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Hacking and Breach Protocol Guide

How to Hack Guide
This is a guide on hacking in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn how to hack, the requirements to hack, and tips and tricks to be a pro hacker!

Major Changes to Hacking in Patch 2.0

Breach Protocol Has Been Reworked

Breach Protocol has been reworked in the latest version of Cyberpunk 2077. As of Update 2.0, Breach Protocol will no longer work on enemies. Any perks related to Breach Protocol from previous versions of the game have also been removed completely.

Now, Breach Protocol is only used when hacking terminals and computers for resources, solving encrypted shards, and opening Airdrops.

Quickhacks are Now Traceable

Due to the Netrunning Update, most Quickhacks are now traceable when used. This means that whenever you use a quickhack to start a battle, a Trace Progress bar will appear on screen.

When the Trace Progress bar fills up, you will be detected by enemies scanning for your presence. There are a few ways to stop the Trace Progress bar, with the most common being killing all enemies in the area.

How to Hack

Requires a Cyberdeck

Cyberdeck for hacking.jpg

This is a netrunner's tool of the trade. Any hacker will need a cyberdeck to pull off even the simplest of hacks. Each Cyberdeck will have an amount of RAM, a set of pre-installed hacks, and slots for equipped hacks.

List of Quickhacks (Daemons)

Hacks Costs RAM

RAM Cost.jpg
If you compared Cyberpunk 2077 to a traditional RPG, then hacking is like spells, and RAM is mana. Most quickhacks will have a RAM cost, which will increase based on how powerful the hack is. You can increase RAM by buying better Cyberdecks and increasing your Intelligence. You can ever lower the cost with some Perks. Don't worry about running out of RAM, it regenerates outside of combat.

List of Intelligence Perks (Skills)

Scan to Select Target

Scan to Select
To hack something in the first place you will need to scan enemies or hackable objects. Once you have a target you will be shown your usable hacks, their cost, stats, and effects. Choose the hack you want to use and watch the magic happen!

Breach Protocol Guide

One of the Quickhacks available is Breach Protocol, which has a specific minigame associated with it. You will be shown a grid of numbers and letters and an input buffer with limited inputs. The goal is to activate a daemon by inputting the correct combination into your buffer. Be quick, as there is a timer that starts after selecting an input.

You will need to choose a cell from the top row. After selecting the input, the column that cell is located in will be highlighted and available for selection. You can only select an input from the highlighted row or column, so plan your route out carefully to avoid blocking your own completion route.

This will continue until you run out of inputs in the buffer, or you have successfully activated or failed to activate all of the available daemons.

Much of this is RNG based, but if your buffer size is higher then you can afford to input the wrong cells to get to the combination you need.

A simple example situation could look like this:

Cells Daemon
55 1C E9 ICEpick
1C E9 1C Mass Vulnerability
E9 1C 55 Turret Shutdown

In order to activate all three daemons at once, you would need to search for a sequence that allowed you to go in this order:

55 1C E9 1C 55

Some access points will have a larger amount of rows, columns, and cell options, though, so there will be times where it isn't possible to get every daemon without backing out and trying again. The below recommended perks and upgrades will also increase your chances of being able to get multiple daemons in one go. Activating 3 at once will also earn you the Christmas Tree Attack trophy.

The Only Perk that Affects Breach Protocol in 2.0 is Forcekill Cypher

Given the sweeping changes to netrunning made to Cyberpunk 2077 after Update 2.0, the only perk left that directly affects Breach Protocol is the Forcekill Cypher perk. When obtained, it reduces sequences by 1.

2.0 Forcekill Cypher Perk Effects

Hacking Tips and Tricks

Upgrade Your Cyberdeck

Upgraded Cyberdeck.jpg
Hacking costs will increase the further you get into the game. This can make even the most basic hacks even harder to activate on enemies. As you progress you will want to upgrade your Cyberdeck to keep up with the costs.

List of Cyberdecks

Breach Protocol Access Points for Money and Quickhack Components

Finding Access Points to hack with Breach Protocol is a great way to earn some easy money, as well as Quickhack Components used for crafting Quickhacks. Going for the Datamine V3 will be more difficult, but the payout will be worth it.

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