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Best Weapons for Patch 1.6

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What weapon you choose as an Edgerunner may end up deciding whether you'll survive a firefight or not. Read on to learn what are Cyberpunk 2077's best weapons in Patch 1.6, and what your criteria should be in choosing a good weapon.

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How to Find the Best Weapon

Find Iconic Weapons by Doing Main and Side Gigs

Cyberpunk 2077 Skippy Best Gun

The weapons which are shown here are based on Legendary-tier weapons found at the end of the game. Players who are still working their way through the story won't be able to obtain them.

As Cyberpunk 2077 has a high turnover for weapons, the strongest weapons for most players will be the ones that you found recently at your current level. Find weapons that match your Perks, and which have the highest DPS!

Raise Your Weapon Levels Through Upgrading

Another way to find the best weapons in the game is to make them yourself! Even several Iconic weapons are not Legendary right off the bat. To ensure that each of these weapons has the maximum possible DPS and number of mod slots, you'll need to fulfill the following criteria.

Through this process, you'll hammer out the Legendary version of a weapon, with the highest DPS and best effects.

Best Weapons Overall

Best Weapons For Any Playstyle

Cyberpunk 2077 V Fired First

The following weapons are at the top of their class, and shine even when compared to weapons of all types. Any combination of these weapons which suits your playstyle should be sufficient to handle any threat that comes your way.


Cyberpunk 2077 Genjiroh

An iconic Smart Pistol that fires four rounds per shot. Has increased ammo clip size and projectile speed and can target up to six targets simultaneously. Bullets deal additional electrical damage with an increased chance to apply Shock.

How to Get the Genjiroh

Psalm 11:6

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Psalm 11 6

This Iconic Assault Rifle Deals additional Thermal damage against enemies, greatly increasing the chance to inflict them with Burn.

How to Get the Psalm 11:6


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Yinglong

This Smart Submachinegun deals additional Electrical damage to enemies, with a small chance to inflict them with an EMP on impact.

How to Get the Yinglong


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Satori

One of the best, if not the best katanas in the game, the Satori makes up for its low base damage by dealing five times as much damage whenever the user lands a critical hit.

How to Get the Satori

Best Pistols


Cyberpunk 2077 Pride

Rogue's signature weapon, the Pride pistol has an increased chance to land critical hits on enemies, as well as increased headshot damage. It also has slots for one scope and a muzzle, extending its usefulness.

How to Get Pride


Cyberpunk 2077 Skippy

Don't let the wacky side of this smart pistol fool you; if you treat it right, you will end up with one of the most powerful pistols in the game.

When you get your hands on Skippy, set it to "Puppy-Loving Pacifist Mode," which will have him hit an enemy's non-vital parts. Kill 50 enemies with the gun, and it will set itself to "Stone Cold Killer" mode permanently. In that mode, Skippy will always hit an enemy's head first, landing headshot after headshot.

How to Get Skippy


Cyberpunk 2077 Genjiroh

One of the best pistols in the game, the Genjiroh is great at spray and pray tactics where you just have to aim at the general direction of your enemies to hurt them. Its ability to inflict enemies with Shock is just a bonus.

Best Pistols

Best Assault Rifles

Moron Labe

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Moron Labe.png

Another rifle you may want to consider is the Moron Labe, an iconic version of the Ajax rifle which you'll have to assemble to get a hold of. It has high DPS in part due to its increased fire rate with a chance to dismember enemies.

How to Get Moron Labe

Psalm 11:6

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Psalm 11 6

This red-hot variant of a Copperhead rifle has high DPS against enemies, along with the chance to burn them as you fire. Investing points into Crafting to make its Legendary variant may be worth the investment.

The high chance to apply the Burn status will be particularly punishing to your foes. Combined with the extra thermal damage, this is a must-have assault rifle for the later part of the game.

Best Assault and Precision Rifles

Best Sniper Rifle


Cyberpunk 2077 Overwatch Sniper Rifle

The best sniper rifle in the game hands-down, the Overwatch has increased reload speed and accuracy, allowing you to take down groups of enemies fast. This gun once belonged to Panam.

Best Sniper Rifles


Cyberpunk O

The O'Five is a unique sniper rifle in its own right, as its bullets set enemies on fire. The more enemies are on fire after getting hit with this rifle, the faster V will be able to reload it. More burning enemies also increases the O'Five's Crit Chance.

Get this rfile by beating Buck in Beat on the Brat: Arroyo.

