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List of Iconic Weapons (Unique Weapons)

Cyberpunk 2077 - List of Iconic Weapons

This is a list of all Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn what Iconic Weapons are, and which Weapons can have the Iconic tier!

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What are Iconic Weapons?

Unique Weapons & Not a Rarity Tier

Unlike other rare weapons like Legendary Weapons, Iconic Weapons are not a tier in and of themselves. In fact, Weapons can be both Common (the lowest tier) and an Iconic rating at the same time.

When you find an Iconic Item, you will automatically receive Crafting Specs of that item for different rarities and improved stats, allowing you to easily make a stronger version of the same item.

How to Get Iconic Weapons (Unique Weapons)

Clear Quests or Defeat Boss Enemies

Iconic Weapons cannot be dropped by random no-name enemies.

They are typically associated with a specific Quest, and received as a reward for the Quest or found on the body of a powerful Boss enemy.

Note: Not all Iconic Weapons can be obtained in one playthrough as some require you to follow certain choices. If you're looking for a specific Iconic Weapon, it's best to check if any choices are required ahead of time.

List of Iconic Weapons

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Iconic Weapons in Fixed Locations

Weapon How to Obtain
ApparitionApparition ・Fixed Location: This pistol is found in Frank's body when defeated.
CaretakerCaretaker's Spade ・Fixed Location: This hammer is found near the conference table, against a tree.
Cocktail StickCocktail Stick ・Fixed Location: The katana called The Cocktail Stick can be found in the make-up room of the Clouds, next to Evelyn's jacket. You can find this room adjacent to the dark room that overlooks the public upstairs lounge.
CottonmouthCottonmouth ・Fixed Location: You can find this iconic weapon in Finger's bedroom when you enter it to interrogate him.
Death and TaxesDeath and Taxes ・Fixed Location: This Iconic Pistol is found inside Maiko's room during the side job Ex-Factor.
FenrirFenrir ・Fixed Location: This iconic weapon is found on the table near the monk you save.
GutsGuts ・Fixed Location: Look around the bushes in the southwest area of the ring at Memorial Park in Corpo Plaza.
KongouKongou ・Fixed Location: This pistol can be found on the nightstand next to Yorinobu's bed, as seen in the braindance during The Information.
La Chingona DoradaLa Chingona Dorada ・Fixed Location: Complete the mission "Heroes" and then go back to where all the offerings were made. The weapon will be on the table.
LizzieLizzie ・Fixed Location: Can be found in the basement of Lizzie's during the Automatic Love main job. Just before entering Judy's office, look to the left. On top of a table, you'll find the weapon.
OO'Five ・Fixed Location: This can only be picked up if you increase the wager or if you taunt him by staying after beating him the first time. After beating him and increasing the wager or taunting him after, him and his goons will attack you. You can pick up the rifle after beating Buck again.
Plan BPlan B ・Fixed Location: This Iconic Pistol is found on Dex's body in the Eastern Wastelands where you can start the quest Kold Mirage.
SatoriSatori ・Fixed Location: This melee weapon is found in the AV landing pad. After T-Bug opens the door, find the stairs leading up to the landing pad and find this weapon in the vehicle.
SkippySkippy ・Fixed Location: This weapon is found on a body in Vista Del Rey (indicated by a Side Job marker found between the College St. and Shooting Range Fast Travel spots).

