Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The Killing Moon Walkthrough: Should You Kill Reed?

The Killing Moon is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a walkthrough of The Killing Moon, including how long to wait for Songbird and if you should kill Reed or not, as well as tips and strategies to complete this quest!

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Firestarter The Killing Moon -

The Killing Moon Basic Information


Quest Type Main
Act Act 2
Quest No. 11
Lifepath All

How to Unlock The Killing Moon

Quest Unlock Conditions Help Songbird escape during the Firestarter quest

The Killing Moon Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

The Killing Moon Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Wait for News From Songbird
  2. Get in the Van
  3. Proceed to the Security Gate
  4. Find a Way to Get into the Tycho Terminal
  5. Reach the Rooftop Elevator Through the Construction Site
  6. Search the Area for a Way to Pull Songbird Up
  7. Follow Songbird to the Vents
  8. Return to the Tycho Terminal
  9. Follow Songbird in Departures
  10. Proceed Through Terminal Tycho
  11. Reach the Maglev Station with Songbird
  12. Survive Until the Train Arrives
  13. Get on the Train
  14. Carry Songbird to the Shuttle
  15. Talk to Reed
  16. Carry Songbird to the Shuttle then Prepare Takeoff

1. Wait for News From Songbird then Meet Up

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Wait for News from Songbird

After parting ways with Songbird in the Firestarter quest, you will need to wait for her to call you. Once she calls you she will give you coordinates on where to meet up with her.

Wait for 3 days to pass in-game

Cyberpunk 2077 - Advance the time from the game menu

Once this objective begins, you will need to wait for some time to pass before Songbird actually calls you. At this time you have the choice of waiting for the call, allowing you to take on side quests you may have missed or you could skip ahead to her call.

You will need to wait for at least 3 days in-game and you can do this by skipping three 24 hour cycles in the time skip option from the game's menu.

2. Get in the Van

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Get in the Van

The coordinates she sent will lead to a van in Dogtown. Get inside the van and catch up with Songbird. This objective consists mainly of talking to her in the van and after a few lines of dialogue, you will take the wheel and drive her to NCX.

3. Proceed to the Security Gate

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Proceed to the Security Gate

Once you get to NCX, you will need to get through the terminal. Follow the objective point to the gate and talk to the guard. The guard will ask to power down your Combat cyberware then ask you to look at the camera for identification.

Songbird will need a few seconds to forge your identification so you'll have to stall with the dialogue choices. You can track Songbird's progress on the screen so simply wait for "Breaching Database" to get to 100% then look into the camera on the top left.

4. Find a Way to Get into the Tycho Terminal

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Find a Way to Get into the Tycho Terminal

Once you're past the guard, you will need to find a way to the Tycho Terminal. An easy way of doing this is by taking on the optional quest of collecting the suitcase. Head to the baggage carousel just below the security gate and enter the code 930604 in the Baggage Retrieval System to access the suitcase.

The suitcase reveals a Corp-Bud uniform you can wear to blend in with the security in the terminal. After getting the uniform, head to bathroom then climb up the ventilation shaft in the rightmost cubicle. Follow the ventilation shaft and you will be guided by Songbird to the Tycho Terminal.

5. Reach the Rooftop Elevator Through the Construction Site

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Reach the Rooftop through the construction site

Proceed through the construction site and make your way to the elevator. There are a few hostiles in the area and it would be best to take a stealthier approach. You can use quickhacks to get the attention of the guards and turn off cameras to avoid being seen. Once you get to the elevator, ride it all the way to the roof.

6. Search the Area for a Way to Pull Songbird Up

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Search the Area for a way to pull songbird up

Once you're on the roof, follow the objective marker to a set of stairs then scan the area for a fire hose. Interact with the fire hose to throw it down to Songbird then pull her up. After pulling her up, take your gun to reequip it.

7. Follow Songbird to the Vents

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Follow Songbird to the vents

Follow Songbird along the roof and into the vents. As you move through the area, you will see Myers and Reed talking outside. This vent will lead you to an elevator that goes to the main hall of the spaceport.

