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This is a walkthrough for Knockin' On Heaven's Door, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Knockin' On Heaven's Door, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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For Whom The Bell Tolls Knockin' On Heaven's Door -
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1 Ghost Town
2 Never Fade Away
3 Nocturne OP55N1
4 Chippin' In
5 Blistering Love
6 For Whom The Bell Tolls
7 Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 3
Quest No. 3
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Complete For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Walkthrough

Arasaka Tower

Objective Icon.pngFind the commanding officer.
Follow Rogue and make your way through the area while taking out the enemies. You can go with her to find Weyland or go directly for the officer. Use the jungle portions of the area to stay out of sight. The commanding officer will be on the far left side of the floor. Take him down and get the access token for the elevator.
Objective Icon.pngGet in the elevator.
Head down the path and get on the elevator to take it down to the atrium on the 68th floor. Follow Rogue into a room patrolled by drones then jump over the edge with the Retrothrusters equipped. Try to dispose of the drones and guards to stay out of sight if you can. Keep going over the edges to get to the security floor.
Objective Icon.pngGet to the security room.
When you reach the right floor, watch out for the camera above the door of the security room then get inside. Use the computer to open the server room doors then connect Alt to the system. She will take control of the building hacking everyone and everything so head to the elevator.
Objective Icon.pngTake the elevator to the netrunner's nest.
Go to the netrunner's nest. Hurry on to Mikoshi where you will be ambushed by Adam Smasher. Defeat him with Weyland's help.
How to Beat Adam Smasher
Objective Icon.pngGet to the Mikoshi Access Point.
With Smasher out of the way, continue into the next room and jack into Mikoshi.
Objective Icon.pngGo to the roof.
You'll come to in the elevator leading up to the roof Misty took you to. Go up and take the necklace from the ledge. Follow the path up the stairs to V to make your choice.


Objective Icon.pngCross the bridge and enter Cyberspace forever.
Going the opposite direction of the well, head along the path leading to the beam of light to give V their body back. Watch the ending go by.

Objective Icon.pngEnter the well to return to V's body.
Walk over to the well and sit in it to leave Cyberspace. When you wake up, Johnny will have taken over V's body so he can continue to live. Play out the ending.

Obtainable Items

This list contains only rare Items and those which have a high chance of appearing.

Item How to Get
PridePride (Legendary) When Adam Smasher kills a character of note during the Knockin' on Heaven's Door quest, this weapon can be found near it.
CaretakerCaretaker's Spade (Legendary) This hammer is found near the conference table, against a tree.
HJKE-11 YukimuraHJKE-11 Yukimura (Legendary) This smart pistol can be found on the table where the commanding officer you are tasked to eliminate to get to the computer to access the server room.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Choices and Best Choice

Option 1 - Cross the Bridge

This option will put you on the path to getting the Sun Ending and Trophy, returning you to the real world

Option 2 - Return to V's Body

This option will put you on the path to getting the Temperance Ending and Trophy, having Johnny take V's body so he can live on in their place.

Best Choice

Either option is fine depending on how you feel about it. If you're looking to get all the Trophies, you'll end up having to view both anyways.

All Game Endings and How to Unlock

How to Beat Adam Smasher

Use Hacks

Adam Smasher will start out at 80% HP in this route and you'll have Weyland along as well. He hits hard and his HP doesn't go down super quickly so if you have strong Eletrical quickhacks make use of them to take him down faster. At around 50% HP some snipers will appear in the upper areas of the room so take them out and keep after Smasher. As he gets weaker his movements will get slower but he'll start launching missiles at you. Once he falls over you can easily get in a few shots that can finish him for good.

Tips & Strategies


This section contains spoilers for events occurring during this Quest.

Pride, one of the best Pistols in the game, is available during this Quest. You'll need to loot Rogue's body – or the location where Rogue's body was if it has vaporized – to get the gun.

Pride Stats, Mods, and Attachments

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