Iconic Weapons From Quests

Weapon How to Obtain
AmnestyAmnesty ・Quest: We Gotta Live Together (Start the We Gotta Live Together quest and find Cassidy at the southeastern part of the Nomad camp. Accomplish Cassidy's shooting challenge to obtain this item.)
ArchangelArchangel ・Quest: A Like Supreme (At the end of the quest, Kerry will give this item to you.)
ChaosChaos ・Quest: The Pickup (All Foods Maelstrom Hideout after killing Royce during the payment bargaining conversation or after the boss fight.)
CrashCrash ・Quest: Following The River (During the quest, while on the water tower, River will give you this weapon.)
Divided We StandDivided We Stand ・Quest: Stadium Love (This is a reward from the shooting contest during the quest. It can also be a drop from a sixer when they're defeated.)
Doom DoomDoom Doom ・Quest: Second Conflict (Can be taken from Dum Dum's body in the Totentantz Club. However, to do so, he must have survived the events of The Pickup quest.)
Dying NightDying Night ・Quest: The Gun (After The Rescue, head to the seventh floor of your apartment building and go to the weapons store in that level. Talk to vendor and get the gun (This also accomplishes The Gun quest).)
GenjirohGenjiroh ・Quest: Play It Safe (As you go to the 2nd sniper in this mission, you will encounter a locked door requiring a high Technical Ability level. The door is found to the right of the elevator as you ascend Floor 21. If you do not have the Technical Ability level, you may unlock the door using a code (Code is 2906))
Gold-Plated Baseball BatGold-Plated Baseball Bat ・Quest: Second Conflict (After the argument, you can find this weapon in the pool area.)
HypercriticalHypercritical ・Quest: Gig: Concrete Cage Trap (Found inside Tiny Mike's bathroom.)
Jinchu-MaruJinchu-Maru ・Quest: Play It Safe (Looted from Oda's body after defeating him.)
Malorian Arms 3516Malorian Arms 3516 ・Quest: Chippin' In (During the Chippin' In quest, Grayson will give this weapon to you.)
MoxMox ・Quest: Pyramid Song (If you have a romantic relationship with Judy, she will give this to you. Alternatively, after the Pyramid Song quest, you can find it in her apartment if she decides to leave Night City.)
OverwatchOverwatch ・Quest: Riders on The Storm (Complete the mission and Panam will give this weapon to you as a gift.)
OzobOzob's Nose ・Quest: Send in the Clowns (Finish the quest to obtain the item.)
PrejudicePrejudice ・Quest: For Whom the Bell Tolls (At the beginning of the For Whom the Bell Tolls, you can find this weapon behind the bar in the Afterlife. This weapon will not be retained after finishing the game and restarting before accomplishing the last mission.)
PridePride ・Quest: Knockin' On Heaven's Door (When Adam Smasher kills a character of note during the Knockin' on Heaven's Door quest, this weapon can be found near it.)
Problem SolverProblem Solver ・Quest: Riders on The Storm (Can be looted from the big enemy guarding the Wraith's camp entrance.)
Prototype: Shingen Mark VPrototype: Shingen Mark V ・Quest: Gimme Danger (Can be found inside shipping container 667 in Arasaka Industrial Park.)
ScalpelScalpel ・Quest: Big in Japan (Complete the quest to obtain)
Sir John PhallustiffSir John Phallustiff ・Quest: Venus in Furs (Complete the one night stand with Meredith Stout to find it on the bed the next morning. In region-specific versions of the game where sexual content is censored, it will be replaced with an Electric Baton Beta.)
StingerStinger ・Quest: I'll Fly Away (Complete the quest to obtain this item.)
Tinker BellTinker Bell ・Quest: The Hunt (Look for the nearest tree to Peter Pan's house in Edgewood farm to find this weapon.)
TsumetogiTsumetogi ・Quest: Pisces (Can be looted from the location where the boss of Tyger Claws and Maiko met.)
Widow MakerWidow Maker ・Quest: Ghost Town (Dropped by Nash when killed)

Iconic Weapons From Shops

Weapon How to Obtain
Blue FangBlue Fang ・Shop: Melee Weapon Vendor (The Badlands)
HeadhunterHeadhunter ・Shop: Melee Weapon Vendor (West Wind Estate)

Iconic Weapons From Crafting

Weapon How to Obtain
Ba Xing ChongBa Xing Chong ・Crafting Spec in Quest: Nocturne OP55N1 – Can be found in Adam Smasher's vault (the shipping container unlocked by Grayson's key during the Chippin' In side job quest) after you enter the elevator taking you to Embers during the Nocturne Op55N1 main job.
BreakthroughBreakthrough ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Rancho Coronado).

BuzzsawBuzzsaw ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside).

ComradeComrade's Hammer ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Arroyo).
Moron LabeMoron Labe ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in West Wind Estate).

Psalm 11:6Psalm 11:6 ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside).

SovereignSovereign ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Japantown).

The HeadsmanThe Headsman ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in North Oak).
YinglongYinglong ・Crafting Spec in Location: Dropped by the leader in hustle (Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Wellsprings).

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4 Anonymousover 1 year

You're missing "Death and Taxes". An iconic variant of the Nue. Can be found in Maiko's office.

3 Anonymousover 3 years

O'Five you get from the Beat on the Brat quest line, you can bet 12k to have the guy put his sniper in the pot but you have beat him and his buddies after the fight to get it. Scalpel is a katana from the Big in Japan escort quest starting with a shady guy in the Afterlife bar who doesn't want to use a fixer. Divided We Stand is from the quest Stadium Love, you challenge the 6th Street Gang to a shooting competition by the Rancho Coronado East fast travel station.


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