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List of Missable Quests and Side Gigs

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Cyberpunk 2077 List of Missable Quests and Side Gigs

There are many quests and side gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 that you can miss out on if you progress through the story too fast or make certain choices. Read on to know what these missable quests and side gigs are, and how to unlock them!

List of Missable Quests and Side Gigs

Machine Gun

Machine Gun Walkthrough.jpg

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • If you don't pick up Skippy
• If you don't kill or maim 50 people with Skippy

This quest is easy to miss not because of any difficulty in finding Skippy, but the fact that you have to kill or maim 50 people before the gun's settings lock-in. After three in-game days, it will notify you of its real owner, Regina Jones, one of your fixers.

Another thing is deciding whether or not you would want to return Skippy to Regina, considering that Skippy is potentially one of the most powerful guns in the game.

Machine Gun Quest Walkthrough

I'll Fly Away


Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
• Complete With a Little Help From My Friends
Missable after • Complete Queen of the Highway

This quest is also missable if you complete the Queen of the Highway quest since the Aldecaldos will move camp.

I'll Fly Away Quest Walkthrough

Love Rollercoaster

Love Rollercoaster.jpg

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Complete Double Life

The quest to turn on the roller coaster in Pacifica will be unavailable once you complete the mission Double Life, so complete this first to see some special interactions with Johnny.

Love Rollercoaster Quest Walkthrough

The Prophet's Song

The Prophet

Pre-requisites None
Missable after • Ignoring Garry the Prophet
• Not giving generous donations to Garry the Prophet

This quest can be missed because it's easy to ignore Garry the Prophet. But if you listen to his conspiracies five times (and give generous donations whenever he asks for them), you will eventually have to save Garry from Nomads. The mission will then be unlocked.

The Prophet's Song Quest Walkthrough

The Highwayman

The Highwayman Walkthrough.jpg

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Not exploring Rancho Coronado.

Easy to miss because this mission only becomes available once you check a message on a laptop in Rancho Coronado. Completing this Quest will bag you a sweet bike you can use to cruise through Night City.

The Highwayman Quest Walkthrough


Bullets Walkthrough

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Not visiting Jinguji.

This quest can be missed if you don't go to Jinguji that often. To unlock it, all you need to do is to talk with Zane inside the store, then wait for one in-game day before talking to them again to trigger the quest.

Bullets Quest Walkthrough

Coin Operated Boy

Coin Operated Boy Walkthrough

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
• Complete Spray Paint
Missable after • Not exploring Japantown and finding Brendan.

This quest is somewhat missable because it comes after a string of other side gigs, and you'll have to go back to Brendan's spot to find Theo. She is the one you'll need to talk to in order to start this quest.

Coin Operated Boy Quest Walkthrough

Kold Mirage

Kold Mirage Walkthrough

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Not exploring the Eastern Wastelands.

Finding a fridge in the middle of a dump is hard enough as it is, and that's why Kold Mirage is a potentially missable quest. Once you've reached Act 2, go to the Eastern Wastelands, where you'll find a fridge containing the remains of the legendary netrunner, Rache Bartmoss.

Kold Mirage Quest Walkthrough


Spellbound Walkthrough

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
• Complete Kold Mirage
Missable after • Not completing Kold Mirage.

Another quest you can miss simply because you didn't complete the quest previous to it. Spellbound is unlocked after completing Kold Mirage.

Spellbound Quest Walkthrough

Feed Teh Cat

Cyberpunk 2077 Nibbles Photo Mode

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Not looking for Nibbles the Cat.

Another easily missable quest, and it's just outside your door! Feed Teh Cat, or the quest to get Nibbles the Cat, starts when you go out of your H10 Megabuilding apartment in Act 2 and pick up a shard next to an empty bowl.

How to Get Nibbles the Cat

Raymond Chandler Evening

Raymond Chandler Evening Walkthrough

Pre-requisites • Complete Act 1
Missable after • Not visiting the El Coyote Cojo Bar.

Somewhat missable, if you don't bother going back to the El Coyote Cojo bar at any point after reaching Act 2. If you want to take this mission on, go to the bar and intervene when you see some gonks bothering a corpo at the table.

Raymond Chandler Evening Quest Walkthrough

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