Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Birds With Broken Wings Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Birds With Broken Wings is the eighth main quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a full walkthrough for Birds With Broken Wings and all available rewards!

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
You Know My Name Birds With Broken Wings I've Seen That Face Before

Birds With Broken Wings Basic Information


Quest Type Main
Act Act 2
Quest No. 8
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Birds With Broken Wings

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete You Know My Name

Birds With Broken Wings Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Birds With Broken Wings Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Wait a Day for a Call From Reed
  2. Go to Alex's Safehouse
  3. Follow and Talk to Alex
  4. Access the Tracking Station Transceiver
  5. Talk to Songbird then Call Reed
  6. Access the Second Transceiver
  7. Go to Farida's Clinic

1. Wait a Day for a Call From Reed

Cyberpunk 2077 - Advance the time from the game menu

To begin this quest, you will need to wait a day for Reed to give you a call. During this time you can choose to take on other activities around Dogtown such as collecting Tarot cards or finding Data Terminals for Relic points.

If you want to start this quest immediately, you can go ahead and skip 24 hours in-game from the lower left screen in the game's menu.

2. Go to Alex's Safehouse

Cyberpunk 2077 - Go to Alex

Over the phone, Reed will tell you to go to Alex's safehouse where you will meet up with Reed and Alex. When you get to the safehouse, Reed and Alex will brief you on the mission details.

3. Follow and Talk to Alex

Cyberpunk 2077 - Follow and talk to Alex

After the mission briefing, follow Alex into a different section of the safehouse then talk to her. She will tell you how to go about carjacking the runners and give you a gizmo that unlocks cars. After talking with Alex, leave the safehouse to begin the next objective.

4. Access the Tracking Station Transceiver

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Access the Tracking Station Transceiver

The next objective requires you to get to the area near the Pacifica Serenity Bible Church. There is some distance between the safehouse and the church so we recommend taking a car or fast traveling to the Chapel Data Term in Pacifica.

When you get to the church, climb up the scaffolding beside the entrance to get to the roof. Be ready to fight as you will have to take out all of the hostiles stationed on the roof. Once you've dealt with all the enemies, access the transceiver to complete this objective.

5. Talk to Songbird then Call Reed

Cyberpunk 2077 - Talk to Songbird

As you make your way to the transceiver, Songbird will call you asking to meet up. The meet up needs to happen at around 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM so if it's too early still, you can skip the time once again or complete other objectives until this time.

During this objective, Songbird will explain the motives for her actions. After you finish talking to her, call Reed to brief him on what Songbird told you.

6. Access the Second Transceiver

Cyberpunk 2077 -  Access the Second Transceiverl

After finishing up with the first transceiver, make your way to the second transceiver located near the Megabuilding H4 Data Term in Santo Domingo. The transceiver will also be located on a roof but this time there won't be any hostiles in the area.

Interacting with the transceiver reveals that its broken and you'll need to restart the transceiver. You can find the control panel to restart the transceiver on a corner of the roof. Alternatively, you can opt to pay the kid on the rooftop 1000 Eddies to help you find it. After restarting the transceiver, download the data to finish the objective.

7. Go to Farida's Clinic

Cyberpunk 2077 - Go to Farida

After you've downloaded the data from the second transceiver, call Reed and he'll instruct you to go to Farida's Clinic. Once you get to the clinic, you'll find Reed is also there.

Head to the clinic and you'll find Reed there with Farida. There will be a lot of conversations taking place and finishing all of them will complete this quest.

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