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How to Get the King of Swords Ending

The King of Swords ending is one of the 4 different endings available for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn what choices to make to get this ending, the ending explanation, and the rewards you get for completing it.

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How to Get the King of Swords Ending

Side With Songbird During Firestarter

Cyberpunk - Firestarter choice event - Songbird or Reed

In order to get the King of Swords ending, make sure to side with Songbird in Firestarter. During the sequence where Songbird is extracting the Neural Matrix, choose the option to Help Songbird escape.

After Songbird turns the stadium's security system against Hansen, escort her out by fighting the waves of Barghest soldiers left standing. Once Songbird escapes successfully, you will trigger The Killing Moon quest.

Firestarter Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Surrender Songbird to Reed During the Killing Moon

During the Killing Moon, V will have to escort Songbird through the NCX Spaceport. After fighting off the NUSA soldiers sent after you, V and Songbird will eventually ride a tram that takes them to the launch platform of Songbird's rocket to the moon.

In order to get the King of Swords ending, make sure to choose the option to Call Reed once the tram ride ends (and after Songbird reveals only one of you can be cured). When Reed meets you on the launch platform, lay Songbird down and surrender her to the FIA.

The Killing Moon Walkthrough and Rewards

King of Swords Ending Explained

Burned One Too Many Times

Damn sorry, Song, I am. But you dicked me first. - V

In this ending, V ultimately decides that their life is their priority. Once Songbird admits to double-crossing V by telling you that the Neural Matrix is a one-use-only type of cure, the Night City merc finally decides that they've been burned one too many times.

If you managed to play through the King of Pentacles ending, you will know that Songbird was a reluctant member of the FIA and that Reed was no saint either. In this ending, V effectively sells Songbird's freedom in exchange for their own.

To people wondering, Reed admits in the King of Pentacles that Songbird was cured without having to use the Neural Matrix. However, he's pretty cagey about what alternate methods were used to revive her. It seems like the FIA aren't done cashing in on what's left of the Blackwall netrunner.


Songbird is Once Again a Captive of the FIA

Songbird is returned to the FIA and will remain their captive. In both the Get It Together and the Killing Moon missions, Reed and Myers will confirm the questionable Blackwall project the NUSA had Songbird do. You just handed her back to that same project, served on a chrome platter.

Miss Out on the Conversation With Reed in Dogtown

Players who sell out Songbird during the Killing Moon will miss out on a conversation between Reed and V during the Four Score and Seven quest. Instead of this quest, King of Swords ending players will get the Through Pain to Heaven quest immediately after the Killing Moon.

King of Swords Ending Rewards

Get the King of Swords Trophy

Getting this ending will reward players with one of Phantom Liberty's ending trophies called King of Swords. You will get this once you speak to Johnny Silverhand about what transpired immediately after the Killing Moon.

Alternate Ending for Cyberpunk 2077

By getting the King of Swords ending, you will gain access to the new alternate ending for Cyberpunk 2077 called the Tower ending. In this ending, V is cured of the Relic but it has its drawbacks as they soon find out after waking up from the operation.

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