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Driving Guide | How to Drive Cars and Bikes

Cyberpunk 2077 - Driving First Person

This is a guide on how to drive vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn more about the game's driving mechanics.

Driving in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 - Driving Third Person

The player can drive a wide variety of vehicles in the game; from utility motorcycles to luxurious hypercars. Each type of vehicle provides a certain need to your playstyle.

List of Cars List of Motorcycles

Driving Controls


Action PS4 PC
Enter Vehicle Square button.png F
Accelerate R2.png W
Brake L2.png S
Steer L stick.png A / D
Handbrake X button.png Space
Exit Vehicle
hold O button.png
hold F
Headlights Square button.png Alt
Switch Vehicle Camera Dpad right.png Q
Horn L3 button.png LCtrl

Other Actions

Action PS4 PC
Call for an active vehicle
Press Dpad right.png while on foot
Mark vehicle as Active
Hold Dpad right.png to access Garage Menu, Select a vehicle by pressing X button.png
Hold V to access the Garage Menu, Select a vehicle by pressing F
Radio On / Off R1.png R
Radio Menu
Hold R1.png
Hold R
Switch Stations
Dpad up.png / Dpad down.png
↑ and ↑
Select Station X button.png F or Enter

How to Drive Properly

Driving in Cyberpunk 2077 works similar with other open-world games. Step on the gas to accelerate and hit the brakes when you want to stop. Every vehicle handles differently though so it's best to get used to a type of vehicle.

Making a Safe Turn

The road can be a bit slippery when driving, so if you want to make a turn without crashing into anything, lay off the gas then hit the brakes just when you're about to turn.

Try Not to Damage Your Car Too Often

Fortunately, you can't fly through the windshield if you crash your car at high speed. Trust us, we've tested it. But your car will explode if it takes too much damage, especially from gun shots.

Bikes vs. Cars

Depending on your driving preference, some vehicles are far more attuned to specific driving styles.

For example, the Caliburn models' (as well as most cars) main focus is speed over control so you can expect it to swerve often but get you to your destination faster. Bikes on the other hand are quite easier to control but they are quite slower.

Terrain Factor

Most vehicles are suited for the roads of the city. But, once in the deserts of the Badlands, certain vehicles are not as reliable.

Cars which are built for speed will most likely spiral out of control while those built for control will be far suited to go through the sandy terrain. Bikes are far better suited for this but there are cars that can traverse the desert as easily. Learn to switch around your vehicles to know which are best suited to your needs.

Driving Features in Cyberpunk 2077

Switch Camera View

Cyberpunk 2077 - Switch Camera View

Although the game is in first-person perspective, you can switch the camera view to third-person when driving. This gives you a better view of the road, especially if you're used to third-person driving.

Summon Your Vehicle

Cyberpunk 2077 - Summon Vehicle

The player can summon a vehicle to your location anytime, anywhere. You can also change which vehicle you can summon, as well as adding vehicles by parking them in your apartment's garage.

Change Radio Station

Cyberpunk 2077 - Change Radio Station

The game also has in-game radio stations that you can listen to while driving. This makes travelling around Night City by car more favourable than fast travelling.

Use the Stash in Vehicles

Open Stash.png

Not exactly a driving feature, but you can also stash your items in the trunk of your car. It's one of the best ways reduce your inventory and store any unwanted items that you might use in the future.

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2 Anonymousover 3 years

The author clearly states all the controls. They give every button and what it does. Stop trolling and get a life. Or get in a real car and figure it out. Gas and break is pretty much all you need. Driving in this game is the same as it is in almost every game that sports driving. Don't be ignorant.

1 Anonymousover 3 years

Sigh, Look some of us have never played GTA. I came here cause your title says how to drive in Cyberpunk 2077. How to summon your car, is not how to drive, how to change the radio is not how to drive. How to pop into third person is not how to drive, This junk guide and every other one I found so far (So it is not you alone being this Thick headed.) Has nothing to do with how to drive in the game.


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