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List of Special Clothing

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This is a list of Special Clothing that appears in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn about Special Clothing, and what Special Clothing are found in the game!

What are Special Clothing

Provides Style and Safety

Special clothing includes other types of clothing and accessories which do not fit into the other categories. Like other clothing, they will provide you with different customization choices and defensive stats. Some clothing can even provide a Street Cred bonus!

Unlike other types of clothing, Special Clothing only has one slot, and cannot be worn together with other types of clothing.

List of Special Clothing

Clothing Inventory Slot Effect
Afterlife Netrunning SuitAfterlife Netrunning Suit Special None
Arasaka Hazmat SuitArasaka Hazmat Suit Special None
Arasaka SpacesuitArasaka Spacesuit Special None
Arasaka Spacesuit (With Helmet)Arasaka Spacesuit (With Helmet) Special None
Bandage WrappingBandage Wrapping Special None
Dirty Militech SuitDirty Militech Suit Special None
Joshua’s Prison UniformJoshua’s Prison Uniform Special None
Militech Aramid-Weave Hazmat SuitMilitech Aramid-Weave Hazmat Suit Special None
Militech SuitMilitech Suit Special None
NCPD Chem-Resistant Hazmat SuitNCPD Chem-Resistant Hazmat Suit Special None
Neoprene Diving Suit (from Judy)Neoprene Diving Suit (from Judy) Special None
Neoprene Diving Suit With Flippers (From Judy)Neoprene Diving Suit With Flippers (From Judy) Special None
Police UniformPolice Uniform Special None
Roach WhispererRoach Whisperer Special None
Ruined Militech SuitRuined Militech Suit Special None
V’s Informal OutfitV’s Informal Outfit Special None
Virtual JumpsuitVirtual Jumpsuit Special None

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