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Quickhack Component Farming | How to Get Quickhack Components Fast

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This is a guide to farming Quickhack Components in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn the best way to find Quickhack Components, and what Quickhack Components can be used for.

How to Use Quickhack Components

Used for Crafting Quickhacks

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Like Crafting Components are used to craft Weapons, Clothing, and Mods, Quickhack Components are used to craft Quickhacks.

Unlike other items, Crafting Specs are not needed to craft Quickhacks. The player simply needs to have the Perks below to craft all Quickhacks of a given Rarity.

Perk Req. Rarity Unlocked
Hacker's Manual 5 Uncommon Quickhacks
School of Hard Hacks 12 Rare Quickhacks
Hacker Overlord 16 Epic Quickhacks
Bartmoss' Legacy 20 Legendary Quickhacks

How to Get Quickhack Components Fast

Datamining from Access Points

Throughout Night City, you'll find Access Points which you can hack if you have a sufficient Intelligence Attribute.

Once inside, you'll play the Breach Protocol minigame – a successful hack will result in a windfall of eurodollars and Quickhack Components. Try to upload as many sequences as possible to yield the maximum possible amount of Quickhack Components.

Hacking and Breach Protocol Guide

Datamine Mastermind

The Datamine Mastermind Perk allows you to yield additional Quickhack Components from each Access Point you hack. Investing in this perk early on will allow you to gather more Quickhack Components in the long run.

Boost Your Breach Protocol Potential

Investing in the following Perks and upgrading your Cyberdeck to have an improved Buffer Size will improve your Breach Protocol results, increasing your profit from each Access Point.

Upgrade Effect
Head Start Perk Automatically uploads the first of the three sequences
Compression Perk Reduces the Data Sequence Length (minimum of 2)
Transmigration Perk Increases the breach time (time limit)
Get a Cyberdeck with a higher Buffer Size Increases the number of total digits you can enter

Buy from Netrunner Shops

Netrunner Shop.png

When you need Quickhack Components fast, you can purchase them from shops labeled as Netrunner on the Map. When the Quickhacks of the Rarity you're looking for aren't for sale, purchasing Quickhack Components of a higher Rarity can be a better option.

List of Quickhack Components

Epic Quickhack Components ImageEpic Quickhack Components Legendary Quickhack Components ImageLegendary Quickhack Components Rare Quickhack Components ImageRare Quickhack Components
Uncommon Quickhack Components ImageUncommon Quickhack Components

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