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This is a list of Weapon Mods found in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about all the Weapon Mods available, how to use them, their stats, and how to get them.

How to Use Weapon Mods

Mods Make Your Weapons More Powerful

Weapon Mods are general modifications for your weapons, which can be subdivided into Melee Weapon Mods and Ranged Weapon Mods. They can be used if your Weapon has a Mod Slot – Attachment Slots for Weapon Mods and Muzzles will not work.

They can provide weapon stat boosts across the board, including increases to damage, crit chance, headshot damage, and more, or can even have more niche effects like weakening enemies or eliminating vertical recoil.

Don't Use Mods on Weak Weapons

At the start of the game, you'll come across a lot of low-level weapons and some good weapon mods. Don't use your mods on these weapons just to give yourself an extra firepower boost. That's because once you use a mod on a particular weapon, it'll be destroyed when you remove it.

The best strategy is to keep your powerful mods and use them later when you get more decent gear.

List of Weapon Mods

Ranged Weapon Mods

Mod Effect
AutoloaderAutoloader ・Reduced reload time after fully emptying ammo clip.
Combat AmplifierCombat Amplifier ・Increases chance to apply damage-related status effect by 5 %.
CountermassCountermass ・Eliminates vertical recoil while aiming.
CrunchCrunch ・Increases damage by 8 .
Neon ArrowNeon Arrow ・Reduces weapon reload time by 5 %.
PacifierPacifier ・Increases Crit Damage by 6 %.
PaxPax ・Renders your weapon non-lethal, allowing you to damage your enemies without killing them.
・Increases damage by 6 .
PenetratorPenetrator ・Increases Crit Chance by 2 %.
PhantomPhantom ・Increases rate of fire by 5 %.
PulverizePulverize ・Increases damage to limbs by 5 %.
VendettaVendetta ・Increases headshot damage by 20 %.
WeakenWeaken ・Hitting a target reduces damage received from them by 20 % for 10 sec.

Melee Weapon Mods

Mod Effect
Cold ShoulderCold Shoulder ・Increases damage by 7.
KunaiKunai ・Increases weapon attack speed by 0.3 .
ScourgeScourge ・Increases Crit Damage by 10 %.
White-KnuckledWhite-Knuckled ・Increases Crit Chance by 7 %.

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