Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Firestarter Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Firestarter is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and a pivotal point in the DLC's main story. Here's a walkthrough of Firestarter and its two branching routes, how to answer Hansen's questions, and whether to help Songbird or Reed!

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
I've Seen That Face Before Firestarter Run This Town

Firestarter Basic Information


Quest Type Main
Act Act 2
Quest No. 10
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Firestarter

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete I've Seen That Face Before

Firestarter Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Firestarter Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Drive to the Stadium
  2. Meet with Hansen Inside
  3. Talk to Hansen
  4. Follow Songbird

1. Drive to the Stadium

Cyberpunk - driving to the Stadium

The first part of the quest is driving to the stadium where you'll meet with Hansen. Alex will give you a refresher on the way, where you should answer A tough bastard. A hard man or A hard man. Just how I lilke them (depends on who you're impersonating)—the twins' impressions of the colonel that you would've learned if you eavesdropped on them before taking control of the vehicle in the previous mission.

There will be an ID check once you get to the stadium. Past the gate is the parking lot. After parking, you will have access to the twin's dossier that you can study for the authenticity of your identity.

2. Meet with Hansen Inside

Cyberpunk - Murphy

Head inside the building with Alex. Soon after entering, you'll meet with Murphy who will guide you through the stadium until you reach Hansen.

3. Talk to Hansen

Cyberpunk - answering Hansen

This is where your impersonation skills—or your memory—will be put to the test. A number of dialogue prompts will appear throughout your talk with the colonel. It is important that you get the answers right or else Hansen will get suspicious and drop both of you on the spot.

Keep the dossier open for notes!

How to Answer Hansen's Questions ▼

4. Follow Songbird

Cyberpunk - Firestarter choice event - Songbird or Reed

Songbird will arrive to inform you that the mainframe is ready. This also means you passed the pop quiz from Hansen!

Follow Songbird downstairs to the mainframe. Before you proceed, she will tell you about the escape plan once the neural matrix is out.

More dialogue options will appear, but the most important one is choosing between Songbird and Reed. This will determine what happens next—your escape route and the questline you will be locked into. Make sure to have a separate save ready if you want to play through both questlines.

Choice Outcome
Help Songbird escape ・Upload the access codes
・Alex flatlines Kurt
・Songbird helps you escape
・Unlocks The Killing Moon quest
・Locks you out of Reed's questline
Songbird's route
Help Reed capture Songbird ・Use the ICEbreaker
・Kurt flatlines Alex
・Songbird suffers from cyberpsychosis and escapes
・You will escape alone and fight Kurt Hansen near the exit
・Unlocks Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos quest
・Locks you out of Songbird's questline
Reed's route

Help Songbird or Reed? ▼

Firestarter (Songbird's Route) Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Escape the Secured Area with Songbird
  2. Reach the Market Exit with Songbird
  3. Escape the Stadium with Songbird

Escape the Secured Area with Songbird

Cyberpunk - escaping the secured area with Songbird.

You're unarmed right now (unless you have Arms Cyberware installed) so pick up the weapons on your way out of the lab. You'll get the items you left earlier soon.

During the escape, Songbird can hack into the stadium's defense systems and machines to deal with the Barghest. Two choices will be given to you in such events, but you can only pick one.

Keep pressing forward and you will reach the lockers where your items are stored.

Reach the Market Exit with Songbird

Cyberpunk - reaching the market with Songbird

Wait for Songbird to open the door then continue following the way out. Remember Murphy? He's one of the guards in the next room. Drop him and you will get the Iconic weapon Murphy's Law.

Follow the path until you reach the market.

Escape the Stadium with Songbird

Cyberpunk - escaping the stadium with Songbird

Almost there. Just a few more guards to take down and you'll reach the path to the sewers. There are a couple of drones down here but they are relatively easier to deal with.

Open the grate at the end of the sewers and jump down the camp below. Follow Songbird outside to complete the quest and unlock The Killing Moon.

