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Tech Weapons
This is a list of Tech weapons in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn about Tech weapons, and what Tech weapons are found in the game.

What are Tech Weapons?

Penetrating Railgun Technology

Tech Weapon Firing.png
Tech weapons are devastating high-tech weapons. Instead of using gunpowder and lead, they use electromagnetism to fire metal projectiles at high velocities. The velocity is fast enough to pierce through concrete like it was cardboard and into the target behind it.

In-Game Description

Tech Icon Tech Can be charged to release a powerful shot.

List of Tech Weapons

Weapon Class Damage
Breakthrough ImageBreakthrough Sniper Rifle 618-756
Nekomata ImageNekomata Sniper Rifle 619-756
Senkoh LX ImageSenkoh LX SMG 101-124
ComradeComrade's Hammer Revolver 3827-4677
RT-46 Burya ImageRT-46 Burya Revolver 734-897
DR12 Quasar ImageDR12 Quasar Revolver 163-199
Widow Maker ImageWidow Maker Precision Rifle 62-76
M-179E Achilles ImageM-179E Achilles Precision Rifle 55-68
M-76E Omaha ImageM-76E Omaha Pistol 42-52
Apparition ImageApparition Pistol 153-187
Lizzie ImageLizzie Pistol 53-64
Chaos ImageChaos Pistol 146-178
JKE-X2 Kenshin ImageJKE-X2 Kenshin Pistol 153-187
DB-2 Satara ImageDB-2 Satara Double-Barrel Shotgun 52-64x14

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Weapon Types

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Weapon Tiers

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