Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to Escape the Police

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - How to Escape the Police

With the revamped police system in Update 2.0, escaping the police can now get dicey and thrilling! Learn how to escape the police under any Heat level and how wanted levels are gained with this guide!

How to Escape the Police

Hide from the Police

Cyberpunk - police on minimap

This may sound silly, but the most basic way to escape the police, especially at low Heat levels, is to keep out of the officers' sights.

In Update 2.0, the police now have cones showing their vision range and more visible blue circles in the minimap, making it easier to plan your escape route and find a spot to stay hidden.

Revamped Police System and Wanted Levels

Find the Nearest Store or Safe Zone

Players can also run inside the nearest store or safe zone to escape the police. This will instantly wipe away your wanted levels.

Escaping with Your Vehicle

Cyberpunk - police roadblock

You can also try losing the police by riding a vehicle and driving as far as you can to find a safe zone. After Update 2.0, the NCPD will now engage you in vehicle combat, so escaping by vehicle will now be more challenging, especially when they start setting up roadblocks.

MaxTac Can Disable Your Vehicle

Being honored to receive a MaxTac treatment also makes it difficult to drive around Night City as they can breach your vehicle and disable it completely, forcing you to escape by foot, find a different vehicle, or surrender.

How Wanted Levels Are Gained

Perform Reportable Crimes

Cyberpunk - illegal activity performed

Any illegal activity such as theft or attacking civilians will result in the Night City Police Department (NCPD) placing a bounty on you. The police will send a patrol to the crime scene, and the force of their response will depend on how much heat you're under.

List of Illegal Activities

The following is a list of illegal activities that will cause the NCPD to spawn and attack you. Committing any of these will start you with one or two stars and will further increase the more crimes you perpetrate:

  • Getting near a police officer will make them suspicious of you.
  • Drawing your weapon in the presence of a police officer.
  • Aiming your weapon at a civilian or police officer.
  • Shooting your weapon in the presence of a police officer.
  • Throwing explosives in the presence of a police officer.
  • Killing a civilian or police officer.
  • Stealing a vehicle in the presence of a police officer.
  • Stealing a police officer's vehicle.
  • Crashing into a police officer's vehicle.
  • Running over a civilian or police officer.

Wanted System

Cyberpunk - Wanted Stars

Cyberpunk 2077 has a Wanted System that measures how much you are wanted by the NCPD based on the illegal activities you have committed. You can see it displayed as blue stars on the upper right side of the screen, beside the minimap. The more stars you have, the tougher the police force will pursue you.

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2 Anonymousover 3 years

Hey shirva33, that can happen if you did recently commit a crime and that cop was looking for you. Even after being clear, if you go back to the area and cops are around, they can recognize you.

1 shirva33over 3 years

i walked past a cop and they aggro'ed on me. I didn't think I had a bounty on me but guess I did. Where in game can I see if I have a bounty on me or not in the future ?


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