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This is a guide in the Corpo Lifepath (Class) in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Here you can learn the Corpo backstory, its strengths and weaknesses, starting mission, and whether you should choose it.

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Corpo Lifepath Corpo Starting Mission

Corpo Lifepath Basic Information

Corpo Backstory

Corpo Backstory.png

In the Corpo Lifepath, your character works as counter-intel in the Arasaka Corporation, doing jobs that required to spill a bit of blood – someone else's, of course. The Corpo got where they are by any means, and will continue to climb to the top. It's hard to call it home, but it is where you feel you belong.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Corpo Task.png

As a Corpo that climbed the corporate ladder, you know how to do business. You know how the executives operate, how deals go down, and how they use their power. You may have connections in the high society of Night City, but on the streets, you are inexperienced.

Corpo Lifepath Story Effects

Corpo Starting Mission

Copro Mission Jackie.png

Working counter-intel in the Arasaka Corporation means getting your hands dirty. And that is the type of job your boss has given you, he wants you to deal with one of his competition that has been taking his promotions. You head to a bar to meet with Jackie, an old friend, for some help on the job. It doesn't seem like it's going to be just another day's work.

Corpo Starting Mission

Corpo Lifepath Choices

Corpo Choices.png

There is not much information on the Corpo Lifepath's story, but we can speculate it will be about the Corpo's position as an employee of Arasaka Corporation. You may be faced with choices that will lead you back into the corporate ladder or if you will break away from that life, and find a new path instead.

Should You Choose the Corpo Lifepath?

Best Choice for Bad-Karma Players


Even if Night City's streets are filled with violence, high society is no better, maybe even worse. It isn't about survival, it's about being at the top. This makes corpos heartless monsters, willing to do anything if it means a promotion. If you like being a "bad guy", and doing whatever it takes for your goals, not caring who you hurt, then the Corpo Lifepath is for you!

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