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Cyberpunk 2077 - Tank Build

This is a guide to creating a Tank build in Cyberpunk 2077. Check here for details about the build, what attributes to level up, which perks to choose, and what equipment to use.

How to Use the Tank Build

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The purpose of this build is to make V invincible against enemies, even the toughest ones. With the right perks acquired, you can withstand any damage taken from combat.

Best Attributes for Tank Build


Investing in Body will be your prime concern in this build, as it will buff key attributes such as your Health and Armor.

Body determines your raw physical power. In addition to allowing you to force open doors, each level of Body (starting from level 3) will:
- Add 5 Health Points
- Add 3 Stamina Points
- Increase damage with fists and Gorilla Arms by 3
Increase damage with melee weapons by 1.5%
Decrease movement penalty while grabbing an enemy and wielding on HMG by 6%
- Increase movement while grappling an enemy and enemy grapple duration by 5 sec

Technical Ability

You only need a few perks to acquire in Technical Ability, but it should be your priority after Body. Some perks will grant you resistance from common enemy attacks.

Technical Ability represents your technical know-how. It allows you to unlock doors and use Tech weapons. Each increase in level will increase your Armor by 5%.

Best Perks for Tank Build



Perk Regeneration
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 3
Effect (Lv. 1) Health slowly regenerates during combat.

This perk should be the first one that you acquire, even when you're investing in different character builds, as it increases your survivability in combat.


Perk Wolverine
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 16
Effect (Lv. 1) Health regen activates 50% faster during combat.

With Regeneration acquired, this perk will restore your Health much faster.

Cardio Cure

Perk Cardio Cure
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 12
Effect (Lv. 1) Health regenerates 25% faster as you move.

Movement is essential in combat, so acquiring this perk will incentivize you for maneuvering.

Dog of War

Perk Dog of War
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 16
Effect (Lv. 1) Increases Health regen in combat by 15%.

The entire point of this build is having your character endure in combat. This perk will do exactly that.

Steel Shell

Perk Steel Shell
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 18
Effect (Lv. 1) Increases Armor by 10%.

This perk will increase the value of your Armor by a small amount.

The Rock

Perk The Rock
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 20
Effect (Lv. 1) Enemies cannot knock you down.

Enemies will have a harder time taking you down with this perk.


Perk Indestructible
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. 20
Effect (Lv. 1) Reduces all incoming damage by 10%.

Survive longer in combat, as this perk reduces the damage that you take by a small amount.

Hard Motherfucker

Perk Hard Motherfucker
Skill Tree Body | Athletics
Required Attribute Lv. Level 20 in Athletics
Effect (Lv. 1) When entering combat, Armor and Resistances increase by 10% for 10 sec.
+1% per Perk level.

This perk itself will prepare you for combat, as your Armor and Resistances are increased as you begin fighting enemies.


Blast Shielding

Perk Blast Shielding
Skill Tree Technical Ability | Engineering
Required Attribute Lv. 3
Effect (Lv. 1) Reduces damage taken from explosions by 10%.

Some enemies will throw grenades at you. This perk improves your explosion resistance, as well as decreasing your chances of dying from one.


Perk Insulation
Skill Tree Technical Ability | Engineering
Required Attribute Lv. 14
Effect (Lv. 1) Grants immunity to Shock.

You may encounter metal enemies in the form of robots and drones from time to time, so this perk should come in handy when you're in that situation.

Best Weapons

The best weapons to use for this build are those that give you a high chance of killing an opponent quickly, but it is recommended to go with Revolvers, Assault Rifles, or Shotguns for the extra damage that you can inflict.

List of Weapons

Pistols Revolvers
Assault Rifles Shotguns
Blades Knives

Best Cyberware

To complement your abilities, you can invest in some cyberware to boost your ability to defeat enemies.

Subdermal Armor

Cyberware Effect Price
Subdermal ArmorSubdermal Armor Common
・Increases Armor by 20.
・Increases Armor by 50.
・Increases Armor by 90.
・Increases Armor by 140.
・Increases Armor by 200.
Common: 2000
Uncommon: 3000
Rare: 6000
Epic: 10000
Legendary: 14000

One of the basic cyberwares that you should get. It increases your Armor depending on the cyberware's rarity.

Militech Berserk MK.5

Cyberware Effect Price
Militech Berserk MK.5Militech Berserk MK.5 ・When active, It reduces weapon recoil by 15%, increases melee damage by 15%, and increases Armor and Resistances by 10%. Duration: 60 sec. Cooldown: 60 sec.・
While Berserk is active, jumping from a high height initiates a Superhero Landing, causing you to fall at high speed and land with enough force to create a shockwave that damages nearby enemies.
・Defeating enemies restores 5% max Health when Berserk is active.
・Gain 40% more max Health and Stamina when Berserk is active.
€$ 35000

This cyberware is perfect in combat. It buffs you with useful attribute effects from performing various actions.


Cyberware Effect Price
InductorInductor Epic
・When affected by Shock and EMP, Armor increases by 50% instead of taking damage.
・When affected by Shock and EMP, Armor increases by 50% instead of taking damage.
Epic: 20000

Paired with the Insulation perk, this cyberware will increase your Armor by half when getting shocked or affected by EMP attacks.

Best Mods

To reach the full potential of your build, you can attach your weapons and clothing with mods to increase power, defense, and other useful effects.

Weapon Mod Effect
Beast Mode While Berserk is active, increases Armor, Resistances, and Health regeneration by 15%.
Armored Berserk When Berserk is active, increases Armor bonus by 5 and all Resistances by 5%.
Armadillo Increases Armor by 189,467.
Titanium Plating Armor increased by 7%
Sensory Amplifier (Armor) Increases Armor by 5%.
Sensory Amplifier (Health) Increases Health by 15%.

Tank Build Variations


Accompanied with your Tank build, you can also invest in some Reflexes perks to increase the damage that you can inflict against enemies.

Recommended Build
Weapon Type Any
Equipment Dmg Increasing Mod, Crit Dmg Increasing Mod
Additional Perks Bunker, Slow and Steady
Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Intel Cool
1 6 4 6 3 3
10 10 7 8 3 3
50 20 20 18 7 6

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