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Crafting Component Farming Guide: How to Get Crafting Components Fast

Cyberpunk 2077 - Buy Crafting Components

This is a guide on how to farm Crafting Components fast in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn more about different methods to gather crafting and upgrading materials, and how to use crafting components!

How to Use Crafting Components

Crafting Components, also known as Crafting Materials, are needed to craft or upgrade an item. These are scattered all over Night City where they can be looted, bought from vendors, or acquired by levelling up your Skills.

How to Craft and Upgrade

How to Get Crafting Components Fast

Loot Caches You Find

Cyberpunk 2077 - Cache

The simplest way to get crafting materials is by looting caches that you find around you. Take on heavy side jobs and you might stumble upon caches with rare crafting materials.

Purchase Them From Vendors

Cyberpunk 2077 - Gun Vendor

You can also purchase crafting materials from vendors. Junk Shops are the best places to buy from, as they often have more rare materials at reasonable prices.

Dismantle Items

Cyberpunk 2077 - Dismantle Items

Dismantling your items for crafting materials is also another method. To do this, go to your Inventory and highlight the item that you wish to dismantle. Then, hold the required button and this will break down the item into crafting materials.

You can yield crafting materials more efficiently with dismantling by acquiring certain Perks in the Technical Attribute:

  • Mechanic - Gain more materials when disassembling
  • Workshop - Disassembling items grants a chance to gain a free material of the same quality as the disassembled item.

List of Perks and Skill Tree Guide

Use Components More Efficiently

Cyberpunk 2077 - Technical Attribute

On the inverse side of the coin, instead of farming more Crafting Components, you can also reduce your dependence on them. The following Perks will help make crafting cheaper, so you won't run out of the needed components as easily.

  • Cost Optimization - Reduces material cost of crafting items.
  • Let There Be Light - Reduces the material cost of upgrading items.
  • Ex Nihilo - Grants a 20% chance to craft an item for free.
  • Tune-Up - Allows you to upgrade lower quality components into higher quality ones.

List of Crafting Components

Item Components

Common Item Components ImageCommon Item Components Epic Item Components ImageEpic Item Components Legendary Item Components ImageLegendary Item Components
Rare Item Components ImageRare Item Components Uncommon Item Components ImageUncommon Item Components

Upgrade Components

Epic Upgrade Components ImageEpic Upgrade Components Legendary Upgrade Components ImageLegendary Upgrade Components Rare Upgrade Components ImageRare Upgrade Components

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2 Anonymousabout 3 years

Is this still a think? Cans won't disassembled for me

1 Anonymousover 3 years

In CP2077 you can dismantle a €$10 can of Soda and you’re left with €$128 worth of item crafting/item upgrade components... Did CDPR do this on purpose?


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