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This is a list of all Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn what Iconic Weapons are, and which Weapons can have the Iconic tier!

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What are Iconic Weapons?

Unlike other rare weapons like Legendary Weapons, Iconic Weapons are not a tier in and of themselves. In fact, Weapons can be both Common (the lowest tier) and an Iconic rating at the same time.

When you find an Iconic Item, you will automatically receive Crafting Specs of that item for different rarities and improved stats, allowing you to easily make a stronger version of the same item.

How to Get Iconic Weapons (Unique Weapons)

Iconic Weapons cannot be dropped by random no-name enemies.

They are typically associated with a specific Quest, and received as a reward for the Quest or found on the body of a powerful Boss enemy.

List of Iconic Weapons

Weapon Quest
Currently UnavailableAmnesty We Gotta Live Together
Currently UnavailableApparition War Pigs
Currently UnavailableArchangel Off The Leash
Currently UnavailableBa Xing Chong Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableBreakthrough Currently Unknown
BuzzsawBuzzsaw Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableCaretaker's Spade Currently Unknown
ChaosChaos The Pickup
Currently UnavailableCocktail Stick Automatic Love
Currently UnavailableComrade's Hammer Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableCottonmouth The Space In Between
Currently UnavailableCrash Following The River
Currently UnavailableDivided We Stand Stadium Love
Currently UnavailableDoom Doom Second Conflict
Dying NightDying Night The Gun
Currently UnavailableFenrir Losing My Religion
Currently UnavailableGenjiroh Play It Safe
Currently UnavailableGold-Plated Baseball Bat Second Conflict
Jinchu-MaruJinchu-Maru Play It Safe
Currently UnavailableKongou The Heist
Currently UnavailableLa Chingona Dorada Heroes
Currently UnavailableLizzie The Space In Between
Malorian Arms 3516Malorian Arms 3516 Chippin' In
Currently UnavailableMoron Labe Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableMox Automatic Love
OO'Five Beat on the Brat: Arroyo
OverwatchOverwatch Riders On The Storm
Currently UnavailableOzob's Nose Send In The Clowns
Currently UnavailablePlan B Playing For Time
Currently UnavailablePrejudice For Whom The Bell Tolls
PridePride Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Currently UnavailableProblem Solver Riders On The Storm
Currently UnavailablePrototype Shingen: Mark V Gimme Danger
Currently UnavailablePsalm 11:6 Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableSatori The Heist
Currently UnavailableScalpel Big in Japan
Currently UnavailableSecond Opinion Automatic Love
Currently UnavailableSir John Phallustiff Venus in Furs
SkippySkippy Machine Gun
Currently UnavailableSovereign Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableStinger I'll Fly Away
Currently UnavailableThe Headsman Currently Unknown
Currently UnavailableTinker Bell The Hunt
Currently UnavailableTsumetogi Pisces
Widow MakerWidow Maker Ghost Town
YinglongYinglong Currently Unknown

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List of Weapons

Weapon Classes

Ranged Weapons
Pistols Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles
SMGs Shotguns Revolver
Precision Rifles LMGs
Melee Weapons
Katanas Knives Long Blades
One-Handed Clubs Two-Handed Clubs Hammers

Weapon Types

Weapon Types
Power Weapon.pngPower Tech Weapon.pngTech Smart Weapon.pngSmart
Blade.pngBlades Blunt Weapon.pngBlunt Weapons Grenade.pngGrenades

Weapon Tiers

Weapon Tiers
Legendary Iconic

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3 Anonymous28 days

O'Five you get from the Beat on the Brat quest line, you can bet 12k to have the guy put his sniper in the pot but you have beat him and his buddies after the fight to get it. Scalpel is a katana from the Big in Japan escort quest starting with a shady guy in the Afterlife bar who doesn't want to use a fixer. Divided We Stand is from the quest Stadium Love, you challenge the 6th Street Gang to a shooting competition by the Rancho Coronado East fast travel station.

2 Anonymousabout 1 month

There’s a side quest involving rescuing a monk that’s gives an iconic Power SMG called “Fenrir”

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