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Where Is My Mind? Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

This is a walkthrough for Where Is My Mind?, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Where Is My Mind?, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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Where Is My Mind? Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 3
Quest No. 4
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Where Is My Mind?

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete the Totalimmortal Quest

Where Is My Mind? Rewards

Quest Rewards No Rewards available for this quest

Where Is My Mind? Walkthrough

Where Is My Mind? Quest Objectives

Arasaka Orbital Station

Objective Icon.pngTalk to Johnny.
When you come to, you will be in the Net. Go along the path and up the stairs to Johnny and speak with him. Sit down next to him to continue the conversation until he leaves.
Objective Icon.pngFollow the guard.
Get up after speaking with the doctor and go with the guard. Enter the room and go to sleep on the bed.
Objective Icon.pngInvestigate the noise.
Leave the room and look for where Johnny's voice is coming from. You will wake again for some tests with the doctor.
Objective Icon.pngLeave the room.
After the tests, leave the room when you wake up. Go to the end of the hall and interact with the person in the chair. Do more tests.
Objective Icon.pngGo to sleep.
You will be given the option to phone your friends from home. Call who you'd like then go back to bed. Keep doing tests. You can vent your frustrations if you'd like then sleep again.
Objective Icon.pngTalk to Anders Hellman.
When you wake up you will talk to Hellman. Choose your fate then watch the ending play out.
Objective Icon.pngSign the Contract
Signing the contract will guarantee V lives in one way or another but also means he literally sells his soul to Arasaka.
Possible Outcomes
Objective Icon.pngDo not Sign the Contract
V will go back home to earth.
Possible Outcomes

Where is My Mind? Choices and Best Choice

Should You Sign the Contract

Sign the Contract V's body will die but his mind will be kept by Arasaka and maybe put into a body for him to use in the future.
Do not Sign the Contract V will go back home to earth, where he will spend his remaining days left alive.

Best Choice

The choices do not affect anything gameplaywise. It will only affect what cutscene you get right before the credits roll. Arguably, it can be considered that signing the contract is a bad ending, as it means surviving even if it means turning into data and becoming Arasaka's property.

While the better ending of not taking the deal and having V come home to his friends before he dies is happier.

This is just one of the endings you can get in Cyberpunk 2077. There are other endings with different outcomes for V. For a full guide on the other endings, check out the page below.

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2 Anonymousabout 3 years

They can both appear, based on if you found Takemura while escaping the building you escaped from earlier

1 Anonymousabout 3 years

It says the last objective is, to talk to Hellmann and decide your fate, but for me Takemura came instead Idk if it depends on your choices in the game and both could show up, or if it's just a typo in the guide


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