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Corpo Lifepath (Class)

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Corpo Lifepath
The Corpo Lifepath is one of the three lifepaths that you can choose to have in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn the backstory of the Corpo Lifepath, its unique quests and items, and if you should choose it as your lifepath.

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Corpo Lifepath Corpo Starting Mission

Corpo Lifepath Backstory

Counter-Intelligence Agent for Arasaka

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Corpo Backstory

In the Corpo Lifepath, V starts out as an agent under Arthur Jenkins - the head of Arasaka Counter-Intel in Night City. It can be deduced that you're higher up in the ranks within the Counter-Intelligence Division given Jenkins' trust in you to get the Abernathy job done.

As a corporate agent of Arasaka Counter-Intel, you know all the ins and outs when it comes to how corpos operate in Night City. Naturally, this includes both legal and illegal dealings since Arasaka's black ops division isn't known for shying away from necessary dirty work.

Corpo Lifepath Story Choices and Benefits

Allows You to Bypass the Security in Gimme Danger

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Nervous Guard in Gimme Danger

One of the most notable benefits of choosing the Corpo Lifepath is the choice to bypass security during the Gimme Danger main quest in Act 2, allowing you to waltz into the Arasaka warehouse without kicking up a fuss.

Instead of finding a sneaky way into the Arasaka facility, V can simply intimidate one of the guards to let them in, under the guise of performing an unscheduled inspection for Abernathy - Head of Arasaka's Special Operations in Night City.

Gimme Danger Quest Walkthrough

You Know How the Ruthless Corporations Work

By playing as a Corpo V, you will have a familiarity with corporate espionage. When faced with other corpo characters like Meredith Stout in The Pickup, you can stand toe-to-toe against her, easily seeing desperation underneath the intimidation.

You can also use these dirty corpo tricks yourself, manipulating or intimidating others to get what you want. While Corpo choices can make your character more antagonistic (like how you deal with the deck attendant in Konpeki Plaza), it does get the job done.

Friendship with Jackie is Established

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Meeting with Jackie

Unlike the other lifepaths, you are already friends with Jackie Welles at the start of the game if you chose the Corpo Lifepath. He will help you plan out your hit against Susan Abernathy before you get cut off from Arasaka at Lizzie's Bar.

Corpo Lifepath Unique Quests

The Corpo-Rat

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Jenkins

Upon starting the game having chosen the Corpo lifepath, you'll find yourself in the Arasaka Corporation building with your unique prologue starting quest being the Corpo-Rat.
The Corpo-Rat Quest Walkthrough

War Pigs

The second unique Corpo quest is War Pigs, a main quest that you can unlock after completing the Act 2 quest, Transmission.
War Pigs Quest Walkthrough

Exclusive Items for Corpo Lifepath

Corporate Attire

You'll start the game with V's formal corporate attire, composed of three clothing items: V's Office Blazer, V's Office Slacks, and V's Office Shoes.

Apparition Iconic Tech Pistol

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Apparition.png

The Apparition is an iconic tech pistol unique to the Corpo lifepath. You can get this gun during the War Pigs quest by defeating Frank and looting his body.
How to Get the Apparition

Should You Choose the Corpo Lifepath?

Choose if you Want Advantage in Business Settings

The Corpo lifepath will give you advantages in the missions that take place in corporate and business settings. You'll be able to see the deception and tricks employed by other corporate characters, and will be able to manipulate others using the tricks that you have learned while climbing the corporate ladder.

The opposite holds true though; in the streets and slums of Night City, your character will have less experience and won't have choices that give them an advantage, unlike the other more grounded lifepaths.

Choose if You're Willing to Fight Dirty

Choosing Corpo will give you dirtier and more soulless choices compared to the other lifepaths. Your V has a history of doing whatever it takes to get what they want and not caring about who they hurt, which carries over to the choices of someone playing through the Corpo lifepath.

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