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Learn how to farm XP and level up fast in Cyberpunk 2077! Check out our leveling guide to know how to level up fast through Jobs, and the max level you can reach!

How to Level Up Fast

Complete Jobs

Main Job XP.jpg

Just like every RPG, leveling up will require you to obtain XP to get to the next level and strengthen your character. Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 is where a big chunk of your XP to level up will come from.

Completing jobs, especially the main jobs will give the most amount of XP. One completed main job can give enough XP to get you one whole level. At the moment, it seems like completing the main jobs is the fastest way to obtain XP to level up.

All Main Quests (Main Jobs)

Police Jobs Are Abundant and Easy to Complete

Cyberpunk 2077 - Police Jobs

Completing Police Jobs is a great way to grind for XP if you don't plan on doing the main missions just yet. These jobs are scattered across the map with light blue icons of either a spiked club (Assault in Progress) or a skull (Suspected Organized Crime Activity). Assault in Progress jobs are relatively easy, as it often involves only a few threats, while Suspected Organized Crime Activities are more challenging because of the larger amount of enemies that you have to take on.

Police Jobs Guide

Complete Chain Missions

Some side missions and gigs have a set amount of missions/gigs before being completed. Some of them actually give out a lot of EXP (and eddies, too!) once you complete everything, making them an excellent way to farm. Others however are notoriously difficult so you may want to steer clear of them first.

Mission Chain Mission Count
Psycho Killer 17 Missions
These are relatively easy missions and can be done and finished as early as the beginning of Act 2.
Epistrophy 7 Missions
Failry easy as it only involves chasing cars around with the exception of Epistrophy: Pacifica
Beat On The Brat 5 Missions
One of the most difficult mission sets in the game, these give out a lot of EXP (and a fair amount of eddies too). Stay clear of this until you are close to maxing out your character's level.
Chippin' In 4 Missions
Only available in Act 3, these involve a lot of side quests from the former Samurai band members with some being a bit more difficult than most.

Increase Difficulty For More XP

Cyberpunk 2077 - Difficulty Settings

You can increase your game's difficulty to gain more XP. However, this will also amp up the challenge when in combat, so make sure your character is strong enough to handle more powerful enemies.

To do this, open Settings in the menu and go to the Gameplay tab. Then, change the Game Difficulty to Hard or Very Hard. Save your changes and the game will load you to your last checkpoint. Note that you get the same amount of XP in Hard and Very Hard mode so it's recommended to just go with the former.

XP Comparison Between Each Difficulty

To get a better sense of how much difference in reward you'll get, we completed a Police Job four times under a different difficulty setting in each attempt. Below are the results of completing the same Police Job with each difficulty:

Difficulty XP Gained
Easy 36
Normal 40
Hard 48
Very Hard 48

Difficulty Settings and
How to Change Difficulty

What is the Level Cap?

Level Cap is 50

Cyberpunk 2077 - Level 50 is Max Level or Level Cap

We've confirmed that both player level and Street Cred cannot go above Level 50.

Since DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 has already been confirmed, the level cap will likely be raised to a higher number in the future to match the expanding content, as was the case for The Witcher 3.

Level Up Rewards

Attribute Points to Spend

Attribute Points

Your attributes that determine your stats can only be increased by spending Attribute Points that you can gain from leveling up. Every level will give you one Attribute Point to spend on any of the attributes you want.

Attributes and Explanation of Each Attribute

Perk Points for Better Abilities

Cyberpunk 2077 Athletics Perk Tree

The more you level up, the more Perk Points you get. Perk Points are spent on Perks in the Skill Tree under a specific Attribute.

For example, Athletics is a Skill Tree under the Body Attribute. Here, you can use your Perk Points to buy abilities like Regeneration, which regenerates your health during combat, or Marathoner which allows you to sprint without consuming stamina.

The more Perks you have, the better your character is at resisting damage, healing, or using a particular weapon.

List of Perks and Skill Tree Guide

Leveling System Explained

Every Time You Do an Action, Your Skill Increases

Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Skill Level Up

In Cyberpunk 2077, you gain two types of Experience Points: Level XP, and XP for all the different Skill Trees under your character's Attributes.

If you go complete missions and side gigs, you gain Level XP. If you do certain actions repeatedly, like crafting or shooting with a specific type of weapon, you gain XP that goes to a specific Skill Tree like Crafting, Handguns, or Blades.

Level XP allows you to level up and add Attribute Points, while Perk XP levels up a specific Skill Tree and grants you bonuses like increased accuracy while firing a rifle, or another Perk Point for you to spend.

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