8. Return to the Tycho Terminal

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Return to the Tycho Terminal

Once you get to the main hall, there will be a fight among the NUSA and Orbital Air officers. You can ignore them as they will be too busy fighting each other or you can take on enemies as you proceed to the objective markers.

Once you see the elevator, take it to get to Departures. This area will have more hostile enemies so be prepared to fight as you make your way to the elevator.

9. Follow Songbird in Departures

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Follow Songbird in Departures

When you get to Departures, follow Songbird. You will need to clear the room for hostiles and fortunately there won't be any. After talking to Songbird for a bit, you will exit the room.

10. Proceed Through Terminal Tycho

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Proceed through Tycho Terminal

Once you get out of the room, there will be an enemy chopper that will open fire on you. The chopper will need to reload after shooting at you so wait until then, then move to through the area. You'll need to walk up the elevator as the initial objective marker leads to a closed door.

When you get to the second floor, more enemies will appear and you will need to fight your way though. The chopper will still be firing at you so you need to time your engagements accordingly.

11. Reach the Maglev Station with Songbird

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Reach the Maglev Station

After dealing with the enemies and getting through Terminal Tycho, continue straight through the pathway with the metal railings then head to the control tower. As you proceed in the area, NUSA operatives will ambush you and you will need to defeat them to get to the control tower.

Walk around the area if the objective doesn't progress

There is the possibility of this objective bugging out even after you've seemingly eliminated all enemies. To fix this you will need to walk around the area to prompt any remaining enemies to appear.

12. Survive Until the Train Arrives

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Survive Until the Train Arrives

Once all NUSA operatives are defeated, Songbird will call for train in the control center. More enemies will arrive and you'll have to fight them once again. After fighting for some time, head back to the control center to check on Songbird. Songbird will hack into the system and you will need to complete a quick time event to release a Blackwall pulse.

13. Get on the Train

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Get on the Train

After the Blackwall pulse goes off, head for the train with Songbird. On your way to the train there will still be enemies around but you will still have access to the Blackwall, which allows you to take out enemies easily by pressing R2 on your controller.

14. Carry Songbird to the Shuttle

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Carry Songbird to the Shuttle

Once the train stops, carry Songbird to the platform. As you get closer to the ship, Reed will walk out of it and you'll have to choose how to continue the dialogue.

Lay Songbird down to continue the mission

Dialogue Choice Outcome
Gonna have to kill me. Reed kills you and the mission ends.
Lay Songbird down | If that's the way you put it... The mission continues with more dialogue choices.

Choosing any other dialogue apart from laying Songbird down ultimately ends with Reed shooting you and ending the mission.

15. Talk to Reed

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Talk to Reed

After laying Songbird down, there will be additional dialogue choices to make. The choices in this dialogue will determine if you let Songbird live or kill Reed. To save Songbird, select the Draw Weapon | Sorry, man. choice, which makes V pull out his gun and shoots Reed.

Help Songbird or Reed? ▼

16. Carry Songbird to the Shuttle then Prepare Takeoff

Cyberpunk 2077 - Carry Songbird to the Shuttle

After killing Reed, carry Songbird to the shuttle then prepare her for takeoff. Head back to the observation deck where you can talk to Johnny and watch as the shuttle starts up and launches.

Should You Kill Reed?

Killing Reed Locks DLC Secret Ending

Cyberpunk 2077 - Should You Kill Reed

During the latter part of this mission, you will be faced with dialogue options that will affect the ending of the Phantom Liberty questline. As you carry Songbird to the shuttle, Reed will appear and ask you how you wish to proceed with the mission.

Should you choose to kill Reed, you will be locked out of the secret ending for Phantom Liberty. Be careful of choosing either to help Songbird or Reed as this can lock you out of more questlines in the DLC.

Should You Help Songbird or Reed?

Tips and Strategies for The Killing Moon

Listen to the Chopper's Gunfire

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Listen to the Chopper

In the Tycho Terminal and Maglev Station areas, there will be a chopper firing at you while you fight off the NUSA operatives. Listen to the chopper's gunfire and play around its reloading time to make sure you don't get hit. This allows you to avoid receiving unnecessary damage and complete the objectives.

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