Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

All Choices and Effects

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - All Choices and Effects

This article will show you the choices that you will make in Cyberpunk 2077 and the Phantom Liberty DLC. Read on to learn more about which quests have important choices and what effects they will have on the story.

Making Choices in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077 and the Phantom Liberty DLC, there will be moments where you will have to decide on how to push the plot forward. Many quests, especially the main ones, have a large impact to the story, while others only have a small influence such as a change in the dialogue. Making the wrong decision can also lock you out from certain opportunities in the game so always choose wisely!

Phantom Liberty Main Quest Choices and Effects

NOTE: The following choices include major spoilers for the plot of the Phantom Liberty DLC. Read at your own risk!


Cyberpunk - Firestarter choice event - Songbird or Reed

Help Songbird or Help Reed?

Choices: Towards the end of the quest, you will be given a choice to either help Songbird obtain the Neural Matrix or upload an ICEbreaker into Songbird in order to cripple her enough for Solomon Reed to capture her.

Effect: Choosing to help Songbird will unlock the Killing Moon final mission. This allows you to help Songbird cure herself of the Blackwall corruption by sending her to the Moon. During this final mission, you can also choose to betray her at the last second in order to get the new ending where V gets cured of the Relic.

If you decided to help Reed, you will get a series of missions that end in the Somewhat Damaged final mission. How you deal with Songbird during this final mission (kill or capture) will determine the rewards you get from the FIA and NUSA during Leave In Silence.

Firestarter Quest Walkthrough

The Killing Moon

Rescue Songbird or Give Her to Reed?

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Carry Songbird to the Shuttle

Choices: During the tail end of the mission, V and Songbird will ride a train that takes them to the rocket bound for the moon. At the end of the ride, you have the option of taking Songbird to the rocket (rescuing her) or calling Reed after you find out Songbird lied to you about the cure (only one of you can be cured by the Neural Matrix).

Effects: Rescuing Songbird will give you the King of Wands ending. In this ending, Songbird is cured of the Blackwall corruption once she reaches the Moon. Naturally, this locks you out of the new ending (Tower) since the cure was used on Songbird. Players get Songbird's cyberdeck - Quantum Tuner - as a reward during From Her to Eternity.

Alternatively, you can call Reed on the train or speak to him on the platform to negotiate a new deal. You can hand over Songbird to Reed and he will take her back to the FIA. This unlocks the King of Swords ending and, by extension, unlocks the new ending (Tower) where V is cured of the Relic.

Should You Kill Solomon Reed?

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Talk to Reed

Choices: Once you reach the launch platform while carrying Songbird, Solomon Reed will appear and confront you. During the conversation you have the option to negotiate with him, kill him, or ignore his warnings.

Effects: If you negotiate with Reed, you will be able to give up Songbird in exchange for a cure (Tower Ending).

If you kill Reed, you will be able to rescue Songbird, allowing her to live peacefully on the Moon. Choosing this ending (King of Wands) will allow you to get Reed's iconic tech pistol, Pariah (on the launch platform), and Songbird's Quantum Tuner cyberdeck during the epilogue mission, From Her to Eternity.

If you chose to ignore Reed's warnings during the standoff, he will shoot and kill V. This takes you to a Game Over screen.

The Killing Moon Walkthrough

Somewhat Damaged

Should You Kill or Spare Songbird?

Choices: At the end of Somewhat Damaged, Songbird will ask you to kill her because she no longer wants to return to the FIA and NUSA. You can choose to fulfill her request (kill Songbird) or spare her, buying time for Reed to reach the core.

Effects: Killing Songbird unlocks the King of Cups ending where you and Reed surrender Songbird's lifeless body to the NUSA during Leave In Silence. President Myers will not approve, denying you the cure and rewarding you with a paltry sum of 5000 eddies.

Sparing Songbird unlocks the King of Pentacles ending where you and Reed surrender Songbird's comatose form to the NUSA during Leave In Silence. President Myers will approve of your actions, allowing you to unlock the new ending (Tower) for the base game.

Somewhat Damaged Walkthrough

Main Quest Choices and Effects

NOTE: The following includes some spoilers for the plot of Cyberpunk 2077. Read at your own risk!

The Ride

Visit Maelstrom or Evelyn Parker?

Choices: At the end of the quest, you'll be given the choice to either visit the Maelstrom gang or Evelyn Parker.

Effects: The fact of the matter is, you'll have to visit both of them either way. When you visit the Maelstromers, you'll start The Pickup. When you visit Meredith Stout, you'll start The Information. Both of these main quests are required to complete to begin The Heist, so there's little difference between the two options.

The Ride Quest Walkthrough

The Pickup

The Pickup Walkthrough

Meredith Stout

Choices: At the beginning of the quest, you will have the opportunity to take eddies from Meredith Stout, which you can use to strike a deal with the Maelstrom gang or use your own money instead.

Effects: Taking the eddies from Meredith will lead you to two possibilities of which faction will try to kill you. Otherwise, the deal will make things simpler but you will still have to fight the Maelstromers.

