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Cyberpunk 2077 - Best Sandevistan Build Guide for Patch 1.6

This is a guide to the Best Sandevistan Build for Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.6. Read our guide for details about the build, what attributes to level up, which perks to choose, and what weapons and cyberwares to use.

Sandevistan Build Overview

Basic Information

Sandevistan Build
Main Attributes Reflexes
Technical Ability
Main Perk Trees Handguns
Cold Blood
Main Weapons / Arm Cyberware Headhunter Knife
Comrade's Hammer
Operating System QianT Sandevistan MK.4

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
• Wipe out mobs while being undetected
• Easier Headshots with Throwing Knives
• High Headshot and Crit Damage with Ninjutsu and Cold Blood trees
• You get to be David Martinez without the cyberpsychosis!
• Quickhacking and Breach Protocols are not available
• Only good for Knives/Katanas/Swords and Revolver weapons

Sandevistan Build Best Attributes

Attribute Progression

Focus on upgrading Reflexes first. This would ensure that you can equip the best Sandevistans in the game. Upgrading this attribute tree also lets you put points in the Handguns and Blades perk trees.

Put points into the Body Attribute to get to Level 18. It is the level required to equip the Bioconductor Circulatory System Cyberware, which is essential for this build.

The same goes for the Technical Ability Attribute. At Level 18, it gives you the option to equip the needed Crafting skills to upgrade and equip the most powerful weapons possible!

The Cool Attribute does not need to be past 12 to get the most out of its perk tree. The Dagger Dealer Perk and perks that buff your damage while sneaking are the best ones to equip in this build!

You can ignore the Intelligence Attribute, as you can not use any quickhacks or breach protocols while a Sandevistan is equipped.

Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Int Cool
1 4 8 4 3 3
10 7 12 5 3 5
50 18 20 18 3 12

Sandevistan Build Best Perks

Blades (Reflexes)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Dragon Strike IconDragon Strike Increases Crit Damage with Blades by 40%.
+1% per Perk level.
Sting Like a Bee IconSting Like a Bee Increases attack speed with Blades by 10%.
Roaring Waters IconRoaring Waters Strong Attacks with Blades deal 10% more damage.
Crimson Dance IconCrimson Dance Combos with Blades have a 15% chance to apply Bleeding.
Flight of the Sparrow IconFlight of the Sparrow Reduces the Stamina cost of all attack with Blades by 30%
Stuck Pig IconStuck Pig Increases Bleeding duration by 3 sec.
Blessed Blade IconBlessed Blade Increases Crit Chance with Blades by 10%.
Judge, Jury and Executioner IconJudge, Jury and Executioner Increases damage with Blades by 50% against enemies with max Health.
Fiery Blast IconFiery Blast Increases damage with Blades by 1% for every 1% of Health the enemy is missing.
Crimson Tide IconCrimson Tide Bleeding applied with Blades can stack 3 times.

Handguns (Reflexes)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Gunslinger IconGunslinger Reduces reload time for Pistols and Revolvers by 10%.
High Noon IconHigh Noon Increases Crit Chance with Pistols and Revolvers by 2%.
Rio Bravo IconRio Bravo Increases headshot damage multiplier with Pistols and Revolvers by 5%.
Desperado IconDesperado Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 3%.
O.K. Corral IconO.K. Corral Deal 50% more damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies whose Health is below 25%.
A Fistful of Eurodollars IconA Fistful of Eurodollars Increases Crit Damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 15%.
Grand Finale IconGrand Finale The last round in a Pistol or Revolver clip deals double damage.
Wild West IconWild West Removes the damage penalty from Pistols and Revolvers when shooting from a distance.
Westworld IconWestworld Increases Crit Chance for Pistols and Revolvers by 5% if fully modded.

Focus on the Blades perk tree more than the Handguns perk tree. Only put extra points into your Handgun perk tree for damage and convenience since your handgun is mostly there as backup!

Athletics (Body)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Steel And Chrome IconSteel And Chrome Increases melee damage by 10%.

Steel And Chrome is the most essential perk you can get in this tree. However, depending on your playstyle, you can put in more comfortable perks like Regeneration and Marathoner.

However, do not spend too much on this tree! Only put in what you think is necessary for your playstyle.

Ninjutsu (Cool)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Toxicology IconToxicology Increases the duration of Poison applied to enemies by 5 seconds.
+0.2 sec. per Perk level.
Silent And Deadly IconSilent And Deadly Increases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking.
Dagger Dealer IconDagger Dealer Enables knife throwing. A thrown knife returns to the hand after the time given in its description or immediately upon pickup. Hold L2 to aim and press R2 to throw.
Strike From The Shadows IconStrike From The Shadows Increases your Crit Chance by 7% while sneaking.
Assassin IconAssassin Deal 15% more damage to human enemies.
Sniper IconSniper Increases damage from headshots fired from outside combat by 10%.
Cutthroat IconCutthroat Increases melee damage dealt to target enemy by 40% for 6 sec. after hitting them with a thrown Knife.
Ghost IconGhost Detection time is increased by 20%.

Cold Blood (Cool)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Merciless IconMerciless While Cold Blood is active, increases Crit Chance by 5% and Crit Damage by 25%.
+1% Crit Chance and +3% Crit Damage per Perk level.
Cold Blood IconCold Blood After defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 7 sec. and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 time. The duration of each additional stack is 1 sec. shorter.
Blood Brawl IconBlood Brawl While Cold Blood is active, increases damage with melee weapons by 5%.
Easy Out IconEasy Out While Cold Blood is active, increases ranged weapon damage by 10% to enemies within an area of 5 m.
Frozen Precision IconFrozen Precision Increases headshot damage by 5% per stack of Cold Blood.
Coolagulant IconCoolagulant Stacks of Cold Blood are removed one by one, not all at once.
Predator IconPredator Increases attack speed by 10% per stack of Cold Blood.