Firestarter (Reed's Route) Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Escape the Secured Area and Reach the Market
  2. Neutralize Hansen and His Soldiers
  3. Meet with Reed

Escape the Secured Area and Reach the Market

Cyberpunk - locker with your inventory

Songbird has gone mad. Pick up the weapons on your way out of the lab as your inventory is still on the locker. Having Arms Cyberware installed will make the escape much easier.

The locker is in the room after the next, but you have to get through the guards first. Grab your things and continue following the marker, while dealing with more guards, until you reach the other end of the market.

Neutralize Hansen and His Soldiers

Cyberpunk - Hansen boss fight

Hansen and two of his men will ambush you right as you reach the exit. Deal with his soldiers first to make it even and easier.

Uses Ranged Attacks at the Start

The colonel will use ranged weapons during the first phase of the fight. There aren't a lot of reliable covers in the area so we recommend either stacking quickhacks (if you're on a netrunner build) or getting up close until he goes down to 75% health.

Switches to Melee at 75% Health

After cutting a quarter of his health bar, Hansen will grab you and switch to a close-combat stance. For builds that mainly use ranged attacks, this can be difficult as he will always try to close the gap with dashes and can use a slam attack once he catches up.

Your best strategy would be to memorize the outline of the area and shoot Hansen while running around backwards. It's still not entirely safe, though, Hansen will occasionally throw knives at your leg and perform a grab attack whenever you get too far.

Defeating Hansen will allow you to loot three Iconic weapons: Fang (Knife), Bald Eagle (Power Revolver), and Wild Dog (Power Light Machine Gun). Grab the Stadium security datashard from his corpse as well.

Meet with Reed

Cyberpunk -meet with Reed at the garage

Follow the marker to the elevator and use it to go down to the garage where Reed will meet you. The guards here can be ignored as your objective here is to get in the car.

You will be taken to an overlook where you will see Songbird getting taken away by MaxTac forces, and discuss with Reed the plan on retrieving her. The mission concludes once you hop off the vehicle, unlocking Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.

How to Answer Hansen's Questions

Prompts and Responses Depend on V's Gender

Prompt Correct Response / Notes
Male V / Aymeric
"You two left richer and happier, I hope?" If you won against the twins during You Know My Name, choose We lost all at the end. Otherwise, tell Hansen you won a lot of cash.
"Interesting... And what gem brought you halfway 'round the world?" A Porsche 911
Dossier says he is a classic car collector.
Hansen offers vodka Either of the Don't drink options
Dossier says he avoids substance abuse.
"...How did you wriggle out of the contract?" I don't remember
Dossier says he did work at the Petrochem three years ago, but the storage disks where those memories are stored were stolen.
Female V / Aurore
"You two left richer and happier, I hope?" If you won against the twins during You Know My Name, choose We lost everything. Otherwise, tell Hansen you made a fat stack of cash.
"Raquel. Asked me to say hello..." I do not know any Raquel.
Dossier says she was in the VIP wing.
" the Sapphire, you asked me to contact a certain fashion type..." Kerry Eurodyne's tailor.
Dossier says she's a fan of Kerry's style.
"I need an in with Le Collectif." Impossible.
Dossier says she has a bounty in France.

Prompts not included here are irrelevant to the mission.

You must answer or respond to the prompts correctly based on Aymeric/Aurore's character to advance the mission. If you answered incorrectly and have sufficient Cool level, you can come up with an excuse before it is finalized.

Get two wrong answers and you will be dropped on the spot and sent to the game over screen.

Should You Help Songbird or Reed?

Your Choice Determines the DLC Ending

The choice event that occurs while getting the neural matrix from the mainframe heavily affects the Phantom Liberty story. It will also determine the questline branch that you will take, as well as the ending that you'll get.

We recommend creating multiple saves to experience all possible routes and view all endings available.

Choice Outcome
Help Songbird escape ・Unlocks The Killing Moon quest, which will also branch into two questlines
・Locks you out of Reed's questline
・Required for King of Wands and King of Swords endings
Help Reed capture Songbird ・Unlocks Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos quest
・Locks you out of Songbird's questline
・Required for King of Cups and King of Pentacles endings

Should You Help Songbird or Reed?

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