How to Get O'Five

Best Submachine Guns

Prototype: Shingen Mark V

Cyberpunk 2077 Prototype Shingen Mark V

This prototype Smart SMG not only seeks out its targets, but can lock on to 3 targets in total. This is on top of a chance to inflict burn on the enemies it hits. Obtain this weapon by finishing the mission Gimme Danger in the main questline.

How to Get Prototype: Shingen Mark V


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Yinglong

The Yinglong is a powerful Smart SMG that can hit enemies hiding behind cover, making it perfect to use if you're forced behind cover by a group of enemies.

Its additional Electrical damage and chance to apply EMP effect make it even more reliable in combat. One drawback to fully utilizing this weapon is that it needs to be crafted. After finding its specs, using the Edgerunner Artisan perk to craft a Legendary version is the best way to use this weapon.

Best Submachine Guns

Best Shotgun

The Headsman

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - The Headsman

The Headsman truly lives up to its name. With double the projectiles per shot and increased chances of dismemberment and Bleeding, it is sure to tear through enemies like Thermal Mantis Blades through butter, just like the Moron Labe.

Best Shotguns

Best Revolvers

Comrade's Hammer

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Comrade

Comrade's Hammer is the ultimate one-shot revolver. Once finding its specs, this gun can be crafted to deal massive damage. It also can shoot throw walls and obstacles, making hiding from it impossible.

Combined with certain perks and quickhacks such as Grand Finale and Ping, you can one-shot all the enemies inside a building without ever having to even go inside.

How to Get the Comrade's Hammer


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Archangel

If having to reload your gun often is not your time, then you may want to get the Archangel instead. One of the most powerful revolvers in the game, the Archangel combines accuracy with deadly stopping power.

Best Revolvers

Best Katana


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Jinchu-maru

Jinchu-Maru becomes truly a force to be reckoned with when combined with the Kerenzikov cyberware ability. While time is slowed in this state, all attacks become critical hits. This ability plus the double damage multiplier against enemies with twice your health makes this an excellent choice to use against bosses with lots of health.

Jinchu-Maru can be obtained after defeating Oda in the quest Play It Safe. With a Tech Ability stat of 18, it can be further crafted into a Legendary weapon for even higher damage.

How to Get the Jinchu-Maru


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Satori

If you want a good katana early in the game, then you might want to go get the Satori, Saburo Arasaka's katana. Though it deals lower base damage, it will also deal five times its critical damage whenever you make a critical hit.

You'll only be able to get it through The Heist quest, so make sure not to miss it.

Best Katanas

Best Knife


Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Stinger

The Stinger is a unique knife that can be acquired during the quest I'll Fly Away. It has good damage as well as a chance to poison your foes and is the best knife to use for the Stealth Build. Just make sure you don't throw it otherwise you cannot recover it anymore.

Best Knives

Best Blunt Weapon

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapon - Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Sometimes, you just gotta dazzle your enemies. What better way to do that than by bashing their heads in with a golden baseball bat?

The Gold-Plated Baseball Bat is the shining pinnacle of blunt weapons. Its high chance to apply Bleeding, very high damage, and stun, all make it a great blunt weapon. Not only is it strong, it also is non-lethal which can be very important for some side quests and gigs like cyberpsycho jobs from Regina.

How to Get the Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Best One-Shot Weapon

Cyberpunk 2077 Projectile Launch System

Utilizing the Projectile Launch System and Tranquilizer Rounds mod, you can obtain a weapon that will one-shot all human enemies.

How to One-Shot Every Enemy

Best Weapons Criteria

High DPS

Cyberpunk 2077 Overwatch Firing

The key to surviving firefights in Cyberpunk,, especially if you're outnumbered, is to deal as much damage as you can in the shortest time possible. Having a gun with high DPS helps solve that quickly.

As the DPS and bonus percentages of Weapons are highly randomized and vary highly depending on what level the user is when they are obtained, it's difficult to judge the exact DPS of each weapon. The DPS judgments included here are based on our experience using these weapons while playing through the game.

Presence of Scope/Muzzle Slots

Cyberpunk 2077 Scope Inspection

Scope and muzzle slots increase the operational function of your weapon, with suppressors to make your weapon silent in stealth missions, and scopes to help you take down gonks from afar. Therefore, always keep an eye out on weapons with these slots included.

Useful Effects

Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon Effects

Iconic weapons have their own quirk in that they have various 'effects' that help in battle someday. For example, the O'Five Rifle can set enemies on fire. The more enemies are on fire, the faster your character reloads.

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