This two perk trees will increase your damage significantly! It is best combined with the Optical Camo Integumentary System, which will trigger most of the damage buffs received from the Ninjutsu tree.

Crafting (Technical Ability)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
True Craftsman IconTrue Craftsman Allows you to craft Rare items.
200% Efficiency Icon200% Efficiency Crafted clothes gain 5% more armor.
Field Technician IconField Technician Crafted weapons deal 5% more damage.
Grease Monkey IconGrease Monkey Allows you to craft Epic items.
Edgerunner Artisan IconEdgerunner Artisan Allows you to craft Legendary items.

Engineering (Technical Ability)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Revamp IconRevamp Increases damage from Tech weapons by 25%. Increases charge damage from all chargeable weapons and cyberware by 10%.
+1% charge damage per Perk level.
Up To 11 IconUp To 11 Allows you to charge Tech weapons up to 75% capacity.
Tesla IconTesla Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 15%.
Übercharge IconÜbercharge Fully charged Tech weapons deal 30% more damage.
CanCan't Touch This Grants immunity to all effects from your own grenades, including flash grenades.
Fuck All Walls IconFuck All Walls Reduces the charge amount needed for Tech weapons to penetrate walls by 30%.
Lickety Split IconLickety Split Tech weapon charge time is reduced by 10%.

The Crafting tree is a must-have to upgrade and equip the best Iconic Weapons and Armor in the game. Perks like 200% Efficiency and Field Technician also increase the stats of these items.

The Engineering perk increases the damage from your tech items significantly. It works well with the Comrade's Hammer tech revolver for some high damage headshots!

Sandevistan Build Best Weapons


Headhunter size:75x75Headhunter
Effect Marks enemy on hit. Attacking the enemy's head with any weapon deals 250% damage, returns the Headhunter and clears the mark.

This knife is ideal for this Sandevistan build. Its 250% Headshot Multiplier does significant damage while the perk Dagger Dealer is equipped. Be sure to upgrade this to its Legendary Level.

How to Get the Headhunter Knife


Satori size:75x75Satori
Effect Reduces base damage, but increases Crit Damage 5 times.

Use this Katana while you wait for your knife to come back. Its high crit damage, along with your increased crit chance from the Cool attribute, will flatline an enemy in one slash!

How to Get the Satori Katana

Comrade's Hammer

ComradeComrade's Hammer
Effect A modified clip contains only a single bullet laden with explosive material that wreaks havoc at the point of impact. Reloading this monster requires additional time.

A single headshot from this tech revolver will flatline an enemy or deal significant damage to bigger enemies. The damage is further amplified with the Engineering Perks slotted in.

How to Get the Comrade's Hammer Tech Revolver

Sandevistan Build Best Cyberwares

Operating System

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - QianT Sandevistan MK.4QianT Sandevistan MK.4 Slows time to 25% for 12 sec. Cooldown 15 sec.
・Increases any damage dealt by 15% when Sandevistan is active.
・Increases Crit Chance by 15% when Sandevistan is active.

The QianT Sandevistan MK.4 is the best Sandevistan for this build. Its low cooldown can still go down to as low as 2 seconds with the Bioconductor Circulatory Cyberware and the Sandevistan: Heatsink Mod equipped.

How to Get the Sandevistan: Heatsink Cyberware Mod

Arms Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - MonowireMonowire The Monowire charges when equipped but not used in combat. Attacks with a charged wire deal bonus damage based on the charge level. Charge level and bonus damage dealt decline with each attack. Three mod slots available (wire, battery, universal).

The Monowire is the best arm cyberware for this build. It keeps you concealed and also benefits with the Ninjutsu perks slotted in for more damage!

Other Cyberwares

Circulatory System Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - BioconductorBioconductor Reduces all cyberware cooldowns by 30%.

The Bioconductor Cyberware reduces your Sandevistan cooldown. This means you can activate it more than once in a single fight!

Nervous System Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Epic)
Cyberpunk 2077 - NanorelaysNanorelays Increases Sandevistan and Kerenzikov duration by 2 sec.

The Nanorelays Cyberware is a must-have for any Sandevistan build! A longer Sandevistan duration means that you can wipe out a mob or a boss easier and you can land more of those throwing knife headshots!

Integumentary System Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Optical CamoOptical Camo Grants invisibility for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 45 sec.

The Optical Camo Cyberware is an ideal cyberware for this Sandevistan build. Activating this first before the Sandevistan will trigger the Ninjutsu perks for more damage while you mow down your targets!

How to Play the Sandevistan Build

Use Optical Camo Before Activating Sandevistan

Cyberpunk 2077 - Optical Camo Before Activating Sandevistan

Before engaging in a fight, activate your Optical Camo Cyberware first before your Sandevistan. This will ensure that your perks from the Ninjutsu tree will add damage to your attacks.

With the QianT Sandevistan MK.4's low cooldown, plus three Sandevistan Heatsinks equipped, you can do 2 Sandevistan activations before your Optical Camo runs out. Enemies will get flatlined before they figure out the gonk that downed them!

The Throwing Knife and the Katana Are Your Main Weapons

Cyberpunk 2077 - Dagger Dealer Headshot Damage

Stick with using the Throwing Knives and Katana for this build. Multiple enemies are easier to take down with these while the invisibility from the Optical Camo and the Sandevistan are activated.

The Revolver Should Only Be Used Sparingly

Cyberpunk 2077 - Use Revolvers Sparingly

Do not rely on the revolver too much in this build! While its damage is great, it is better to wipe out mobs with the knife and katana; it is faster and it feels much more consistent. Use the revolver only when necessary!

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