Calming Jackie

Choices: At the beginning of the meeting with the Maelstromers, you will have the option to calm Jackie down or let him get agitated further.

Effects: Calming him down will allow you to make a deal with the Maelstromers. Meanwhile, choosing not to calm him will instantly bring you into a fight with the Maelstromers. This will end up having to fight Royce in a mech in the final room.

The Chip

Choices: In this situation, you can either choose to pay off the Malestromers or stealing the bot.

Effects: If you wipe the malware from the chip, you will have to escape All Foods while being attacked by Militech soldiers and you will be informed in the end that Meredith Stout is dead. If you do not wipe the malware before the transaction, you will have to fight the Maelstromers and Royce in a mech.


Choices: You will find Brick, the former leader of the Maelstrom gang, imprisoned in one of the rooms if you don't wipe the malware from the chip. You can choose to free him or leave him be.

Effects: Freeing him will indebt him to you and will pay dividends when you meet him in the later side quest Second Conflict. Otherwise, you will meet someone different in the same side quest and will get into combat.

The Pickup Quest Walkthrough

The Heist

Where to Send Jackie?

Choices: Later in the quest, Delamain will ask you where to send Jackie's dead body. Your decision will affect the later side quest Heroes.

Effects: There are three possibilities in this scenario: First, if you choose to send Jackie's corpse to his family, you will get to visit Jackie's room in the Heroes side quest and receive his Arch motorcycle.

Second, sending Jackie's corpse to Viktor will make the side quest shorter but you still get Jackie's motorcycle.

Lastly, if you leave Jackie's corpse in the car, you'll miss the opportunity of getting the quest, and worst of all, you won't be able to get Jackie's Arch.

The Heist Walkthrough

Automatic Love


Choices: At the end of the quest, you can either choose to make a deal with Woodman or kill him for the information that you need.

Effects: If you strike a deal with Woodman, he will let you off the hook and even lead you safely out of the building. You will also have an easier time dealing with Maiko in the later side quest Ex-Factor, as well as being able to kill him later on.

However, if you do kill Woodman during Automatic Love, the Ex-Factor side quest will end immediately after your conversation with Maiko.

Automatic Love Quest Walkthrough

Ghost Town


Choices: During the middle part of the quest, you need to decide on whether to help Panam kill Nash or not.

Effects: If you decide to help Panam out, you will have to fight Nash and his men but you will earn points towards romancing her if you are playing a male character. Otherwise, the quest will skip to the end and you will be locked out of Panam's romance, though you'll still be able to do her side quests.

Ghost Town Quest Walkthrough

Gimme Danger

Join Takemura or Not

Choices: In the middle of the quest, Takemura will ask you to join him to do recon or not.

Effects: If you choose to join Takemura on recon, the quest will be slightly longer as you have to inspect the warehouse you're about to infiltrate. This will give you multiple ways to enter and escape Arasaka Industrial Park.

If not, you won't have to go to the trouble of doing recon. However, you will miss out on a lot of important story elements, as well as multiple entry and escape routes in the warehouse.

Gimme Danger Quest Walkthrough

Search and Destroy


Choices: After getting ambushed by Arasaka's men, you will have the opportunity to save Takemura or leave him to die.

Effects: Saving Takemura will get you The Devil ending. If you leave Takemura to die, this will end the mission quickly.

Search And Destroy Quest Walkthrough

I Walk the Line

NetWatch Agent

Choices: Later in the quest, you will meet a NetWatch agent and you can choose to have a deal with him or not.

Effects: Cutting a deal with the NetWatch agent will allow NetWatch to appear in the subnet the Voodoo Boys create in the next quest, causing them all to die. However, if you stick with the Voodoo Boys, you will get less rewards but a chance to hit Placide in the face. NetWatch will also not invade the Voodoo Boys' subnet and they survive.

I Walk The Line Quest Walkthrough

Nocturne OP55N1

Choosing Your Allies

Choices: You need to choose the allies you will bring for the Totalimmortal quest. Your decision will determine the ending that you get in the game.

Effects: You can check our All Endings Guide for an in-depth explanation of each choice in the quest.

Nocturne OP55N1 Quest Walkthrough

Where Is My Mind?

All Game Endings

Signing the Contract

Choices: At the end of the quest, you will be asked to sign a contract or not. Your decision will lead to one of the game's endings.

Effects: Signing the contract will guarantee V lives in one way or another but also means he literally sells his soul to Arasaka. His body will die but his mind will be kept by Arasaka and maybe put into a body for him to use in the future. If you refuse to sign it, V will go back home to earth, where he will spend his remaining days left alive.

Where Is My Mind? Quest Walkthrough

Missables and Unrepeatable Events

Best Lifepath to choose

While most of the in-game choices can be repeated and revert the game back to its previous state, there are some choices which can only be made once such as character creation and disassembling certain items. Learn what decisions can't be undone, as well as other one-time events in the game by checking the guide below!

All Missable Content

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