the Nomad path features a main character who starts out in an isolated village with strong family values, and sets out on an adventure to the larger world.

For first-time players of the game, this Lifepath is a safe choice because it allows you to learn about the world together with your character. Since the protagonist will still be learning about the ins and outs of Night City throughout the game, the Nomad Lifepath will provide time for the player to get caught up as well.

Best Lifepath for Side Questing

Street Kid

Street Kid Lifepath.png
The streets of Night City is your home. With connections to Fixers and other characters in the slums of Night City, the player will have plenty of options to make their mark here, whether it's having shootouts with gangs or selling contraband on the sly.

For those who enjoy playing on the streets, and enjoying the open-world aspects of exploring Night City, the Street Kid Lifepath is best for you. If you're in this to play Grand Theft Auto 2077 and skip out on the main story, look no further.

Best Lifepath for Bad Karma Players


Corpo Screenshot.png
Although Night City is overrun with gangs and violence, the Corpos are the most ruthless of all the forces vying for power. Though your choices are open-ended, Corpos can be seen to be the true villains of the game.

For this reason, players who enjoy playing as the bad guy should choose the Corpo Lifepath. Being Corpo doesn't mean doing what is best for the company, being Corpo means doing what is best for you. Bribe, blackmail, assassinate; do whatever you need to do to get what you want.

How Lifepaths Affect Gameplay

Determines Your Backstory and Beginning

welcome to paradise.png
Unlike in other RPGs, instead of starting with a character that has a blank slate, you can choose your character's background origins through Cyberpunk 2077's Lifepath system. This will determine the background origins of your character, where they're from, who they know, and their knowledge of certain things.

Unique First Chapter of the Game

V and fixer.png
The beginning chapter of the game will depend on the Lifepath you have chosen for yourself. Starting in a completely different location, speaking to different people, and having different objectives, each Lifepath will give you an entirely different experience. Your Lifepath will change how you are introduced to the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Different Dialogue and Story Options

V Outnumbered.png
Not only will your Lifepath affect the start of your game, but it will also affect the opportunities you can find all around Night City. Your background can change how certain interactions play out and give you different dialogue options not available to the other Lifepaths. Your past can have an impact on your future.

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