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This is Game8's list of all the best weapons available in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn the details of all the best and most powerful end-game weapons currently available in the game.

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Your Best Weapon

The weapons which are shown here are based on Legendary-tier weapons found at the end of the game. Players who are still working their way through the story won't be able to obtain them.

As Cyberpunk 2077 has a high turnover for weapons, the strongest weapons for most players will be the ones which you found recently at your current level. Find weapons which match your Perks, and which have the highest DPS!

Best Weapons Overall

The following weapons are the top of their individual class, and shine even when compared across weapons of all types. Any combination of these weapons which suits your playstyle should be sufficient to handle any threat that comes your way.

Name Class Bonus Effect
HJKE-11 Yukimura.pngGenjiroh Smart Pistol Fire four rounds per shot. Increases ammo clip size, projectile speed and can target up to six targets simultaneously. Bullets deal additional electrical damage with an increased chance to apply Shock.
D5 Copperhead.PNGPsalm 11:6 Power Assault Rifle Deals additional Thermal damage, greatly increasing the chance to apply Burn.
Ashura.pngAshura Smart Sniper Rifle None
Yinglong.pngYinglong Smart Submachine Gun Deals additional Electrical damage with a small chance to apply an EMP on impact.
Jinchu-Maru.pngJinchu-Maru Blade (Katana) Gain 100% Crit Chance while Kerenzikov is active. Last strike in a combo deals double damage. Doubles damage against enemies with twice your current Health.

Best Weapons of Each Type

Best Pistols

Name Reason
HJKE-11 Yukimura.pngGenjiroh ・Based on HJKE-11 Yukimura
・Fire four rounds per shot. Increases ammo clip size, projectile speed and can target up to six targets simultaneously. Bullets deal additional electrical damage with an increased chance to apply Shock.
HJKE-11 Yukimura.pngHJKE-11 Yukimura ・High DPS
・Smart Weapons can home in on targets
Pride.pngPride ・Scope/Muzzle Slots
・Increased Crit Chance and headshot damage
・Can be obtained on first main story playthrough

Although Skippy is a popular choice for Best Pistol, it's limited by the inconvenience of switching modes after 50 kills. Other Smart Pistols can do the same job better!


Once obtained, Genjiroh will be your go-to pistol. Not only is it a Smart weapon like Skippy, it also fires 4 rounds at the same time and can simultaneously target up to 6 enemies at once.

To make it even deadlier, it applies electric damage and gives a chance to receive the Shock status.

Best Pistols

Best Assault Rifles

Name Reason
Psalm 11:6 ・High DPS
・Deals additional thermal damage
・High chance to apply Burn status

To use the best version of this gun, the Edgerunner Artisan perk will be required at a Technical Ability of 18. However, this weapon is worth the investment. Once you have crafted the Legendary version of this weapon, it will be rain down fire as its name reference suggests.

The high chance to apply the Burn status will be particularly punishing to your foes. Combined with the extra thermal damage, this is a must have assault rifle for the later part of the game.

Best Assault Rifles

Best Sniper Rifles

Name Reason
Ashura.pngAshura ・High DPS
・Smart Weapons can home in on targets

Once you acquire the Smart Link cyberware to utilize Smart Weapons, Ashura's true potential will shine. As the only Smart sniper rifle in the game, once you have locked-on to moving targets, your shots will automatically go straight to their head. This will allow you to safely shoot from behind cover and from a distance. The weapon can also have up to 4 mod slots, allowing you to further improve its stats.

One downside to Ashura is that you cannot equip a silencer on it. However, using it from a distance will allow you to take out most enemies before they realize where you are located.

Best Sniper Rifles

Best Submachine Guns

Name Reason
Yinglong.pngYinglong ・Based on G-58 Dian
・Smart Weapons can home in on targets
G-58 Dian.pngG-58 Dian ・High DPS
・Smart Weapons can home in on targets


The Yinglong is a powerful Smart SMG that can hit enemies hiding behind cover. Its additional Electrical damage and chance to apply EMP effect make it even more reliable in combat. One drawback to fully utilizing this weapon is that it needs to be crafted. After finding its specs, using the Edgerunner Artisan perk to craft a Legendary version is the best way to use this weapon.

Best SMGs

Best Shotguns

Name Reason
M2038 Tactician.pngThe Headsman ・Doubles the number of projectiles per shot and increases the chance for dismemberment or Bleeding. Increases spread, reduces reload time, reduces rate of fire and reduces clip capacity compared to the base version of the gun.

The Headsman truly lives up to its name. With double the projectiles per shot and increased chances of dismemberment and Bleeding, it is sure to tear through enemies like Thermal Mantis Blades through butter.

One throwback to its power is a reduced clip capacity and rate of fire.

Best Shotguns

Best Revolvers

ComradeComrade's Hammer ・Shoots through walls
・Very high damage
・Can be made paired with Grand Finale perk for double damage every shot

Comrade's Hammer is the ultimate one-shot revolver. Once finding its specs, this gun can be crafted to deal massive damage. It also can shoot throw walls and obstacles, making hiding from it impossible. Combined with certain perks and quickhacks such as Grand Finale and Ping, you can one shot all the enemies inside a building without ever having to even go inside.

Best Revolvers

Best Katanas

Name Reason
Jinchu-Maru.pngJinchu-Maru ・High DPS
・Gain 100% Crit Chance while Kerenzikov is active. Last strike in a combo deals double damage. Doubles damage against enemies with twice your current Health.

Jinchu-Maru becomes truly a force to be reckoned with when combined with the Kerenzikov cyberware ability. While time is slowed in this state, all attacks become critical hits. This ability plus the double damage multiplier against enemies with twice your health makes this an excellent choice to use against bosses with lots of health.

Jinchu-Maru can be obtained after defeating Oda in the quest Play It Safe. With a Tech Ability stat of 18, it can be further crafted to a Legendary weapon for even higher damage.

Best Katanas

Best Knives

Name Reason
Knife.PNGScalpel ・Increases Electrical damage. While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 50% and hits apply Bleeding.

Scalpel can be combined with the Sandevistan cyberware ability to increase its Crit Chance by 50%. This ability, plus its damage and increase in electrical damage make it the perfect blade for cutting through your enemies.

Best Knives

Best Blunt Weapons

Name Reason
Baseball Bat.PNGGold-Plated Baseball Bat ・High chance to apply Bleeding, low chance to stun targets.

The Gold-Plated Baseball Bat is the shining pinnacle of blunt weapons. Its high chance to apply Bleeding, very high damage, and stun chance all make it a great blunt weapon. Not only is it strong, it also is non-lethal which can be very important for some side quests and gigs.

Best Blunt Weapons

One-Shot Weapon

Utilizing the Projectile Launch System and Tranquilizer Rounds mod, you can obtain a weapon that will one-shot all human enemies.

How to One-Shot Every Enemy

Best Weapons Criteria

  • High DPS
  • Presence of Scope/Muzzle Slots
  • Useful Effects (Iconic Weapons)

As the DPS and bonus percentages of Weapons are highly randomized, and vary highly depending on what level the user is when they are obtained, it's difficult to judge exact DPS of each weapon. The DPS judgments included here are based on our experience using these weapons while playing through the game.

Best Versions of Each Weapon

Note that the weapons on this list are not inherently the strongest – to ensure that each of these weapons have the maximum possible DPS and number of mod slots, you'll need to fulfill the following critera.

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