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Beat on the Brat Quest Walkthrough and Rewards | How to Beat Razor

This is a walkthrough for Beat on the Brat a Side Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Beat on the Brat how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

Beat on the Brat Basic Information

Quest Type Side
Act Act 2
Quest No. -
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Beat on the Brat

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete The Rescue.

After you pass by Coach Fred in your apartment, he'll send you a message that will start this Side Job.

The Rescue Walkthrough

Beat on the Brat Rewards

Quest Rewards 3480/6920 Eddies

Beat on the Brat Walkthrough

Beat on the Brat Quest Objectives

Little China, Watson

Objective IconDefeat all opponents to get to the final round.
You'll have to beat the hell out of four opponents to get to the finals. Your first opponent will immediately be marked on your map. The rest of them will have to wait until you get to Act 2.
Side Job Rec. Body Level
Beat on the Brat: Kabuki 5
Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado 12
Beat on the Brat: Arroyo 15
Beat on the Brat: Pacifica 17
Beat on the Brat: The Glen 20


Razor Hughes

After defeating all 4 opponents, wait a day for Coach Fred to message you about the final fight against Razor Hughes in Pacifica.

Objective IconGo to the final fight
Head to the location in Pacifica in the evening
Objective IconTalk to the coach
The coach will pull you to the side and give you an offer to rig the fight for some extra money.
Objective IconSit in your corner
Vik will give you some advice for taking out the champion. His weakspot will be his body.
Objective IconDefeat Razor Hughes
Be wary of his extremely fast attacks and wide range. Dodging twice in a row and keeping your distance is recommended.
Objective IconTalk to Razor Hughes
Objective IconTalk to the coach

Beat on the Brat Choices

Option 1: Throw the fight and take the money

Objective IconYou will lose and be insulted by Razor, but still gain some Eddies and complete the mission.

Option 2: Defeat Razor Hughes

Objective IconDefeating Razor will also gain you Eddies and experience. Coach Fred will message you later calling you a legend.

Tips and Strategies

How to Beat Razor Hughes

Beating Razor

Razor will incorporate all of the fighting techniques you have encountered up until now. He is extremely quick and his range is very wide.

One strategy is to bait out his cyberware dash attack by keeping your distance. When he comes in quickly to attack, dodge twice to the right or left and attack his back or stomach. If he attacks you up close, dodge backwards instead of left or right.

Due to the ring you fight in being quite small, Razor can sometimes get stuck in the ring and be unable to move. If this happens, take full advantage of it and deal as much damage as you can while he's stuck.

Raise Your Body Attribute

Each fight will be a hand-to-hand combat. Your weapons will be disabled. To win these matches, you need to raise your Body attribute as high as you can to increase your maximum health and melee damage.

How to Level Up Fast

Equip Gorilla Arms

If your Body attribute isn't enough, you can pay the nearest ripperdoc a visit and purchase Gorilla Arms. These cybernetic implants enhance your fist damage to even the field in these fights. Take note that these cyberwares only become available after reaching 20 Street Cred.

Take Consumables

Take some consumables to get ready for the fight. There are consumables that can temporarily increase your max health and max stamina, so be sure to take those. There are also consumables that will increase stamina regen. Taking those will help you recover your lost stamina quicker to get you back into the offensive ASAP.

Cheat Using a Blunt Melee Weapon

If you wish to beat him but are having trouble and feel like he is cheating by being able to hit you because of the bad hit boxes, then you can try cheating too. You can use a melee weapon during the fight. To do so you will need to drop a blunt melee weapon onto the ring right before you sit in your corner.

During the fight you can now pick it up with triangle on PS4 or press R on PC to equip it and not put it in your inventory. Now with the melee weapon you can block attacks without it breaking or damaging you.

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