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How to Get the Tower Ending

The Tower ending is the new alternate ending for the base game if you return Songbird to the FIA in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn what choices to make to get this ending during Phantom Liberty, the ending explanation, and the rewards you get for completing it.

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Tower (Base Game Alt. Ending)

How to Get the Tower Ending

Objective IconNotice from Game8 The Tower ending for Cyberpunk 2077 can only be unlocked if you have the Phantom Liberty DLC. Players without the DLC will not be able to get this ending.

Get the King of Swords or the King of Pentacles Ending

In order to unlock the Tower ending where V finds a cure for the Relic, you will need to finish the Phantom Liberty DLC and get either the King of Swords or the King of Pentacles ending.

To get the King of Swords ending, you will need to side with Songbird during Firestarter, then hand her over to Reed in the Killing Moon.

To get the King of Pentacles ending, you will need to side with Reed during Firestarter, then spare Songbird during Somewhat Damaged.

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Call Reed on the Rooftop of Misty's Esoterica

After you get either of the endings for the DLC and confirm with Reed that the surgeons are ready, progress the main game until Nocturne OP55N1 - the point of no return.

During this quest, head up to the rooftop of Misty's Esoterica and choose the option to Call Reed. This automatically triggers and locks you in for the Tower ending.

Nocturne OP55N1 Quest Walkthrough

Tower Ending Explained

The Quiet Life of a Nobody

I'm sorry, V, but the life you used to know is gone. - Reed

In the Tower ending, the FIA operate on V using the Neural Matrix, successfully removing the Relic and saving their life in the process. However, there is always a price that must be paid.

After waking from an extended 2-year coma due to the stress of the procedure, V finds out from Reed that they can no longer use any type of combat cyberware at the risk of death. Their merc days are over.

In the 2 years that passed, the world left V behind. Once V returns to Night City, all they find is a difficult truth served up by both Viktor and Misty. Instead of a Night City legend, V must now live the quiet life of a nobody.


Johnny Silverhand is No More

Could've been solid-ass chooms in another life. Wonderin' why we weren't in this one. - Johnny

On the ride over aboard the FIA AV, Johnny confronts V about their decision. By cutting out the Relic, Johnny will have no second lease on life. He comments on this as you leave Night City, eventually coming to terms with the idea that he won't go out the way he wanted.

V Can No Longer Use Cyberware

As a consequence of the Relic opertaion, V can no longer chrome up and use any type of combat cyberware. Despite Viktor reassuring them that there's a way, meeting him personally in Night City will only confirm the truth that V refused to believe while in Langley.

Everyone Has Moved On

After Reed breaks the news to V, you have the option to call all of your past acquaintances (and even romanced characters). Unfortunately for V, the calls just cement the fact that everyone has moved on.

  • Panam: If you call Panam, she will be unreachable. No interaction can be had with her during this ending. V can only leave a voicemail to the unresponsive Aldecaldo.
  • Judy: Judy will tell you that she is no longer in Night City. After you went missing, she moved to Pittsburgh and got married to someone named Bianca. If you were in a relationship, she will say that she's moved on.
  • Vik: The old ripperdoc is still in Night City. He offers to look you over after you tell him your body can no longer handle chrome.
  • Kerry: Kerry is glad you're alive but is also in the middle of a music tour. He promises to see you again but is very noncommital during the call.
  • River: River's life is in shambles. Since he needed money for Randy's rehab, he hashed out a deal with Trauma Team by selling them police secrets. He ends the call after you offer to help him out.

Tower Ending Rewards

Get the Tower Trophy

Getting this ending will reward players with one of Phantom Liberty's ending trophies called the Tower.

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