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This is a guide about Tyger Claws, one of the gangs found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to know more about the Tyger Claws Gang and which other groups they are affiliated to!

Tyger Claws Gang Information

Gang Logo
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Territory: West Pacifica
Leader: Currently Unknown

Tyger Claws Description

Japanese Style

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Tyger Claws is a gang of Japanese origin and stylistic influence, located in Japantown. They're ruthless and violent in practice, and intimidating in appearance. Katanas, street bikes and luminous tattoos are their trademarks.

Dirty Business

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Tyger Claws are known for their black market trade as well as rampant prostitution in the area. This reliance on prostitution which eventually led to too many deaths of women forced the creation of the Moxes, one of the key enemies of the Tyger Claws gang.

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