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Complete Story Walkthrough and All Quests

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This is a complete story walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, including guides for Phantom Liberty quests, all Main Quests, and optional Side Quests. Read on for complete walkthroughs, tips, and possible outcomes for each Quest.

Complete Story Walkthrough

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Phantom Liberty
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Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Talking to Songbird in Dogtown

1 Dog Eat Dog
Songbird contacts you and explains that she can save your life. She instructs you to visit Dogtown.
2 Hole in the Sky Quest
The ship carrying Songbird and Myers was blasted down to Dogtown. Get there quick!
3 Spider and the Fly
Find Myers and escort her safely across an enemy-ridden Dogtown.
4 Lucretia My Reflection
You're tasked to escort Myers out of the subway tunnels. You'll then have to contact Solomon Reed, an experienced FIA Agent.
5 The Damned
Meet with another secret agent and hope they can help find Songbird.
6 Get It Together
Complete several Gigs for Mr. Hands.
7 You Know My Name
You are tasked to infiltrate the Black Sapphire together with Solomon Reed.
8 Birds With Broken Wings
Complete the preparations for your meet with Hansen and for the difficult decision that you're about to make.
9 I've Seen That Face Before
You are tasked to scan the Netrunner twins' car and then take control of it.
10 Firestarter
Time to move against Hansen and get Songbird from his grasp.
11 Run This Town
Mr. Hands enlists the help of V to find another person to take Hansen's place.
12 The Killing Moon
Meet up with Songbird and help her finally escape from Dogtown.
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
Enlist the help of a netrunner to help you ambush an NCPD escort.
13 Unfinished Sympathy
Meet up with Alex and talk about the recent events related to Reed.
Through Pain to Heaven
Meet up with Reed as he prepares to leave Night City.
Somewhat Damaged
Follow the Blackwall trail and track Songbird down.
14 Leave in Silence
Drive with Reed and bring Songbird to Myers.
Who Wants to Live Forever
The command for the neural matrix is now available. Call Reed and prepare for the surgery.
From Her to Eternity
A message from an unknown number asks you to revisit one of Songbird's favorite spots in Dogtown.
15 Things Done Changed
Return to Night City and start a new life.
Four Score and Seven
Meet with Reed in a familiar place.
This Corrosion
Uncover the secrets of a datashard from beyond the Blackwall.
Phantom Liberty Complete Walkthrough

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Act 1

Cyberpunk 2077 The Ride 02

1 The Streetkid
The Nomad
The Corpo-Rat
Depending on the Lifepath you choose when creating a character, the location and job you must complete will change.
2 The Rescue
Having settle into life in Night City, you team up with Jackie on a job to rescue a client from some scavengers.
3 The Ripperdoc
Pay a visit to Viktor, the ripperdoc, to learn how to change out your implants.
4 The Ride
Take a ride with Dexter Deshawn to learn about a series of jobs he'd like you to do.
5 The Pickup
Pay the Maelstromers for a visit to finish up a deal through whatever means necessary.
6 The Information
Gather data from the inside of a braindance to assist you in a major heist.
7 The Heist
Time to use everything you obtained in the last two quests to steal a valuable chip from Konpeki Plaza and make it big time.

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Act 2

Cyberpunk 2077 Playing For Time 03

1 Love Like Fire
Take a step into the past.
2 Playing For Time
Come back to life and figure out what to do next with some unlikely help.
3 Automatic Love
Find a lead on Evelyn after she split town.
Ghost Town
Ask Rogue for help in finding Hellman, a designer of the chip in your head.
4 The Space In Between
Follow up on the information you obtained at Clouds to find Evelyn and have a word with Fingers.
Down On The Street
Find a way to reach Hanako Arasaka with Takemura.
Lightning Breaks
With Panam's help, take down the AV holding Hellman.
5 Disasterpiece
Rescue Evelyn from the abandoned power plant infested with scavengers.
Gimme Danger
Prepare to meet with Hanako by infiltrating Arasaka Industrial Park and hacking the float.
Life During Wartime
Get to the gas station and retrieve Hellman from the Kang Tao operatives.
6 Double Life
Dive into the braindances you collected at the power plant to find out what really happened.
Play It Safe
Assist Takemura in reaching Hanako during the parade in Japantown.
7 M'ap Tann Pèlen
Get a new job from the Voodoo Boys in Pacifica.
Search And Destroy
Convince Hanako you're telling the truth.
8 I Walk The Line
Infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall and confront the NetWatch agent.
9 Transmission
Go beyond the Blackwall to find Alt Cunningham.
Never Fade Away
See another portion of Johnny's past, revealing his connection to Alt.
Speak to Johnny each time the relic malfunctions and eventually come to an agreement.

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Act 3

Cyberpunk 2077 Nocturne

1 Nocturne OP55N1
The beginning of the end. Choose your allies for the raid on Arasaka Tower.
1.5 Don't Fear the Reaper
...or you can just take on Arasaka alone in a "wild suicide run".
2 Last Caress
Rescue Hanako from the Arasaka Estate.
We Gotta Live Together
Join up with the Aldecados and get ready for the coming fight.
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Convince Rogue to join you for one last ride into Arasaka Tower.
3 Totalimmortal
Fight your way through Arasaka Tower to get to Yorinobu.
Forward To Death
The day of the raid. Jump in the Basilisk and get to the tunnel.
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Get to Mikoshi with Rogue's help to end this for good.
4 Where Is My Mind?
Make the toughest decision of your life.
Belly Of The Beast
Infiltrate Arasaka Tower and get to Mikoshi to save yourself.
Path of Glory
Become a living legend of the Afterlife
New Dawn Fades
To new beginnings...
5 All Along the Watchtower
Prepare to leave the past behind and spend the rest of your life past the border.

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Starting Missions for Each Lifepath

The Lifepath you choose will determine the start of your game, and the choices available to you throughout the game. Each of the guides below explains how the story will unfold from a chosen Lifepath, with guides for each Quest and major choice available.

Lifepath Starting Mission Walkthroughs
Street Kid Lifepath IconStreet Kid Nomad Lifepath IconNomad Corpo Lifepath iconCorpo

All Lifepaths and Best Lifepath to Choose

All Quest Types

Main Quests

These are the primary Quests players will be taking on as part of the story. In order to see how the story of V and Johnny Silverhand unfolds, players will need to progress through Main Quests.

All Main Quest Guides

Side Quests

These Quests are available to V separately from the main story. Side Quests are not required to complete, but will provide bonuses and loot for V should the player choose to accept them. Despite their name, Side Quests are essential to the soul of Cyberpunk 2077, and you'll need to complete these as well to truly finish the game.

All Side Quest Guides


These Jobs are given to V by Fixers in a local area who need a Merc, sometimes to solve a crime... sometimes to commit a new one. Smaller than Side Quests, but still filled with original content for players to enjoy.

All Gig Guides

NCPD Scanner Hustles

These are small missions sent from the Night City Police Department to take down some thugs in exchange for rewards and occasionally rare items.

All NCPD Scanner Hustles

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