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How to Make Money Fast

This is a guide on getting Money (Eddies) fast in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn what you should be doing to farm Eddies and get rich, as well as whether or not the infinite and unlimited money glitches are still working!

How to Get Money (Eddies) Fast

Complete Jobs

Complete Job
In Night City, a merc like you is going to have plenty of jobs to complete. Just like any other job, you complete a task and you get paid. Taking up the Jobs you are given is going to be a staple source of Eddies in the game. Not only are you going to experience well written stories and characters, but you will also get paid to play through them!

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Missions With The Highest Payout

Certain missions have a much bigger payout compared to most side jobs or gigs. Here are some of the missions that give you the highest payout.

Be warned however that certain jobs in this list are difficult to accomplish so you may want to hold off doing them until you are at a higher enough level

Job Name Rewards Rec. Level
Beat on the Brat: Pacifica 32,000/64,000 Eddies 40
Psycho Killer 33,270 Eddies (17 Total Missions) 10-25
Rebel! Rebel! 13,900 Eddies Any
Hot Merchandise 11,600 Eddies 35
I Fought The Law 11,580 Eddies 25
Guinea Pigs 10,900 Eddies 35
Going Up or Down? 10,900 Eddies 20
The Union Strikes Back 9,280 Eddies 25
Going-Away Party 9,050 Eddies 25
Dream On 8,960 Eddies 20

Complete NCPD Open World Activities

NCPD Side Content
Completing the open-world side content is going to reward you with Eddies, especially those that are from the NCPD. These activities will usually have you fight a group of enemies to fulfill just a single objective which makes these quite easy to complete. Each objective usually involve 500 or so eddies which makes this an easy money grab.

To find these jobs you can check your map and hover over the blue markers to check its objectives.

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Sell Unwanted Items

Cyberpunk features a huge amount of items. Due to the insane amount of looting, you will definitely have copies of the same item - even if you don't use them. Instead of letting them sit all day in your backpack, sell them for eddies!

Be careful of what you sell! Iconic weapons and armor cannot be acquired again once you sell them so make sure you don't sell them away.

Determine Your Build And Sell Away

One of the easiest way to organize your unwanted stuff is to determine the kind of build you are going for early. Certain builds do not need a particular weapon type - which makes those weapons useless. Then, all you need to do is sell all those weapons you are not gonna use anyway. Legendary weapons do sell quite a bit of eddies.

Best Character Builds

Datamine Access Points

Datamine Access Points
Money is stored in many locations around Night City, one of them is machines with access points. Finding access points and jacking into them will allow you to hack them and Datamine them to transfer some Eddies to you. When hacking, you can try and input longer strings for greater Eddies, rewarding your risky decision.

There is also the Advanced Datamine Perk that is found in the Breach Protocol tree and will increase the amount you obtain from Access Points by 50% at the initial level and eventually at 100% when maxed out.

Hacking and Breach Protocol Guide

Are the Infinite Money Glitches Still Working?

Infinite Money Glitches Were Patched Out

Glitches were once used to obtain as much money as you want even as early as Act 2. But, these infinite money glitches, such as the Space Oddity and I Walk the Line glitches, have since been patched out.

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