Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

All Apartment Locations and Features

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - All Apartment Locations

New purchaseable apartments have been added to Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on learn about the locations of all apartments you can purchase in Night City and their prices after Update 2.0, the free DLC apartment, and what you can do inside each one.

All Night City Apartment Locations

All Night City Apartments
Kress Street (DLC Only) Northside
Japan Town The Glen
Corpo Plaza Megabuilding H10
Path of Glory Penthouse

Kress Street Apartment

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Kress Street Apartment

The Kress Street Apartment is a free apartment that you can get during the Phantom Liberty DLC. Finish the Lucretia My Reflection quest to get your first and only apartment inside the Dogtown subdistrict.

The Kress Street Apartment has the basics (Bed, Shower, Mirror, Radio, Stash, and Wardrobe) as well as a few extras like the Dance Floor, Meditation, and the option to relax and catch a smoke with Johnny.

Rewards You with President Myers' Iconic Weapon

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Hawk in the Kress Street Apartment

Since this apartment features prominently in the Lucretia My Reflection quest, you will also be rewarded with President Myers' iconic weapon, Hawk, after the quest. The rifle will be inside the apartment.

Hawk Iconic Weapon Stats and Effects

Northside Apartment

The Northside Apartment can be found in Watson and, as of Update 2.0, will require you to pay 10,000 €$ in order to own it. Notably, this is one of the two apartments that doesn't require you to ride an elevator to reach a Fast Travel Dataterm.

The Northside Apartment has the basics down (Bed, Shower, Mirror, Radio, Stash, and Wardrobe) but, at its core, it's very sparse. The only unique addition to this apartment is the Roach Race arcade game and the Iconic Weapon Display Racks near the Stash.

Japan Town Apartment

The Japan Town Apartment can be found in Westbrook and, as of Update 2.0, will require you to pay 30,000 €$ in order to own it. Of all the apartments, this one offers the best value for its price given how many interactable objects it has.

This apartment has quite a few more extras than its Northside counterpart. Aside from the basics, V will be able to Smoke, Drink Alcohol, Play the Guitar, Light Incense, Use a Record Player, play the Roach Race arcade game, and use Iconic Weapon Display Racks.

The Glen Apartment

The Glen Apartment can be found in Heywood and, as of Update 2.0, will require you to pay 80,000 €$ in order to gain ownership. Of all the apartments in the base game, The Glen apartment probably boasts the most impressive floor and design plan despite its price.

Offering a panoramic view of Night City and a multi-level layout, V will be able to Play Billiards, Drink Coffee (Stamina Regen Boost), Use a Vinyl Record Player, play Roach Race, and use Iconic Weapon Display Racks while inside the apartment.

Corpo Plaza Apartment

The Corpo Plaza Apartment can be found at the City Center of Night City and, as of Update 2.0, you will need to pay 110,000 €$ to own it. Of all the apartments, this one boasts one of the biggest floor plans (second only to The Glen apartment).

Aside from the bascis, V will be able to Drink Coffee (Stamina Regen Boost), Drink Tea or Alcohol, Smoke, Use a Vinyl Record Player, and use Iconic Weapon Display Racks while inside the apartment.

V's Apartment

V's Apartment inside Megabuilding H10 will be your default apartment at the start of the game. It will have a personal computer, a shower, mirror, radio, TV, bed, stash, memorabilia display, and Iconic Weapon display racks.

One unique feature of V's Apartment is its Burrito Vending Machine. At the low cost of 11 €$, you can get either a Burrito XXL, Burrito XXL Rosado, or Burrito XXL Turquesa.

Quest or event related rewards will also be sent to this apartment and not to the others. This includes the Militech care package from Meredith Stout and the extra shirts Vik promises to send to you over text.

Can be Re-Skinned to Provide a Different Look

Unlike the other apartments, V's personal apartment will have the option to be re-skinned via the EZEstates Makeovers webpage. Additionally, this website can only be accessed from the apartment's computer.

▼ Jump to Makeover Skins ▼

Path of Glory Penthouse

V's Penthouse can only be accessed during the Path of Glory epilogue sequence of Cyberpunk 2077. Your time here will be brief as it is part of the story rather than something you can live in like the other apartments.

Path of Glory Quest Walkthrough

All Makeovers for V's Apartment

Aside from purchasing new apartments, V's default apartment can be re-skinned by vising the EZEstates Website and going to its Makeovers section. Each makeover will cost 10,000 €$ (this includes returning to the original theme which is Sowbread Tiger).

Note: The EZEstates Website can only accessed from V's personal computer in the default apartment. Computers in other purchased apartments will not have access to this website.

All Makeover Skins for V's Apartment

Coronado Twilight

Lunar Tranquility

California Max

Neon Sands

Flamingo City

Sowbread Tiger*

Sowbread Tiger is the default skin of V's Apartment.

Night City Apartment Updates

Pricing Adjusted in Update 2.0

Due to the economy changes introduced by Update 2.0, all apartments have doubled in price. However, despite the price increase, they are now easier to get given that eddies are much easier to acquire in the newest version of the game compared to Patch 1.6.

Apartment Location Price
Northside, Watson 10,000 €$
Japan Town, Westbrook 30,000 €$
The Glen, Heywood 80,000 €$
Corpo Plaza, City Centre 110,000 €$

Apartment Location Price
Northside, Watson 5,000 €$
Japan Town, Westbrook 15,000 €$
The Glen, Heywood 40,000 €$
Corpo Plaza, City Centre 55,000 €$

Apartment Prices are Bugged as of Patch 2.01

As of Patch 2.01, apartment prices are still bugged. While their updated prices may show up on the map and on the buying interface, you will still be charged the old apartment price as shown by the deducted eddies on purchase.

Added in Patch 1.5

Cyberpunk 2077 City Center Apartment

Four new apartments were added to Night City after Cyberpunk 2077's 1.5 patch. These apartments all share the same stash as your Megabuilding H10 apartment, and also have mirrors that allow you to customize your appearance.

Are Apartments Cosmetic Only?

Romantic Hangouts Added in Update 2.1

Cyberpunk - Talking to Panam in Romantic Hangout

Update 2.1, which was released on December 5th, 2023, added a feature that allows you to invite a romantic partner to any of your apartments. Only characters with a completed romance path can be invited in a Romantic Hangout.

Check your phone for a special message and pick a place where they can drop by!

Romantic Hangouts Guide and How to Unlock

Apartments Give Status Effects

Aside from giving players options for their V's place of residence, apartments also contain unique interactions that give you temporary buffs. These reward you for interacting with the apartment when between gigs, side jobs, and main missions.

Apartment Interaction Status Given Status Effect
Take Shower 'Refreshed' status for one hour. Allows you to regenerate Health during combat.
Go to sleep Regenerates health, applies 'Rested' status for one hour. Gain +20% Skill XP.
Brew coffee 'Energized' status for one hour. +25% Max Stamina, +30% Stamina Regen.

How to Unlock Apartments

Complete the Playing for Time Quest

Cyberpunk 2077 Playing for Time

To unlock the option of buying new apartments, you'll have to complete the Playing for Time Quest. After meeting with Takemura and leaving Tom's Dinger, the option to rent apartments will start showing up on your map and in your computer via the EZEstates Website.

Playing For Time Quest Walkthrough

Complete Lucretia My Reflection

To get the free Dogtown apartment, players will need to purchase the Phantom Liberty DLC and finish the main story quest, Lucretia My Reflection. Once done, the apartment will officially belong to V.

Lucretia My Reflection Quest Walkthrough

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