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This is a walkthrough for Riders On The Storm, a Side Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Riders On The Storm, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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Life During Wartime Riders On The Storm With A Little Help From My Friends
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1 Ghost Town
2 Lightning Breaks
3 Life During Wartime
4 Nocturne OP55N1
5 Riders On The Storm
6 With A Little Help From My Friends
7 Queen Of The Highway
8 We Gotta Live Together
9 Forward To Death
10 Belly Of The Beast

Riders On The Storm Basic Information

Quest Type Side
Act Act 2
Quest No. 1
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Riders On The Storm

Complete Life During Wartime and wait until Panam calls you.

Riders On The Storm Rewards

Overwatch Sniper Rifle

Riders On The Storm Walkthrough

Raffen Shiv Camp

Objective Icon.pngMeet with Panam.
Go to the Aldecaldos' camp and talk to Panam. Follow her over to the car and go over the plan to handle the Raffens. Take the shard from Mitch and survey the camp.
Objective Icon.pngObserve the camp perimeter.→Head to the Raffen Shiv Camp.
Scan the tire tracks then the truck when prompted then disconnect after you see everything. Get in the car with Panam and drive to the camp. Going with her will push you towards her romance option if you're playing as male V.
Objective Icon.pngGet inside the camp.
Head over to the camp and take out the enemies in any way you'd like. Saul is in the cellar so head into the main building when you can and go downstairs. Take down whoever else gets in your way and free Saul.
Objective Icon.pngLeave the building.
With Saul good to go, you need to get out back to Panam. If you have 9 points in Technical Ability you can open the gate to the quick exit, otherwise you need to go back the way you came. If you took out everyone before coming to get Saul then either choice is safe. Go to the van and get inside.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Saul.
When you arrive at your destination, go inside the building with Panam and Saul to escape the storm. Go into the backroom and repair the breaker to get the power back on. Head around the back of the house and interact with the fusebox to fix the heat, then go back inside. Side with Panam in the conversation if you're trying to romance her.
Objective Icon.pngTalk with Panam.
Go outside and talk to Panam when you wake up. She'll give a sniper rifle and the quest will end. Wait a few in-game days for Panam to call you with details on the next quest.

All Completion Routes

Best Completion Route

Route Rating
Ground Floor
Use Technical on the ventilation system ★★★★★
Electrical substation ★★★★
Silo to the roof ★★★
Green container ★★
Guns Blazing

The best route to take in this Side Job is through the ventilation system, given that you have enough Tech attribute. Taking this route will let you rescue Saul without running into a single enemy.

Stealth Route Guides - Ground Floor

There are three stealthy approaches to this mission.

Use Technical on the Ventilation System

From the main entrance of the camp, go right until you find a ventilation system on the side. If you have sufficient Tech ability, open it to find a tunnel that will lead you to the room where Saul is. After rescuing Saul, retrace your steps and wait for Panam to complete the objective.

Electrical Substation

You can also find an electrical substation on the right side of the camp, just before you reach the ventilation system. Once inside, enter the building on your left and climb the stairs. You will run into a guard on the footbridge so wait for the right moment to take him down.

Inside the main building, go right and around it to find the stairs to the cellar where you should defeat three more guards before rescuing Saul.

Silo to roof

There is a way to get to the roof of the building where Saul is being kept. You will need to go to the right of the electrical substation and climb up the cliffs to get to the silos. Climb up the dirt piles and onto the structure that leads you to the roof. You can drop from one of the holes on the roof to get inside.

Green Container

Taking this route is risky as the snipers atop of the buildings, as well as the roaming guards, can spot you if you moved at the wrong moment. From the main entrance, head left and enter the camp through a green container. Avoid the patrols and the snipers while making your way to the side of the main building where there are stairs in.

Once at the top of the building, go around the walkway until you reach the cellar where Saul is.

Guns Blazing Route Guide

Taking this route means taking on the entire camp by yourself. Make sure to take out the snipers atop of the buildings before barging in. Storm the front gates and loot the Problem Solver Iconic Weapon from one of the guards at the entrance then mow your way down to the cellar to rescue Saul.

Obtainable Items

This list contains only rare Items and those which have a high chance of appearing.

Item How to Get
OverwatchOverwatch (Rare) Complete the mission and Panam will give this weapon to you as a gift.
Problem SolverProblem Solver (Rare) Can be looted from the big enemy guarding the Wraith's camp entrance.
Crafting Spec: SOR-22Crafting Spec: SOR-22 (Legendary) It is located in one of the containers where Saul is being kept captive.
DR5 NovaDR5 Nova (Epic) In the Wraiths' camp, in the room with the staircase leading down to the cellar. In the corner of the room near the staircase.
Secondhand Synthleather VestSecondhand Synthleather Vest (Rare) In the shack with Panam and Saul after escaping the Wraiths' camp.
Electric Baton GammaElectric Baton Gamma (Epic) This is one of the cabinets near Saul. This item can roll Epic or Rare.

Tips and Strategies

Hack Hack Hack

There are a lot of enemies in the camp, so unless you want to go in guns blazing, take advantage of cameras that will allow you to remotely quickhack and down enemies out of view. This will make getting to Saul much smoother.

Romance Guide - Panam

If you're trying to romance Panam as a male V, you must do two things in this quest to be able to get her down the line. For a full walkthrough, check out our guide below.
Panam Palmer: Romance Guide

Side With Her During Her Argument With Saul

When she and Saul talk about selling out, make sure to side with her, she'll thank you for this the next day.

Touch Her Thigh When Prompted

Riders On The Storm Touch Panam
As you two relax and get cozy, you have the option to make a move on her by touching her thigh. She'll reject you for now, but this is to be able to romance her later on.

The Problem Solver

This SMG can be found by a large enemy guarding the front entrance of the compound.

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Quest Quest Giver Rec. Level
Burning Desire - Any
Paid in Full - Any
The Gift T-Bug Any
The Gig Wakako Any
The Gun - Any
The Highwayman - Any
Psycho Killer - 4
The Prophet's Song 10

Act 2 Side Quests

Quest Quest Giver Rec. Level
A Day in The Life Darrell Any
A Like Supreme Kerry Any
Big in Japan - Any
Boat Drinks Kerry Any
Both Sides, Now Judy Any
Coin Operated Boy Theo Any
Epistrophy Delamain Any
Epistrophy: Badlands Delamain Any
Epistrophy: North Oak Delamain Any
Epistrophy: Northside Delamain Any
Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado Delamain Any
Epistrophy: The Glen Delamain Any
Every Breath You Take Any
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel Any
Fool on The Hill Misty Any
Happy Together - Any
Heroes - Any
Holdin' On - Any
Human Nature - Any
I Can See Clearly Now Brendan Any
I Don't Wanna Hear It Kerry Any
I'll Fly Away Any
Imagine - Any
Kold Mirage Any
Losing My Religion Bhikkhu Any
Love Rollercoaster - Any
Machine Gun Skippy Any
Meetings Along The Edge - Any
Off The Leash Kerry Any
Poem of The Atoms - Any
Pyramid Song Judy Any
Queen Of The Highway Panam Any
Raymond Chandler Evening Pepe Any
Rebel! Rebel! Kerry Any
Sex on Wheels Jake Any
Shoot to Thrill - Any
Sinnerman Wakako Any
Space Oddity - Any
Spellbound Nix Any
Spray Paint Brendan Any
Stadium Love - Any
Stairway to Heaven - Any
Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution Judy Any
The Ballad of Buck Ravers - Any
The Beast in Me Claire Any
The Beast in Me: Badlands Claire Any
The Beast in Me: City Center Claire Any
The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo Claire Any
The Beast in Me: The Big Race Claire Any
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - Any
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Claire Any
They Won't Go When I Go - Any
Tune Up - Any
Venus in Furs - Any
Violence Any
War Pigs - Any
Epistrophy: Wellsprings Delamain 7
Epistrophy: Coastview Delamain 8
Ex-Factor Judy 10
Fortunate Son Bob 10
Full Disclosure - 10
Beat on the Brat: Kabuki Coach Fred 15
Blistering Love Rogue 15
Chippin' In Rogue 15
Don't Lose Your Mind - 15
Killing In The Name Nancy 15
Pisces Judy 15
Send In The Clowns Ozob 15
The Hunt - 15
Riders On The Storm Panam 16
Following The River River 17
With A Little Help From My Friends Panam 18
Dream On Jefferson 20
Gun Music - 25
I Fought The Law Jefferson 25
Beat on the Brat: Arroyo Coach Fred 30
Beat on the Brat: The Glen Coach Fred 30
Bullets Zane 30
Only Pain - 30
Small Man, Big Mouth Kirk 30
Sweet Dreams 30
Beat on the Brat: Pacifica Coach Fred 40
Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado Coach Fred 40
Beat on the Brat Coach Fred 45

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